Utah State Aggies vs. Alabama Crimson Tide | Full Game Highlights

Utah State Aggies vs. Alabama Crimson Tide | Full Game Highlights

The Alabama Crimson Tide decimated the Utah State Aggies, 55-0, in Week 1 of the college football regular season on Saturday. Bryce Young threw for 195 YDS and 5 TD while also leading the team in rushing with 100 YDS in their win.

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36 Responses


    Things I took from this game B.Young could have an even BETTER year than last year!🤯 B.Young DEFINITELY looks like an NFL READY QB which is scary!👀😤💯 Next Holden & Burton are DEFINITELY the next Alabama stud receivers!😤💯 Lastly the defense could be even scarier within the season! 🔥

  2. Moneymann. MJ says:

    Bro had a Heisman moment as the first play of the game 😂💯. Bro made 4 of Utah state defense lineman miss and complete for a first down . Doesn’t matter of level of competition dudes a baller forsure .

    • Jacob says:

      @Ben🔟 I didn’t say it was. I was referring to later in the year when they’re showing his highlights at the heisman ceremony whether he wins it again or not, this play or plays like it will be there. I am aware that this was in no way a true heisman moment. It was just a good play that showed why he gets heisman hype.

    • Thomas Daniels says:

      @Drew Whaley Oregon wasn’t the real number 11 team, more like number 41.

    • Ben🔟 says:

      @Ryan Hobbs im not sure why you said that it don’t change what I said. They didn’t blow everyone out and they had hard key wins

    • Ryan Hobbs says:

      @Ben🔟 not sure you’re aware but the 2019 tigers blew out everyone except bama,auburn and texas.Beat us by 5 46-41, beat auburn by 3 23-20 and beat texas 45-38.Everyone else by 10pts or more including playoffs.

  3. Austin Moss says:

    I can’t believe how calm cool and collective Bryce is. Dude is cool as a cucumber no matter what, and he’s out there having fun loving the game.

  4. Poopa says:

    Bryce runs and jukes like he is in a middle school recess game, the euro stepping and hopping😂. He’s too good

  5. Shaquille Wortherly says:

    I like that we have so many young guys actually playing. I can’t wait until Aaron Anderson gets healthy. Prentice looked good in the slot, Gibbs will become more of a threat on the edges next week against Texas. McClellan and Williams look like they never got hurt last year. I think we have 95% of our productivity figured out but I think more and more throughout the year we’ll find our identity as a very balanced offense. Defensively I don’t see where we’ll be challenged too much through the regular season. This should be another great year. ROLL TIDE.

    • Fruit salad yummy yummy says:

      Yeah are offense efficiently is crazy you add a Aaron Anderson and Harrell once they get Heathy and they find the best combination it’s over.

    • dead awake3 says:

      This is college. Everyone is young

    • Jacob says:

      Agreed. I think last years offense was so reliant on Bryce being Superman that it lacked balance. Really exposed us in the Natty. I think this years team if they can be more balanced will be far tougher to stop and we wont see games like we had against LSU and Auburn.

  6. matthew jordan says:

    That first throw is nfl ready 🔥🔥🔥

  7. Deonte Thomas says:

    Bryce is a beast

  8. Li Thomas 🖕 says:

    Traeshon Holden Is Gone Be Explosive This Year 🔥💯

  9. Alex Roberson says:

    @3:02 this is literally the only thing we did not see out of Young last year. Him breaking off these big runs and looking like he could take one to the house. He’s already a tremendous passer but this element of his game could truly break any team.

    Edit: I feel like if he had cut back towards the sideline after going towards the middle of the field and juked that defender he might’ve actually scored.

  10. Des Epps says:

    Utah State: Bro, we gotta interception, a sack, and a block punt against Ala-freaking-bama…WOW!!!

    • Puff Daddy says:

      @RDR FOOD REVIEWS no way you said a pretty good job 😂 it was a blowout they couldn’t even score with bamas 2nd and 3rd string players. 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️

    • slimeto tingz says:

      @Stephen Morring and yes if u are not from there or a alumni and they are the best team 99 percent bandwagon

    • slimeto tingz says:

      @Stephen Morring I don’t really care for college football

    • Stephen Morring says:

      @slimeto tingz Yeah, because… because… only people who graduated from Alabama or are currently attending should be fans. Everyone else is just bandwagon losers, right?
      How about you, are you a graduate from the university?

    • Ontario Pride says:

      @RDR FOOD REVIEWS 2nd and 3rd

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