Can We Catch Rexy From SPACE?

Can We Catch Rexy From SPACE?

Thanks to the @Sentintospace team for helping us send Rexy to space and back again!

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27 Responses

  1. Jo Po says:

    This is one small step for Rexy, and one giant leap for Rexy Clothing.

  2. Kosaku Kawajiri says:

    Rexy went from dropping from a tower to becoming the first Dino in space. Legendary.

  3. Kai Knudsen says:

    The cutting back and forth between Brett singing a church hymn, Scott yelling the national anthem and Derek running around barking like a dog was brilliant!

  4. Udit Gor says:

    Absolute props to Editor Jack on this one! The cuts between the guys doing ridiculous (pun intended) things and Rexy just floating peacefully in space were flipping hilarious!

  5. LukeTrain6 says:

    Rexy went from being obliterated by a refrigerator to easily survive falling from space, what a legend

  6. John Hebert says:

    “When we started youtube in 2009, I did not think I’d be 35 years old, running around in pajamas, in a thunderstorm, in ENGLAND, looking for a dinosaur that went to space!” My new favorite quote from How Ridiculous.

  7. SentIntoSpace says:

    This was so much fun, it was awesome to be a part of the Rexy race! 🦖🏃‍♂🚀

  8. Oweeen says:

    The cameraman needs an Oscar and a raise

  9. BliXXardStorm Coasters says:

    That’s the greatest promo for merch I’ve ever seen. Incredible job, boys! Love all the new stuff!

  10. Gym-E23 says:

    Seeing you guys have a full-fledged clothing line now, is so freaking awesome. Super happy for the whole crew with how much you guys have grown your brand!!

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