Building the World’s Fastest Walmart Motorcycle (Day 3)

Building the World’s Fastest Walmart Motorcycle (Day 3)

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Source: The NPD Group, Inc. / Checkout Automotive Tracking, 12 months ending December 2022. Restrictions Apply.

To get your own performance minibike parts seen in this episode visit :
Big thanks to Fast Lane Mini Bikes and Big Daddy Motor Sports for all of their contributions to Little Red.
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Big Daddy Motor Sports —

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28 Responses

  1. Tea OnCars says:

    Idk if this is a good thing or a bad thing BUT ive never been so invested in a Donut series 😅

  2. Minnesota Nice says:

    85mph on a pit bike is insane. Dude’s got balls of steel

    • Bulletin Diesel says:

      It’s a mini bike

    • William Potter says:

      Yeah, so did the Titanic submersible guys ….

    • David C says:

      It’s too early for jokes bruh

    • Netts says:

      @William Potter Way sketchier and dude knowingly went into it. The submersible trip was supposed to be like any other, no one would have suspected otherwise. No need to bring that up anyway. They also went in knowing there’s risk.

    • A I says:

      @Netts What is way sketchier? The bike? Even had he fallen at 100mph with the suit and the flat surface he would have gone out of it mostly unscathed. Moto GP drivers fall at way higher speeds than these. The sub was always one small mistake from a catastrophe.

  3. William Dutton says:

    The bold claim wasn’t saying he’d get it to 100mph, it was the willingness to do it on track! Solid effort! You gave the people what they wanted!

  4. Fal' Cie says:

    We all know this isn’t the end. There’s no way. These guys don’t give up, they just need a creative way to clear the hurdle.

    • TheRumpletiltskin says:

      they didn’t put nos on it. 😀

    • Fal' Cie says:

      That was my first thought as well. They brought in the people that do this all the time, as close to professionals as it gets, so they have to have another solution.

  5. Brallam Bustamante says:

    We love Jeremiah, always going up and over for small things that we love.

  6. Jack Paxton says:

    I think I can safely speak for everyone here. We need more videos like this. I was so invested in Little Red.

  7. Reagan Steenhard says:

    The fact he actually got on the bike is why Jeremiah is my favorite donut host

  8. Spellman62 says:

    Top effort!
    No shame in that.
    Jeremiah has balls of steel to get on that thing.
    Bravo team Donut and all the guys that helped out.
    85 mph in that thing.

  9. Aiden Simmons says:

    We all know there’s gotta be a part 4. Maybe not for a few months but Little Red has to see 100mph under his own power

  10. Logan Jayce says:

    100 is just a number. yall got into the 80s, way faster than most in this comment section thought was possible! This was an incredible series, and im excited to see what your next build will be.

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