Can you beat FNAF: Security Breach WITHOUT RUNNING?

Can you beat FNAF: Security Breach WITHOUT RUNNING?

Little music man’s legs are forreal the thickness of raw spaghetti. If Gregory could just grow some and kick the guy that would be greatly appreciated.

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55 Responses

  1. DarkPeanut says:

    so i figured out this cool mechanic, if you press shift it enables faster movement.

  2. Booleah says:

    That chase in the beginning was about as intense as watching senior citizens shambling to a shuffleboard

    Edit: dang way to make me feel loved guys with all the likes.

  3. Leif Inc. says:

    this isn’t a speedRUN, it’s a WALKthrough.

  4. vertice30c says:

    what a polished game with absolutely no exploitable bugs

  5. Almyrigan Hero says:

    Roxy’s power is a tragic one. She can see through anything but her own cataracts.

  6. WheelOCheese says:

    That’s such a power move. Imagine being this terrifying robot and then this kid straight up walks away from you at a leisurely pace.

  7. WhaleMilk says:

    “I can make it so Monte never spawns by…jumping”

    Probably the most apt description of this game ever conceived

  8. Macy Mouse says:

    This makes the game feel so much less scary knowing that a slow stroll is all you need to survive.

  9. DatBoiYT says:

    Going from a serious run of this game, to this is a little jarring, but I’m happy to have experienced it. Very funny:)

  10. AstralSpiff says:

    A couple people have mentioned that I run at 19:18 lmao, somehow me and everyone else in chat missed that. It’s not the only time it happened, but we noticed the others and reloaded the game. Muscle memory slip, shame on me. It didn’t help overcome any challenge, just a whoops. Thanks to those who pointed it out, and good eye 🙂

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