Buffalo snowstorm 2022: Unbelievable 77 inches of snow!

Buffalo snowstorm 2022: Unbelievable 77 inches of snow!

A dangerous lake-effect snowstorm dropped more than 6 feet of snow on parts of Buffalo, New York and caused several deaths.

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41 Responses

  1. Nodrog skram says:

    I hope everyone stays safe! Im a plow driver in PA and I couldn’t even imagine that. We had 33 inches a few years back in one storm and that was a nightmare I’ll never forget .

  2. CAHG says:

    As a retired snow plow driver,I don’t miss the job when seeing this amount of snow.Even tandem trucks couldn’t push this amount.Those operators/drivers are going to need a lot of patience and understanding from the public.Good luck to them and the citizens of Buffalo and New York State.

    • Perinne says:

      cahg I suggest watch a 13 part series called _What on earth happened_ by Ewaranon to learn that the earth is not a globe.

      I got it in my about tab.

  3. A. Anonymous says:

    And just remember we’re still in Fall. This winter is going to be crazy

    • slandshark says:

      Meanwhile in washington state, we are about to set the all time record for consecutive days of no rain in November.

    • Paul Regener says:

      But my global is warming??

    • Lib Jat says:

      @Damien De Grasse yup take ya boostahs so ya heart dont explode from climate change.

    • Damien De Grasse says:

      @Jay Matthews At least it will get better once we pay reparations for the industrial revolution, or so they are saying at the climate meetings.

    • Angela Burress says:

      The east coast and Midwest usually get one big snow storm in November and then little to no snow for Christmas then mid to late January we’ll get another snow storm but with black ice and extreme frigid temperatures until early to mid April then from the end of April to the first week in June we have Spewiter( a combination of spring and winter) to where we have to wear all of our clothes throughout the day because it may be snowing and/or hailing first thing in the morning until 8 or 9am then from noon until about 3p we’ll have a spring torrential downpour, rain storm, then from about 430 until 730pm can I go back to snowing but it will be accompanied by some sunshine and cold temperatures then we wake up and do it again🙄🙄🤔🤔👀👀🧐🧐🤷🏽‍♀️💁🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️

  4. DR_Up_Above says:

    I remember living in Syracuse, NY back in 2006. They had more than 100 inches of lake-effect snow in Oswego, NY. It was crazy up there from all the shoveling we did. National guards had to be called-in.

  5. Jennifer Coleman says:

    Absolutely beautiful. I hope they are helping the homeless

  6. Christopher Howell says:

    Buffalo residents should remember the historical winter of 1976-77, specifically the nightmarish Blizzard of 1977. It was the worst.

    • Neil Kurzman says:

      What I remember from that snow storm is one of the one frame comics they used to have in the newspaper. It was a white square with a plan on it. And the caption was meanwhile, in upstate New York. The search for Buffalo continues.

      That’s a lot of snow and a lot of digging. Keep warm and stay safe.

    • Rightsidepainter says:

      @Peter Belanger I have that blizzard of ’77 board game. Best part was getting the blizzard card to flip the board over to the blizzard side.

    • Christopher Howell says:

      @Peter Belanger I sure hope the area does NOT have a repeat of that event of over 45 years ago.

    • FloridaGreg Greg says:

      yep, remember it well…..

    • Peter Belanger says:

      Wikipedia says that one was 100 inches and 23 lives were lost.
      I was a kid down in Olean at the time. We kept talking about it for years. I think I even saw a board game a couple years later.

  7. First name says:

    Buffalo has experience with dramatic lake-effect snowstorms, few worse than the one that struck in November 2014. That epic storm dumped 7 feet (2 meters) of snow on some communities over three days, collapsing roofs and trapping motorists in more than 100 vehicles on a lakeside stretch of the New York State Thruway.

  8. Phillip Schneider says:

    Well can remember when I was in grade school that it use to get heavy snow every year . It seems we are returning to that weather pattern.

    • Papa Rooster says:

      @H.E. Pennypacker nope.. I have seen it for many decades. Always get some lake affect. It’s a change because weather changes. That is all. But then again….how much does cloud seeding affect weather. 🤔 how much does an earthquake affect weather when the earth is moved off its axis slightly by giant shaking and giant land masses suddenly moving causing axis movement. I bet alot. Northern position as moved more south and on oposition sides the south move more north. That affect weather change in regions.
      And for the warming, how much change is it to change for this so called global warming, if you just move the mfg to other countries 🤔

    • H.E. Pennypacker says:

      @CatFishesCatfishingCatfish No that’s what the science says.

    • CatFishesCatfishingCatfish says:

      @H.E. Pennypacker sure it is, that’s what you’d like to believe lol

    • H.E. Pennypacker says:

      @FREEDOMRINGS You should try getting your information from sources that aren’t pure right-wing garbage, you might just learn something useful.

    • FREEDOMRINGS says:

      @H.E. Pennypacker Hi ,NOT SO BRIGHT, I bet that that you are on your … 4th jab … because that’s science too. LOL 😂 BYE 🤡

  9. LE says:

    In 1999 the winter prior to moving to Florida I experienced 4 ft of snow!

  10. Angela Barabas says:

    Stay safe and warm we love u buffalo

    • Perinne says:

      angelabarabas I suggest watch a 13 part series called _What on earth happened_ by Ewaranon to learn that the earth is not a globe.

      I got it in my about tab.

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