Casually Explained: The World’s Strongest Man

Casually Explained: The World’s Strongest Man

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50 Responses

  1. potato minner says:

    can’t wait for another 12 months just for him to come back and talk about board games

  2. Sup Lewis says:

    “Is the ball jumpin through hoops or am I”

    Spoken Like a True Hero

    • Sally H. says:

      When friends of mine would show up with maintenance tools for their suede or white shoes, just in case they needing maintaining on the fly during that very evening, I would say “are you wearing those shoes or are they wearing you”

    • gnoiwj says:

      Not funny 😐

  3. Adie says:

    Mariusz Pudzianowski is THE man, the myth, the legend here in Poland. I remember watching him compete as a kid. Everybody did during that time. I’m pretty sure we Poles know about Strongman competitions solely because of him. He’s an important character in the Polandcore for sure.

    • Aliquis frigus ex Norvegia says:

      How does Adam Małysz compare?

    • IvarIsALie says:

      Im pretty sure that his success (5x WSM, still unbeaten) is the sole reason why my generation, born in late 90s, didn’t become rife with obesity and alike.
      He made it cool to be strong and looked cool doing it.
      Fuck, “Pudzian” became a common way to refer to your friends and family that were stronger than others lmao

    • IvarIsALie says:

      ​@Aliquis frigus ex Norvegiahe doesn’t really compare.
      He was a beloved athlete here, just like all successful polish athletes were, and still is a household name.. but cultural impact is not comperable. Especially since Pudzianowski started to compete in MMA, cementing him as a masculine idol

    • olomarfarg says:

      Also biggest meme ever 😝🤡

    • Cyrus Khalvati says:

      @Aliquis frigus ex Norvegiahe doesn’t at all. Its like on the level of Muhammad Ali vs Michael phelps

      One is a legend and the other is just really really talented.

  4. gingertew says:

    it’s getting to the point where he’s actually just giving us informative videos

  5. Wilf Smith says:

    Thank you Casually Explained for recently teaching me the valuable skills of Rock Climbing, Arm Wrestling, Photography snappin’ and now popping pills and lifting. Truly your videos are so inspiring, educational and motivational that just last week I managed for the first time this year to get out of bed before taking my morning dump. Progress!

  6. Das Die Der Erik says:

    Remember kids, the strongest man is the one that can communicate their emotions without shame or insecurity and is there to support their friends, family and community.

  7. Siile says:

    Casually Explained has more random niche interests than five people combined, I love it

  8. Luz Noceda 💜 says:

    “All of these pieces of plastic were fucking awesome”
    My childhood in a plastic nutshell

  9. Enrico Panfili Fotografie says:

    Im the 10th strongest man of germany and i just want to thank you for this awesome video! Was a really cool watch!!

  10. Nathanael Christopher says:

    The strongest man is actually the friends we made along the way

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