Bruce Willis’ wife, Emma, gives health update: ‘Hard to know’ if he’s aware of his condition

Bruce Willis’ wife, Emma, gives health update: ‘Hard to know’ if he’s aware of his condition

In a TODAY exclusive, Bruce Willis’s wife, Emma, shares an update on his battle with frontotemporal dementia and opens up about how she explains it to their daughters. “I don’t want there to be any stigma or shame attached to their dad’s diagnosis or for any form of dementia,” she says. Willis is joined by Susan Dickinson, CEO of The Association for Frontotemporal Degeneration, to bring awareness to the disease.

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41 Responses

  1. Our World FinallyElaine says:

    My mom passed away from this horrific illness. My heart goes out to anyone going through this. It’s a heartbreaking experience.

  2. Lisa McCaff says:

    Respect to this woman. She didn’t have to have done that and I am sure it gave comfort to many

    • Engin says:

      Oh wow such a saint. How did she manage to stay with him during this hardship. Imagine the wives doing this without the money Bruce made.

  3. Diane V says:

    Taking shame away from this disease is so important. To humanize dementia and bring much needed dollars it had to be a superpower, I can only see Bruce Willis in that role. His humor, style and humility cannot be taken by the disease. From Moonlighting to blockbusters, he has given us so much to love and much to lose. Well wishes and prayers for his family, his friends and researchers.

    • ࿐ꨄSwnsasyꨄ࿐ says:

      It feels like he’s part of the family. Moonlighting to blockbuster is a perfect way to show the time he’s been in our lives with great acting and skill.. I just cannot wrap my head around not being able to see another movie with him.. Just so sad..

    • Angelinbluejeans says:

      Emma is the superpower. How I respect her. Bruse chose a wonderful wife.

    • Dangerous Devil Official says:

      Legitimate question, who shames it? Most people didn’t even know this disease existed. Let alone a “shame stigma”…

    • ࿐ꨄSwnsasyꨄ࿐ says:

      @Dangerous Devil Official I wondered that too! Who shames them over a rare dementia type disorder..

  4. John Smith says:

    On my mom’s death certificate it’s listed as cause ” dementia”. She said it perfectly “it’s a family disease”. What helped me is education through the Alzheimer’s Association.Prayers to all facing this challenge. 🙏💜

  5. Kristen and Co. says:

    We are going through this right now with my elderly mom. I am her caretaker for the last 3 years. She just had a seizure and stroke on Monday, out of the blue. This is a heartbreaking disease on a family. Watching a loved one lose their memory and feel loss, is horrific. We just make sure she knows she is safe and loved.

  6. Alexandra says:

    She is well spoken and I love that she opens up publicly about this horrific disease.

  7. dee anderson says:

    This is an UGLY disease. My mom died from Alzheimer’s and I was her care giver and I went from being her best friend to being a stranger. The family suffers more I think and after they are gone we still try to accept what just happened. We lose our person two times, one with the disease and than death. I am so sorry for Bruce and his family. Much love to you all. God bless

  8. Janice Christophersen says:

    My husband died 3 yrs ago with this diagnosis. I seem to walk through it alone in 2020 with this very sweet man. Communication was just lots of love and kisses. Your interview helped to hear someone else saw these symptoms. I wish I could have him back. I know he was in there and he knew things were changing but he continued to smile always for me.

    • Molly Williams says:

      Hugs sent and prayers lifted for you

    • jacksonthedoggy says:

      I am so sorry for your loss. Sending you so much love & light ❤

    • Samantha says:

      Being a new caretaker during the pandemic was overwhelming, I’m sure. Prayer sent that God comforts you and lifts you all up. So glad he showered you with as many us and kisses and hugs as he could.

    • Wouter van Lent says:

      My father died a year ago and every evening he visits me in my head when I work in the kitchen . He likes my organization there and we talk . Weird , I know . But I wish it for everyone . It’s a nice way to deal with his dead . Well , ” dead ” , he isn’t really dead .

    • Holly B says:

      I pray that you find peace ❤

  9. Dawn N says:

    My mother was diagnosed with unspecified dementia two years ago and I can feel Emma’s pain through the screen. No one teaches you how to walk with your loved one on this journey, especially when you have small children or other priorities that often conflict with the emotions and responsibilities that come with being a care giver/partner. I’ll keep Emma, Bruce and all families dealing with this in my prayers ❤

  10. mer0106 says:

    My dad was diagnosed with dementia, and I believe he had korsakoff type due to alcohol abuse. In this type, due to the alcohol intake, you lack of thiamine, a viral B1 vitamin that plays an important role in the brain and nervous system (and other important functions). He passed away at age 58. Is a horrible disease indeed. Very sad for the family. I applaud you for going public Mrs Emma Heming Willis so we can be more aware of this devastating condition and assist in the research for a treatment and a cure.

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