Charging a non-Tesla at a Tesla Supercharger!

Charging a non-Tesla at a Tesla Supercharger!

A Tesla, a Lucid and a Rivian walk in to a bar…

Shot on iPhone 14 Pro

That hoodie:

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32 Responses

  1. zollotech says:

    Definitely need to have longer cables now and some parking etiquette. I don’t think it should roll out yet at very busy stations just yet until they figure out all of those other logistics. Overall though it’s going to be great to have a reliable charge network for everyone.

    • teodor4ik says:

      ​@nev cothen you ll have trouble with wiring stalls. Now they are preassembled 4 stalls on 1 base.

    • teodor4ik says:

      ​@Vincent Ouwehandeu teslas have diferent ports as in eu its standard. So tesla just add european one on other side

    • nev co says:

      @Дмитрий Нова Actually if the stations would pull through then all cars with charging on the side would be just fine.
      Ironically the way you say only Kia Niro EV has proper charging port CCS in front of the car. Nissan Leaf has Chademo and cannot use the chargers.

    • dan simonds says:

      I guess you’ll need to carry an extension cable

    • benjamintua says:

      @Noass Runcisbro exactly! these mfers with their arrogance. gtfoh.

  2. supahmac says:

    We’ve had this for half a year in Norway, as Tesla opened up all their chargers for all EVs around september/october last year. It has worked well so far I’d say, but yes the “where do you park” issue has come up. Several stations have improved their layout though, so you can park at a charger “in any direction” so to say. So you don’t take up 2 spots at once.

    • Vadym says:

      @John vanDieken sorry, but looks like “Bit of a disaster” is common for UK 🙂

    • Vadym says:

      and European EVs are usually smaller than those US monster trucks , this is probably also helping %)

    • KofH PD says:

      @Constantin Nescu The charging cables are a little bit longer. Also all EVs come with the same charging port, so you can charge basically anywhere.

    • Constantin Nescu says:

      Are the charging cables long enough ? I mean in Norway. Did they change them or how was the transition done ?

    • John vanDieken says:

      Norway is better placed than most of Europe or the UK – they thought this through long ago and were better prepared. UK is bad for non teslas blocking out bays and we are now seeing big queues for the first time ever. Bit of a disaster really.

  3. The Rest Of Us says:

    It’s hilarious that Tesla’s non-optimized charging experience for non-Teslas is still 100x better than any non-Tesla charger.

  4. Daniel Anishchenko says:

    I really like this style of unscripted content. Feels so much more genuine

  5. KingShawarma says:

    Love that Marques is an overall nice guy! It was great seeing him talk about Tesla chargers now being open to non-Tesla EVs while also talking to and helping other people he randomly met there.

  6. AllGoodThingsNetwork says:

    This definitely changes my perspective on possibly getting a BMW eDrive40. Very cool of you to give “State of Charge” a shout out as well 👍🏽

  7. Carper Diem says:

    I love Tom. One of the best EV media guys out there

  8. raj says:

    there will be challenges. i think the key takeaway is to roll out this option step by step with improvements along the way especially with the 4th gen chargers available now

  9. Toran Shaw says:

    If you had another 1000 mile challenge, this would certainly be interesting for the team that came last, due to them finding broken chargers, etc…

  10. Luba _M says:

    I honest love this channel and how you present it to your viewers. Vibing with the fact that you even connected with random normal day to day tech enthusiastic people as well to find out about their experiences with the Tesla supercharger

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