The Day Before We Found Out…

The Day Before We Found Out…

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Editing for this video:
Marissa Ann Patterson
Caden Finch

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20 Responses

  1. @Rylandvlogs says:

    Thanks for being patient with the delay and lack of Vlogmas videos this year!! Hope you enjoy this extra long vlog to wrap up our Christmas season :)) See you in a couple weeks with the vlog where we meet our boys!! Hope you all have an amazing holiday, we appreciate you so much<3

  2. @bradk2820 says:

    Shane you interrupt Ryland in the same way that he interrupts you, or stops paying attention to you because his mind is wandering lol. That’s what I love most watching you guys. A real couple. This is who you are. Take it or leave it. I love it. You guys respect each other so much and accept each other’s quirks. Can’t get enough. You guys keep doing you. Don’t change. Everyone’s a critic. Your fans love you just as you are ❤

  3. @barbnorton says:

    Love Riley! He is a Christmas dog.🐾🎄 Thank you for taking us to Disneyland with you. How fun! Love the whole pickle thing.🙃 Love the Pooh ornament!!!!

  4. @lena-Wants-You says:

    *_What a great day! Hanging with your bestie. Lizzie you are a brilliant, fabulous mutant (NEVER change) and dinner with the beautiful, loveable Sandee to boot…Perrrrection. Edit: OMG is this a little back logged and you and Shane are being Poppas as I send this?face-fuchsia-wide-eyes SOOO excited for you both, and your little ones! Truly an awesome life season. Congratulatory messages cannot convey the Magic and Blessings entering your lives. Merry Christmas!_* 🥰

  5. @Kaitlinrm says:

    Ryland learned what “flavor profile” was and never stopped saying it for the rest of his life 😂😂😂 merry Christmas ❤❤❤

  6. @brittanymcanally2318 says:

    I missed the gingerbread cookie decorating this year, but this video was also everything. Seeing that y’all’s babies were born made my whole week. Thanks for sharing your updates with us.

  7. @merklingassoc says:

    What a wonderful Christmas Disney adventure you went on with your bestie and sister-in-law. Boys, a huge congratulations on your beautiful new twin boys. You’re dad’s now, what an incredible Christmas gift and fabulous way to closeout 2023. Merry Christmas to your new family (furry babies too) and of course to the old family members too. Lol. To all of you a very safe and joyous New Year’s. WOW is 2024 to going to be a wild and wonderful ride…. 🎁🎄🎅🤶🦌🎶👼⭐🎉🥂🍾

  8. @ashleyescobar862 says:


  9. @caitlinriddle5541 says:

    I’m so happy you had this vlog on deck to give us while on your break. So happy and excited for you two and your baby boys!! The pics I’ve seen have just warmed my heart and I know you guys are gonna be great dads, those boys are so lucky!!

  10. @YourTypicalNacho says:

    its actually crazy how i grew up watching them and to find out they’re parents just blew my mind congrats to you guys seriously!!!!.

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