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In his first game since June 13th, 2019 (NBA Finals 2019, Game 6), Klay Thompson recorded 17 PTS (7-18 FG, 3-8 3pt FG), 3 REB and 1 BLK in 20 minutes of play for the Warriors as they defeated the Cavaliers, 96-82. Stephen Curry added a game-high 26 PTS for the Warriors in the victory, while Evan Mobley tallied 11 PTS, 6 REB and 2 STL for the Cavaliers in the losing effort. The Warriors improve to 30-9 on the season, while the Cavaliers fall to 22-18.
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54 Responses

  1. Respect Begets Respect says:

    That was truly honorable what Dray did. That’s why he’s the heart and soul of GSW. Great seeing Klay back in action and being effective in his first game back. Mr. Curry is the most unselfish superstar in the game, falling back and allowing Klay to shine. Soon they both will shine and splash together and of course the rest of the squad. Very special team! I see you Looney.

  2. Joshua Rodriguez says:

    For Klay’s first game back, I’m just too impressed on how good he played. The crowd made his every shot memorable for real’s. Welcome back Klay.

  3. Warriors3011 says:

    If there is one person to get Steph out of his shooting slump it’s Klay and it showed because Steph started tonight on fire, I think just seeing Klay’s presence out there on the court with him gave him more energy and lifted his moral. Wouldn’t be suprised if Curry avg 30+ for the rest of the season.

  4. Pratik Sonnad says:

    Man I know it’s Klayday and it’s not even a question, THE MAN IS BACK AND READY , let us take a moment to appreciate Looney , man was a monster today. Hopefully our 3 point shooting goes back to the way it was and Steph continues out of his slump. Let’s go Warriors 🔥🔥🔥

  5. Boy Reak says:

    I’m sure after being pressured by the crowd to shoot, Klay will be more effective and efficient shooting guard.🤞

  6. joe says:

    Wiggins a lucky charm..he assisted Steph’s record breaking 3 and now klay’s first return bucket… the dynasty is back💥

  7. Allan III Fernan says:

    That dunk from Klay where he was out balanced raised my blood pressure. Still great performance from Klay despite not being able to play for a long time. Curry also did well, he finally had a great performance after that long slump. The Splash Brothers are finally back!!

  8. Hero Infinity says:

    So glad to see Klay back on the court. No matter which team you’re from, when a great player returns you need to acknowledge and celebrate that. Splash brothers are back and warriors are now even more lethal when a defensive and offensive weapon is on the court. This is like a classic warriors team when they first won their 1st championship but an upgrade.

  9. LennyFelly says:

    Been saying this, the injuries the warriors had was a blessing in disguised. picks and pieces they gained without having to lose their heavy hitters results in a terrifying balance of young and veteran power house ESPECIALLY now that Klay is back

    • BoldWittyName says:

      I mean… The Dubs lost 3 potential championships due to Klay being unavailable. If that’s a “blessing in disguise”…

    • Haiti's Space Agency says:

      Yeah it’s fucking bullshit. In a fairer system they would have been relegated to a lower league for their atrocious seasons, instead we fucking reward them with picks. What a broken system.

    • Black Viking says:

      @spacecase8888 the Blazers need some of that

    • JuicyMcnamus says:

      I was telling everyone the last two years the warriors developing the youngsters and finding pieces while steph, dray and klay get rest from not having to make deep playoff runs will come back to haunt the league

    • BGY Mix says:

      It’s so refreshing to finally see the Warriors have their missing pieces come back from their injuries. Now Wiseman is the final missing piece and the Warriors will be completely healthy again.

  10. Scott Tracy says:

    I’m sure Klay is relieved to have his first start in 2+ finished. It’s a long overdue milestone in his recovery and an emotional one. Now he can be one of the guys on the team and focus on his game. Great job Klay!

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