Carlee Russell: Full police press conference | FOX 5 News

Carlee Russell: Full police press conference | FOX 5 News

The Hoover Police Department held a press conference to give details in the investigation into the reported abduction of Carlee Russell.

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55 Responses

  1. DJ Cannon says:

    This really angers me because this girl has made a complete ass of herself, making a joke of being abducted, meanwhile, my childhood friend Keir Johnson and her baby girl Chloe were abducted 6 years ago and we still don’t know where she and her baby is… This is heartbreaking and disrespectful. The term blasphemous comes to mind. She really needs to be made an example of. This is a slap in the face to everyone who has been abducted and has not made it back home and to their families.

  2. Samantha Kay says:

    As a 911 dispatcher: Carly had no urgency in her voice, seemed like she was reading from a script she wrote. Sex Trafficking happens every single day and to take that away from other victims is downright ignorant.

    If you wanted a break from life fine do so but don’t make false claims to the PD. I hope she gets fined & gets jail time for wasting the PDs resources & time to locate her & the imaginary child!!

    • Faced&Laced ByTrella says:

      But I’ve heard plenty of calls where the dispatcher has NO COMPASSION as well so speaking on this situation as a dispatcher means nothing.

    • Indie_Chica says:

      @Faced&Laced ByTrella she was way too calm but I agree. The dispatchers often have no compassion so speaking calmly and clearly is the way to go. I just don’t know how many people could do it if they were in this situation

    • QuinMan says:

      She took so many resources that could’ve actually helped a real victim!!

    • Annah Gibbus says:

      Thank you no urgency in her voice none at all.

      Obviously someone wouldn’t have to call the toddler in the road ( if it had been a real situation) all out hysterical, but there would be a sense of urgency in their voice. Nope not Carlee she might as well be calling in an order to a restaurant.

    • Diana Lou 231 says:

      Relax ppl. Carly had to go through HELL’S WEEK. SHES IN AKA sororities.

  3. Zzo Catering says:

    This is unfortunate for young women who are actually missing. She should be ashamed of herself

  4. Pumpkin Spice says:

    I’m willing to bet that there were a number of people in this young lady’s life who now feel vindicated because of this incident. This isn’t the first time she has created some elaborate “illusion”. This is just the first time she has not only took it to this extreme, but also got caught. Everyone who has been enabling this behavior has a very hard decision to make at this point. If they defend her and she only gets a slap on the wrist, she will escalate to a situation that will put people in real danger. And even if the justice system doesn’t hold these people accountable, their community will.

    • Boo Radley says:

      What stunt did she pull before this?

    • Ebony Nesbitt says:

      Right…like her damn parents.

    • Autumn J says:

      Absolutely. This speaks to her character. She might have been a horrible person for years and never was held accountable as others suffered in silence. I saw a video on Pink Book Lessons that details a post she made that seems to suggest that she is a real mean girl. I feel so sorry for her parents because this is extraordinarily embarrassing and they have to still live and work in the community. Shame on her. She needs to come out with a statement that apologizes to her parents, neighbors, friends, family, and the world. I prayed for this girl!!! My prayer was wasted.

    • Clay Davis says:

      @Boo Radley Actions like this aren’t random. A person with the sociopathy to pull this off develops habits until they escalate into bigger and bigger incidents. Any previous stunts did not have to be “big.”

    • J P says:

      @Ebony Nesbitt if anyone is responsible for how she is, isn’t it her parents? They always know what they did to raise a train wreck, they’re just to embarrassed to say it out loud, but most parents know what they did to mess their kid up.

  5. Yvette Torres says:

    How stupid to not know that everything we text, search, call, email etc can be traced with exact precision. Sorry for the manpower, police service, and everyone who prayed for her safe return, including myself.

  6. Drea VM says:

    My cousin has been missing for almost a month now and I was praying for this girls return… she should be ashamed. This isn’t a game it’s pain.

  7. Heal My Roots says:

    Hoover and the community should be very proud of themselves. They showed up and did the right thing.

  8. A&C Pack and Ship says:

    This sent fear throughout the world . Anyone with an ounce of compassion would stop to help a baby . I have no words for her beyond sad and disgusting .

    • Pegasus says:

      Fear is fodder for evil power

    • Regina Pugh Singer, Psalmist, & Prophetic Voice says:

      ….and Aniah Blanchard’s mom was first on the scene to support this family. I am soeechless

    • xkidmidnightx says:

      If you believed her story for even a second you should probably get checked for extra chromosomes.

    • Smfarrie says:

      @xkidmidnightxI believed until traffic footage came out. People have claimed broken down cars and other nonsense to get people to pull over. Didn’t understand why man kept up the charade and giving benefit of doubt after it’s release.

    • war critic says:

      That’s what I’m saying not just usa, it was world wide. When I heard how calm she was on the 911 call that’s when I knew she made it up

  9. Vanessia Clark says:

    I guess Carlee has never seen Forensic Files or any show like that because she did a horrible job at disappearing. The fact that she was searching on her phone about Amber Alerts and Taken is insane to me.

    • Cranky James says:

      Taken? Like the movie? Lol, wtf

    • Deantra Grant Burrows says:

      It just shows she is not very bright or street smart. Now, she comes across as immature, spoiled and entitled. She conducted herself like a teenage girl. She is a grown 25 yr old but her mentality in infantile. If you want to disappear from your parents be a grown woman and tell them you are leaving. You don’t fake your abduction.

    • Kristina Berry says:

      And her work computer..

    • Vanessia Clark says:

      @Deantra Grant Burrows I 100% agree. This is teenager behavior or younger. It’s just so unbelievable…I can’t believe a 25 year old would do this. I know she was in nursing school but who in their right mind would ever trust this girl with their medical care? She will forever have this stain on her reputation.

    • David Burke says:

      Yeah,I heard liam neeson was a day away from joining the search efforts😅

  10. Spice Girl says:

    She better get locked up for this disgusting act. To say a child was on the side of the road so you could go missing for a paycheck ???? Shameful.

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