New tires for 988 loader

New tires for 988 loader

Starting Cat 988b loader that has not been used in over a year, removing the roll bar for moving it, installing new tires, moving rock.

Here is the ending to this video (it was all black, rendering error):

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28 Responses

  1. Don Ashcraft Photography and Restorations says:

    I’m worried about spending more time watching Andrew work than me actually working. 😂

  2. Frank Muschetto says:

    Can’t get enough of Andrew Camarata fixing equipment and handling property management projects. Interesting and always pick up a new trick or two.

    • Googleguy says:

      Yeah, like a multi-tool that clips to a belt loop. I had one ordered within 15 minutes of seeing Andrew showing his. He’s worth a fortune to those companies.

  3. jonkvh says:

    My old man had the 988 in his quarry. Had Caterpillar fit the largest bucket they could fit. Was a beast of a machine. Well done Andrew.

    • Bobby Alley says:

      The rock quarry we haul out of got one about 30 years ago I can remember the first load he put on me one scoop and he was blowing the horn I was like what are you doing I figured it out when I got to the scales and he had dropped 16 tons on me.


    I forgot how big of a monster that 988 is until you brought out the skid steer at 37:34. Really puts it into perspective how much material that machine can move.

  5. Frank Bever says:

    In 1979 I had the pleasure of removing the plastic from the seat of a brand new 988B and operating that machine for the following 3 months. I smiled ear to ear the entire time.

    • CerebralAilment says:

      Having driven the 988 I can say it is a blast and I smiled every morning looking at it while it was warming up. Impressive machine!

    • Rorschach says:

      thank god, you have ears. otherwise you would have smiled in a circle

  6. trebornesregrot says:

    I work as a paramedic and we have whole nights where we watch Andrew’s videos in between calls and debate what the best way to rescue him when stuff goes .wrong, but it never does! He must have the best sense when what he is doing will go right! He does what we all dreamed as doing but never do! Thanks and keep life full of fun Andrew !

  7. valuepack2 says:

    I had a job for a couple years warehousing and delivering tires like that, always so happy I wasn’t the guy installing them. What a machine!

  8. Oleg Boldyrev says:

    That’s amazing how Andrew has transformed the land over the years almost single-handed.

  9. Mark Reetz says:

    I thought it quite funny when Andrew left the 988 sitting there and suddenly there was a “micro-loader” moving stone. It looked so small next to the 988!! Great video!

    • CerebralAilment says:

      Yeah watching the rear wheels come up with a load of rock is pretty impressive.. then the TL moving lil pieces is kinda comical and puts it into perspective 😅

    • TheOtherBill says:

      I was thinking just about everything looks small next to the 988.

    • The B Side says:

      @CerebralAilment Ya he’s literally trying to move the mountain 😉

  10. Anne Christiansen says:

    Godt jobba Andrew. Lenge siden sist. Savner dine videoer hver dag,gleder meg til neste.🤗

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