Miscellaneous Myths: Artemis and Apollo

Miscellaneous Myths: Artemis and Apollo

Finally, a deep dive into everyone’s favorite aesthetically opposed fraternal twins! Let’s see how two people with such similar origins (or are they?) can grow into such different disasters!
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48 Responses

  1. Overly Sarcastic Productions says:

    ☀🌙PLUSH TIME – The Celestial Twins are here, and they are SOFT!☀🌙
    Artemis and Apollo plushes are available at our merch store – https://overlysarcastic.shop/collections/plushies
    Bundle both and get $5 off!

    • SuperHGB says:

      You forgot to pin this

    • Operleutnant says:

      Are they limited edition?

    • Sama Hardy says:

      It occurs to me that there’s an awful lot of great art of ancient books that you’ve put into these videos.

      Can we have an Ancient Literature Pin Set at some point?

      I would love to have a decorative opener for history/mythology sharing as well as a handy reminder and visual for those i’m talking to! (and your Astronomia bear art is the freaking cutest, Red!)

    • Shadow King Dark Sin says:

      if there was a book about modern day gods and one mortal who was born to hunt gods and artemis and apollo get killed off first i would like to know how that end 😅

    • Phonemic_arbourrr8 says:

      love learning all the storys

  2. 『PURPLE HAZE』 says:

    To be fair, “Hubris: It’s okay when the gods do it” applies to literally every religion and mythology I’m immediately aware of.

    • Notes From The Void says:

      It’s because in greek mythology hubris is defined by thinking or declaring yourself better than the gods so the gods can’t really do it.

    • Woodledude says:

      @Notes From The VoidCounterpoint: Thinking they’re better than Zeus (or Hera, or another god) is a thing we see other gods doing all the time It stands to reason that when there are multiple gods, one god can underestimate another, squarely fitting into that definition of hubris.

      I mean, Artemis tried to beat up Hera, and Hera beat her down, in this video. I’d say that’s pretty hubristic.

    • Anubis says:

      @Woodledude True, might makes right. Hubris would be overestimating your power. Otherwise, it’s just the truth. Zeus is the most powerful god, but even he was clever enough to avoid the hubris of his predecessors and consumed/absorbed the wife who was supposed to give birth to a son that would overthrow him, and earned a very powerful daughter instead. One that he tends to dote on, no less (maybe due to fear that she might decide to go against him though).

    • Broomer52 says:

      Looking around African Gods in particular (as far as I can tell) are all the most boastful gods I’ve seen. So many myths basically boil down “they were feeling really smug that day” I even found out through One Piece fans that Joy Boy is an actual African god who is uniquely the god of Joy. Where ever he shows up you hear the upbeat sound of his drums long before you see him. The guy is unflinchingly positive and cocky, you’re not shaking that monolithic pillar of self confidence.

  3. Illegal Meme Dealer says:

    I do wonder if Artemis’s whole deal of “terrifying goddess of murder who will kill you if you look at her” is at least partially a way of explaining the concept of “if you go into the woods and don’t know what you’re doing (ie, aren’t a hunter), you will die of Everything and nobody will be able to find your body.” Kinda like every fairy tale with an evil dark forest.

    • Antediluvian Romance says:

      Kinda like all the people still lost in the woods every year, some of them never to be found.

    • TheRealEvilkitten3 says:

      @Antediluvian Romance artemis sits atop mount everest, shooting down the idiots who never bothered learning how to actually climb a mountain

    • Ginger McGingin says:

      Funny thing is, Mt. Everest isn’t a technically difficult climb, it’s a pretty straightforward ascent.
      K2, the 2nd tallest mountain, is way more difficult

    • Bloodhoundo says:

      ​@Ginger McGingintrue but it’s a long climb right?

  4. DragonicDoom says:

    It does make me chuckle that Artemis basically has 3 modes: badass huntress, loving sister, and short tempered brat who resolves all her problems with MURDER.

    • Son of Kronos says:

      Diana or Trivia did indeed personify three concepts: the heavenly moon goddess Luna/Selene, the huntress Diana/Artemis, and the underworld sorceress goddess Trivia/Hecate. So you are not wrong when dealing with the roman version

    • Thomas Wampler says:

      That’s almost every girl I’ve had the pleasure of being friends with!

    • Nobody Atall says:

      Interesting tone for someone in random boar attack range.

    • Thomas Wampler says:

      @Nobody Atall no matter how safe you may feel, you’re ALWAYS in range of a random boar attack.

  5. Justin Duffany says:

    Artemis: I turned a guy into a deer just because he looked at me bathing.

    Apollo: Please, every person I’ve had eyes for inevitability jumps off a cliff.

    Leto: Kids! You’re both just awful.

  6. SPRITE NADO says:

    I really like Artemis and Apollo being cool with each other and hanging out rather than being diametrically opposed and hating each other.

  7. Biker Wolf Chip says:

    The idea of Diana being worshipped with three different faces actually makes perfect sense for a moon goddess, considering how the moon constantly changes phases.

    • Victor Alexander Vinkenes says:

      Huh… never thought of it like that. Makes sense in hindsight, of course.

    • Chimera98 says:

      If Greek Roman pantheon had continue it could have resulted in her different action’s resulted from or being the cause to lunar cycles

    • Gokbay says:

      Pretty sure Romans did have Luna as a separate moon goddess originally tho.

    • Son of Kronos says:

      Actually her three faces have nothing to do with moon phrases. She was a goddes of Heaven as a moon goddess (Luna), a goddess of Earth as the huntress (Diana) and a goddess of the Underworld as a sorceress (Hecate/Trivia). So her three faces references her domain in three realms.

    • Son of Kronos says:

      ​@Gokbayyeah some Roman writers gave Apollo and Diana the sun and moon domains, but others did not. So not even in Rome they become the sun and moon gods completely. They were never regarded as sun and moon in Greece except Apollo in Delphi, while in Rome it was not as common to relate both deities to the sun and moon (the romans did not care about the sun and moon that much). Their domains as sun and moon is more of a modern than a ancient thing.

  8. yearlywise says:

    Ah man, there’s nothing I love better than a godly pair of homicidal twins.

  9. eabha says:

    Apollo: the extroverted twin, who loves people (literally) and is very outgoing

    Artemis: the introvert who runs away when anyone steps in a 10m radius

    • Epic Walrus says:

      I feel like I woild have been a worshiper of Artemis back in the day, because I too want to stab anyone who gets too close and is too loud. I also live in the woods.

    • Flopdeop says:

      more like turns them into a bear, blinds them, turns them into a stag to get killed by their own hunting dogs or turns them into a girl so they can join her hunt

  10. Chai Hill says:

    I’m sorry, but a disgruntled baby Artemis laying on their back while Leto holds up a shiny Baby Apollo screaming about how great he is, is possibly the funniest thing Red has ever drawn.

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