Eight teens arrested after Las Vegas high school student’s beating death

Eight teens arrested after Las Vegas high school student’s beating death


Officials with the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department announce the arrests of eight high school students on suspicion of murder in connection with the fatal beating of a 17-year-old near Rancho High School. Find more updates on this story at ktnv.com/news/crime

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32 Responses

  1. Kelly Haines says:

    This was a vicious attack. This act was clearly wanting to destroy another human. That is HATE. PURE HATE.

  2. obscurity says:

    A fight is a one-on-one contest. This was a mob attack. Rather than letting the two boys fight it out like we did back in the day, they attacked as a group like a rabid pack of animals. It is absolutely disgusting, and these “kids” need to be charged as adults.

  3. Maryd says:

    Why can’t they say it’s was a HATE CRIME plain & simple!!!
    So sad. R.I.P to this young man 😢

    • Rachel Boaz says:

      He specifically said it wasn’t a hate crime because race was not the motive for the murder. Apparently they think it was some schoolyard fight that went wrong

    • tjs001 says:

      @Rachel Boaz and that’s the “out” for the DA to go soft on these thug kids. They’ll be tried as juveniles, and a few of them will serve light sentences until they are 18.

    • Lexibrad300 says:

      Because it doesn’t fit the narrative.. we all see the double standard..

  4. Rebecca Shelton says:

    I’m so sorry for this young man’s family and friends, my prayers are with all of you.

  5. Kathleen Thorpe says:

    The fact that there were students standing around filming this and not helping stop it or getting help to stop it is indeed also MONSTROUS.

  6. anh le says:

    As a mother of 2 teens, my heart is aching for this incident, RIP Mr. Lewis.
    These suspects need to be hold accountable to the fullest level, no excuses.
    Parents are playing a big part in this, it’s about time to play your role seriously, there are a lot of voices in your kids ears but your voice should be the loudest, consistently.

  7. Fugoff Azshoel says:

    Hate crime. Plain and simple.

  8. Phyllis Hannah says:

    Thank you for your service to our communities. What a horrible thing to happen to someone’s child. The child lost his life.

  9. American Mom says:

    I’m so glad these boys were arrested. They need to be accountable for this heinous crime.
    To the young man’s family who was killed, I am sorry for your loss and I’m sending prayers. RIP

  10. Ethan Johnson says:

    The fact that it took 2 weeks to arrest is unacceptable

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