Brewstew – Playing Hooky

Brewstew – Playing Hooky

Thanks for making my days off of school great, Bob

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36 Responses

  1. Roblox Oofers says:

    I liked this video faster than Michael’s stepdad drinking 10 beers at once.

  2. Liamsartandstuff says:

    Folks!! Tyler is improving at animation!! After he said “you are not the father” the guy started dancing fluidly!! Good job Tyler!!

  3. litestudios says:

    This reminds me of every 90s cartoon I saw that did an episode on playing hooky. The kids had a terrible time and ended up missing something real fun at school. Hey Arnold did that, Rocket Power did, and other shows I’m forgetting about.

  4. maneoj46 says:

    My mother was the one to do the “play hooky” stuff. Mostly because she knew I was a terrible liar and a straight A student and thought I needed a break

  5. ZabookaHD says:

    Whenever you hear “alright,” you know it’s gonna be a good day.

  6. sooptiem says:

    my friend literally managed to play hooky in the first grade. Dude did mission: Impossible sh*t right there.

  7. Ciara F says:

    I died when he told Uncle Rick “ no wonder you haven’t felt the touch of a woman since 1976” 😂😂

  8. bca2268 says:

    It’s like a mini-Christmas every time these upload.

  9. shadowsa2b says:

    When i was a kid, i liked the taste of a children’s cough syrup called triaminic. It tasted like orange. You could practically carbonate it and call it fanta 😆

  10. Slip Wreck says:

    I very much enjoy how the timeline of Brewstew’s childhood is tangible through his references. Very nostalgic

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