The Netherlands upset Belgium 4-1 behind two goals from Memphis Depay | FOX SOCCER

The Netherlands upset Belgium 4-1 behind two goals from Memphis Depay | FOX SOCCER

Memphis Depay scored two goals as the Netherlands pulled off a shocking upset over Belgium, 4-1. Denzel Dumfries and Steven Bergwijn scored the other two goals for the Netherlands. Michy Batshuayi scored Belgium’s lone goal in stoppage time. Romelu Lukaku exited in the 27th minute with an injury for Belgium.

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The Netherlands upset Belgium 4-1 behind two goals from Memphis Depay | FOX SOCCER

FOX Soccer

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49 Responses

  1. FOX Soccer says:

    Is the Netherlands a threat to win the UEFA Nations League?

  2. Abel-J_29 says:

    This game is a perfect example of a team that’s nearing the end of a golden era and the beginning of a golden era for another team

    • Strong Right says:

      @Sushank Dhamala As a Belgium fan I can’t agree more

    • Syd Alan says:

      @Sushank Dhamala Agree.

    • Sushank Dhamala says:

      I mean, 7 of the starting xi for netherlands are 28 years old + with 4 over 30. Belgium missing the best keeper in the world definitely helped. The belgian golden era was wasted on Roberto Martinez.

  3. M.I.X FCB says:

    Frenkie De Jong, what a player, kept complete control of the midfield today 👏🏾

  4. Heyah says:

    Belgium ain’t gonna see another golden generation in a while

    • bobby rodrr says:

      @b conni Yet again, I see this flawed argument about population. Population isn’t an indicator of success outside of warfare lol. Even in warfare, quality would still trump quantity. My point being, it isn’t about how many people a country has (with exceptions, such as if the country has hundreds of thousands of citizens only). The Kiwis are probably the greatest rugby nation in history, and yet they only have a population of under 5million. China and India have over a billion each, yet they’re only successful in a couple of olympic sports. Resources and a coaching/training programs/development are what make a team great. Sir Alex Ferguson used to win Prems and CL with talented but not super start rosters, like the 2008 team at Man U, but because he was such a good coach he made them champions as a team.

    • UnluckyGachatuber says:

      @b conni and Croatia…

    • Chikilin says:

      @b conni and uruguay

    • ManyaManya says:

      @Sushank Dhamala They thought they were gonna beat uruguay in the last one,they not that scary

    • Sushank Dhamala says:

      @Juan Segovia this really had me thinking because I wanted to disagree but you’re absolutely spot on. Managerial change needs to happen for them to achieve anything though. You would think that having some of the best midfielders in the world and the most creative fullback in the world would help make goalscoring so easy, especially with Jota, Felix and Cr7 but the manager decides to play defensive 🤦🏾‍♂️

  5. ALL DAY says:

    Belgium golden era has ended 2014-2022, Hazard and Lukaku are declining, Toby and Vertonghen was once a great duo at Spurs but not any more. Mertens is getting old. Only KDB has kept his form. So long Belgium golden era.

  6. Kenyi Choy says:

    This Belgian golden generation is getting old and fading fast

    • Oneil Forseh says:

      @T Do lol! As if they’ve done anything with KDB. Y’all overrate KDB too much.

    • Oneil Forseh says:

      @Pablo Salaices lol. As if they’ve done anything in any other tournament.

    • E Schuler says:

      No team chemistry, poor coaching, same result tournament after tournament. I expected at least a Euro final appearance out of them since they’ve ranked #1 in the world for almost a decade.

    • Patrick Luther Winchester says:

      Belgium won’t do good in the world cup 2022. Not at all.

  7. JayCFC says:

    The “Golden generation” of Belgium is done, sad to see Hazard and Mertens and all the other guys decline and lose form. Seems like only KDB is still up to it.

    • Danny S says:

      Comes down to Martinez not being the answer all those years, amount of talent and hype and no change in coach and strategy

    • Andres A. says:

      @ratas290589 Lol.. definitely not. If anything, I think they played beyond their expectation. They were the best team at the 2018 WC and couldn’t finish the job (even though I think it was rigged). Belgium has a bunch of good players but none considered the best.. or Ballon d’Or contenders. Maybe Hazard before he fell off completely. Had he been in Chelsea-form, they would’ve won it all. They also were not the clear-cut favorite, just one of the handful of contenders. Finishing in 3rd place isn’t a poor showing either. The most overrated overall… or perhaps under-acheiving?… i’d go with the Netherlands. They’ve played in 3 world cup finals but never won. Besides losing to Spain in 2012, this includes the early to mid 70s when they had Johan Cruyff, as well as the late 80s, when they had one of only two years that a single country had the top 3 vote-getters for the Ballon d’Or(1988). How do you not win the WC with the 3 best players in the world on the same team? The other team that did it was Germany in 1982, and they lost to Italy in the WC final.

    • says:

      @ratas290589 I feel like that team was full of world class underachievers

    • ratas290589 says:

      Most overrated team ever. And they never won anything!

  8. No says:

    Belgium is finished, but I guess you could say they never started

  9. Jacob Ramirez says:

    Not an upset Netherlands always have talent on their roster

    • Ernesto Torres says:

      #starspangledbanner #teamUSA

    • Jonathan Pontel says:

      @Isadore Ducasse I agree… the fact thay mexico is still above USA after losing 3 straight times, and above Germany shows how much of a joke that fifa ranking list is lol

    • Isadore Ducasse says:

      Exactly. Too many people place too much emphasis on those strange FIFA rankings these days.

    • Roberto Bonilla says:

      by recent standards, this is not a scoreline we would expect

  10. jake lynch says:

    Batshuayi has always been a player that I think deserves more respect. Always does a job for the team, scores goals consistently

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