Can the Best Pokemon Nuzlocker stop my Nuzlocke?

Can the Best Pokemon Nuzlocker stop my Nuzlocke?

I did a hardcore nuzlocke but @Pokémon Challenges controls all the enemy trainers. Can I beat it?

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54 Responses

  1. SmallAnt says:


  2. Pokémon Challenges says:

    That Watson fight is an instant classic already. Can’t wait for more!

  3. TheSmithPlays says:

    Can we acknowledge how well this was edited? The way it bounces back and forth in the Watson fight PERFECTLY… big props to the editor on this one 👏

  4. Stanley Volkenstein says:

    Jan playing as Roxanne is the absolute definition of ” You either die a hero or live long enough to see yourself become the villain. “

  5. TamerMushroom64 says:

    HUGE PROPS to the editor, the constant switching as Jan and Tanner think of their next move is incredibly suspenseful.

  6. Caleb Olds says:

    Its very funny to me that Jan has cemented himself as the villain of the Pokemon community (in funny good faith)

  7. Kokutoryuu says:

    All those years, all those “you cannot run from a trainer battle!” messages, only to now learn that THEY actually CAN run from a trainer battle…

    • Ian Taakalla says:

      I like the idea that the trainer you play as is always more determined to win and therefore never runs from a trainer battle, therefore somewhat justifying the player character being the best or one of the best.

    • Jacob-Sophia says:

      I interpreted it as you not allowing yourself to give up and not some league regulation

    • Just another youtube-addicted person says:

      tbh it’s probably been implemented as a failsafe in case something unexpected happens or possibly as a way for the developers/coders of the ‘mod’/of the game to test things more easily that was left in.

      I do love the idea that they can run though, imagine they just see you pull out a Lugia out of nowhere and just go “Yep, nevermind. You can have the money.”

    • allgreatfictions says:

      It’s still true. “YOU can’t run”

    • redsowshaddark says:

      Technically this is because of how pvp works in gen3. Both players can forfeit at any time, instantly losing the pvp battle…. but yes, it’s funny to imagine that the trainers that force you into fights could have run away at anytime lol

  8. JDLong006 says:

    Jan needs to make a reaction to both POVs at the same time and evaluate his and your options for every major boss, while reacting to his own content in the process

    • MCG_Raven says:

      @Diavolo’s teddywell i liked Jacob long ago so his content is still being pushed into my subbox and since i have watched Jacob’s reactions to Jan’s videos his reactions to Jacob are being pushed to me. And since i find that specific interaction funny i watch those specific videos. This video here i watched because Smallant is one of my favorite streamers so even if he collabs with a person i do not like i can appreciate the content

    • Haka-KatYT says:

      @Andrew Zhang ah mkay

    • Andrew Zhang says:

      @Haka-KatYT genuine question

    • Haka-KatYT says:

      @Diavolo’s teddy tf is /genq?

    • Diavolo’s teddy says:

      @MCG_Raven if u don’t like either of them why r u watching their content

  9. Regal Void says:

    Pokemon “Calcs everything” Challenges vs Small “I just got this crazy idea” Ant creates the perfect high stakes, high tension, giga-brain pokemon battles with the way their strats and commentary parallel and play off each other

    • Nancy Pelosi says:

      Get out of my notifications, Nancy Pelosi. Oh yes, I am Nancy Pelosi. Thats not a good thing, Nancy Pelosi. Regal Void doesn’t know about us. Now everyone will know about Nancy Pelosi and my gay husband, Paul. I have a son named Paul and he’s a child beater whose been investigated by the FBI six times. You can’t keep a Pelosi down though, so I’m going to use my mafia ties to steal the midterms. Nancy Pelosi, out!

    • Era says:

      The Chad Pokemon “I know everything about this game” Challenges vs The Chad Small “Do it for the content” Ant

  10. Kajalanni says:

    Update for the YT viewers: They were supposed to continue the challenge this Friday but Jan got Covid :C
    Wishing him a full and quick recovery !!

    • CaptainShrinklDingr says:

      @ChonchJohnch your not funny

    • Kaii Ayren Nevaeh Games says:

      @agr0nianTV I think it depends in the genetics of the region and how effective is the herd immunity from the vaccines, where I live it’s pretty much gone but in the neighbor city there’s still tons of deads every day since most people refused to get vaccinated, it’s weird how different can it be in such close distance.

    • Will QP says:

      @Kajalanni ah shit i see, i’ve missed a couple streams that sucks, i watched wayyy to late last time they streamed this it was really fun

    • agr0nianTV says:

      Le oof. To be honest things are so lax where I live that hardy anyone even wears masks anymore. It’s basically dead here

    • Kajalanni says:

      @The Only Shiny Umbreon Jan is german ^^

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