Rose Bowl: Ohio State Buckeyes vs. Utah Utes | Full Game Highlights

Rose Bowl: Ohio State Buckeyes vs. Utah Utes | Full Game Highlights

The Ohio State Buckeyes came back from a 14-point deficit to defeat the Utah Utes, 48-45, in the 108th Rose Bowl Game. C.J. Stroud threw for 573 YDS and 6 TDs for the Buckeyes while Jaxon Smith-Njigba set multiple Rose Bowl receiving records with 15 REC for 347 YDS & 3 TDs in the victory.

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50 Responses

  1. ESPN College Football says:

    Rose Bowl records set or tied today:
    Pass YDS: C.J. Stroud – 573
    Pass TD: C.J. Stroud – 6
    *Most Rec YDS: Jaxon Smith-Njigba – 347 (All-Time Bowl Record)*
    Most Rec: Jaxon Smith-Njigba – 15
    Most Rec TD: Marvin Harrison Jr. & Smith-Njigba – 3 (tied with others)
    Most points in 1st half: Utah – 35 (tied)
    Most Combined Pts in 1st Half – 56 (tied)
    Most YDS (team) : 682 for Ohio State

    • eudy Maverick Mentor says:

      @da g doomagen And won the game with 24 scholarship players missing. Including 4 defensive starters and 2 of their top wide receivers.

    • eudy Maverick Mentor says:

      @Craig Barber Ohio State had 24 scholarship players missing. Including 4 defensive starters and 2 of their top wide receivers. You could tell that for Utah this game was the Super Bowl. Ohio State was bored and sleep walking in the first half.

    • eudy Maverick Mentor says:

      @Rzr 1 Why you think Utah is barely a top 30 team is beyond me. I thought they were at least a top 20 team. LOL.

    • J says:

      @gonebythewind01 what?

    • Miles Hall says:

      @Big Jay229 I wouldn’t say that, they were ranked 11th in total defense this year

  2. D.J. X says:

    So Basically when Wilson and Olave opted out, Njigba started rubbin his hands like Birdman. Gotcha 👌🏾

  3. Jay T says:

    Fantastic game, hats off to both teams. Great addition to the legacy of the Rose Bowl.

  4. Geaux Tigers says:

    Game of the year for sure, even one of the best games of all time that we have just witnessed…

  5. Andrew Mueller says:

    Ridiculous football game. Wildly entertaining.

  6. Luis says:

    This felt like an nfl game. Smith-Njgba already at that level.

    • New California Republic says:

      @Dr. Nigel Pisswater lol you are such a miserable human. You’ve left numerous comments spewing hate. Maybe you should try finding some friends, or talking to your parents(if you have any) and lastly maybe a therapist, because you seem to be an angry hermit.

    • Alan Scott says:

      Come on Dr. is It? For real? Not of Football!
      1. 15 Catches
      2. 347 Yards
      3. 23.1 Avg
      4. 3 TD’S
      And you point out a fumble that shoulda been 6! SMH! They fumble in the NFL sometimes too Man! Rose Bowl Record. You have to be Utah Alumni. Gotta be

    • -Lukeanater- says:

      @FlashesSoccer011 I know that it’s not even close, I’m saying that you can’t bring down someone’s great performance by one mistake that they made, which is what he was doing with Njigba’s fumble

    • Dr. Nigel Pisswater says:

      @Alan Scott Nope. The last time my team played Ohio state they won 55-24.

    • Blaydeesy says:

      It was a great game, but the defense on both teams was non existent. I’ll leave it as an exciting offensive thriller. I will say, they need to have a real playoff system, like the FCS has had do 40 years. We could have seen many more exciting games like this with real importance. It’s great winning a bowl game, but knowing you’d be moving on to a possible NC makes it much more exciting.

  7. MDman M says:

    By far this was the best college bowl game this year!!!! congrats to both teams

    • Kyle Luecke says:

      @MD that’s funny because this game is going to end up in our final record.

    • MD says:

      @Kyle Luecke yea, I know. The NCAA began including bowl game stats and W/L records in 2002. However, the CFP champ is still not officially a NCAA crowned champ because it is still considered an exhibition game.

    • Random Uploads says:

      @MD how are you going to compare to nba all-star and pro bowl when most the stars opt out in the bowl games. 😂😂😂

    • MD says:

      @Random Uploads The comparison is that they are all just exhibition games. Getting invited is the goal. Winning is just a bonus.

    • Kyle Luecke says:

      @MD they’ve been including the post season win/loss in the record column for some time. Not sure where you’re getting 2002 from.

      You may perceive it that way but it’s not an exhibition game.

  8. Crosse Ramirez says:

    As a Buckeye fan, nothing but respect for the Utes. Crazy good team and gave s a great game.

  9. King Taz says:

    Im a Oregon fan and I can admit this is the best game I have ever seen I thought Utah was gonna blow them out after that td return what a great game

    • Iam... says:

      Lmao of course simpleton fans like Oregon fans would think this is the best game ever lol at what point do these high scoring games becoming like basketball games hahahaha you see it takes a real football analytic such as myself who appreciates defense games to see the real value in low scoring matchups. My evidence you may ask? Well just look at my Georgia bulldogs and their number 1 ranked defense only allowing 6 points per game. Go watch all there games this, except for that fluke game against Alabama where they cheated with the refs, and you’ll see the best football games are clearly played by Georgia and their absolutely unstoppable defense. That being said, feeble minded fans like you all can go “ooh” and “ahh” for garbage rose bowl games that have absolutely no impact and I’ll enjoy real football games like the national championship where Georgia will shut out Alabama

    • bflo1000 says:

      @Iam… I agree w much of what you’re saying except they are NOT “shutting out” Bama.

    • bflo1000 says:

      @Iam… BTW, bully for you…

    • blobby 1 says:

      Lmao georgias about to get destroyed by Alabama and I’m not even a bama fan

    • Justin Klinck says:

      @King Taz I wouldn’t say great. They play in the pac-12 lol weakest Power 5 conference next to ACC.

  10. bryan snyder says:

    Love Buckeyes what an offensive performance, wide recievers were amazing, Stroud and Nigibu were historically great. Utah played a heck of a game, wow that was crazy.

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