Canelo Alvarez TKOs Caleb Plant in 11th Round | Highlights & Reaction | CBS Sports HQ

Canelo Alvarez TKOs Caleb Plant in 11th Round | Highlights & Reaction | CBS Sports HQ

Luke Thomas joins CBS Sports HQ to recap Canelo vs Plant!


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46 Responses

  1. Jose Ivan Campos says:

    Canelo fan here , but plant got my respect .. he’s a warrior fought till the end !! #respect

  2. Original One says:

    King Canelo!
    Definitely an honor to be able to witness this great moment for Canelos journey a true Boxing skilled Champion.
    Congratulations Canelo in the unification of belts. Viva team Canelo

    • ꨄ︎º𝒜𝓃𝑔𝑒𝓁𝒾𝓬𝒶ºꨄ︎ says:

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    • John 🅥 says:

      To who ever is reading this comment
      You are awesome 🤯

      My goal is to hit 30k any help would be epic🙌

    • Juan Ibanez says:

      undisputed ❗️❗️

    • Bill Perron says:

      Canelo can’t beat this guy……..

  3. Mikey Kingston says:

    Caleb, good fight, Canelo, felicidades campeón, for the raza, we love you, we respect you. Arriba México cabrones!

  4. Joel Chavez says:

    Canelo wins by savage brutality. Plant fought well but eventually imploded under the pressure and power.

  5. Jarrett Morgan says:

    Amazing fight, plant did better than I expected but Canelo the knockout king Alvarez never disappoints 👑🐐

    • Bill Perron says:

      @outsiderdf Canelo can’t beat this guy……..

    • Bill Perron says:

      @Draymond Green Canelo can’t beat this guy……..

    • Shang Tsung says:

      @Draymond Green he won 2 rounds. Maybe 3. No more though.

    • Laura Brown says:

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    • Jay Gee says:

      @Enrique Renteria he always does, if u watch his fights, after the 6th round he becomes a way diff fighter. He slows down far too much

  6. Atiq Polo says:

    Inprecenante Mexican king respect from Pakistan congratulation

  7. I'mSoConfusion says:

    Plant fought better than expected. I could tell that Canelo’s punches were breaking him down though & opened him up for some nasty punches. Good fight overall imo 👍

    • Peace Be The Journey says:

      Shocking many times did plant get away with holding canelo’s left arm?!

    • DavidKFZ says:

      @Jenfletcher56 No, Wilder Fury 3 was like a Ward Gatti fight, look those up if you haven’t and you’ll see the parallels

      This fight was a textbook Canelo fight, I thought Plant may hold his own til about round 8 but he did pretty good defensively and got to the 11th

    • Angel Basaldua says:

      I thought the same thing, I was actually surprised of how well plant did the round 1 to 6 – 7 and up u could tell he was tired

    • Tony G says:

      @Peace Be The Journey I know right! I was like “Let him go!

  8. Lalo Lalo says:

    Canelo fought a smart fight, he learned to be patient, chop it down round by round and timber when he knows it’s the time.

    • Burrito Supreme says:

      Learned to be patient? He spent the whole fight running at him swinging for the fences. Watch the whole fight and not base your opinions on highlights you bum

    • Kronos says:

      @putitherepls Yes, taking on GGG twice was so in his favor, right, when the entire boxing world was afraid of him

    • putitherepls says:

      @Kronos I dont know if you’re trying to insult me or making a point.

      Your comment is so far off my comment. I’m talking about plant. You’re talking about a whole other fighter. Each fight is different, that’s only common sense.

    • Don Johnson says:

      Those body shots, particularly with the right hand. I don’t know if it was the saturation levels on the TV or something, but Plant’s left side looked so red and inflamed it almost looked like it was bloody. His ribs were getting torn out his body all night.

    • Burrito Supreme says:

      @Don Johnson nah bro he blocked most of those body shots. He was blocking with the shoulder. If anything it’s the head shots that were most effective with canelo

  9. Scenic Fights says:

    As expected, Canelo Alvarez is a beast. I wonder if he has any contenders left for him.

    • Yomiggs says:

      @EndisNear A draw actually and he did beat GGG! And he wasn’t even close to his prime against mayweather! All I gotta say is people will just hate on Canelo but his record says it all

    • XPWorldTeam says:

      One name comes to mind….Artur Beterbiev.

    • Me & Z Boxing TV says:

      @king of you nah Canelo doesn’t need to go back down the middleweights need to move up. Canelo not only has the belts but he also gets guys there biggest payday.

    • Me & Z Boxing TV says:

      @bkkcho I think GGG will move up at this point. If he wants his chance to avenge his loss then he better.

    • Jesus Leyva says:

      @Christopher Lopezonly Benavides !!! Charlo sucks ass !! He’s last fight was shit and he’s opponent sucked and still a competitive fight lol he ain’t ready for canelo !!! Benavides is a monster !!!

  10. 3eau says:

    Just glad I witnessed one of the greatest boxers of this generation. Canelo is amazing to watch. LEGEND!

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