Charles Oliveira discusses missing weight, being stripped of lightweight title | UFC 274

Charles Oliveira discusses missing weight, being stripped of lightweight title | UFC 274

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Megan Olivi speaks with Charles Oliveira about the series of events that led to him missing weight by half a pound for his lightweight title fight against Justin Gaethje.

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42 Responses

  1. chusss Music says:

    Losing the title for 200 grams is the worst bad dream that would ever happen to any champ.

  2. jambajuice89 says:

    This was a huge moment for this interpreter…easily he’s biggest interview and he delivered. Great job!

    • Pedro says:

      He don’t translat only, he embrace the emotion and the feeling about what Charles was expressing..
      Like you say, he is a interpreter

    • neil says:

      He is a very good interpreter, much better than other interpreters that the UFC have.

  3. I am Jack’s Alias says:

    Not only did the translator convey Charles’ emotion well, but good god he has such a good memory for translating these long responses. Oliveira talks for like a minute straight every question and (as far as I know), the translator remembered all of it

  4. Marc LA says:

    He’s not just a outstanding interpreter he’s a actor who transmit all the emotion from Charles…hands down!

  5. Leonardo di parma says:

    Best interpreter ever , he literally translated word by word of what oliveira said , didn’t change a single thing , give this dude a raise and please remove those phonies out of the spotlight please

    • Twisty Soundy Sounds says:

      Definitely, I do agree, he even translated Charles s head mvts, a great interpreter

    • Dr Thuganomics says:

      @Paul No they don’t TRUST ME i speak portuguese, French ,spanish and english i’m no translator but MANY times i see UFC interviews where the traslator misses parts, and don’t actually translates properlly what the fighter said. Happens all the time.

    • Adam Randles says:

      @Liam G 😂

    • Adam Randles says:

      GOAT 🐐

    • Fin Mason says:

      He speaks several more languages too. He’s amazing and needs a raise

  6. Adventure Games says:

    I’m glad that I watched this.
    I learned that there is a champion and that that champion is Charles Oliveira.

    • sineast says:


    • Polar Vortex says:

      Seems silly, in a way, that he keeps repeating that line, but in the end it actually gives me more confidence that he’ll win because he’s driving the message home to his subconscious that he is truly the very best, and this will make winning tonight seem natural to him. This self-brainwashing technique is something we should all take note of if we wish to perform at our best. I wish I did it more myself.

  7. nuno17718 says:

    I’m portuguese and I can say that this translator is amazing!!!! He translated word by word and don’t forget anything that Oliveira said (was a long statement), and still emphasized the emotion… well done!!

  8. CaptnSausage says:

    Charles is probably the most charismatic lightweight champion of all time. He seems like a very nice guy, is a Family man, takes care of everybody around him, has a true warrior Spirit, is humble and has a great all around skillset! Its hard to not like this guy

    • Kumshot Chimpaev says:

      @CaptnSausage skills teknique etc etc boring ..i got your point but we all know that whats leading to the fight is more important than the fight ..the drama the tresh know

    • CaptnSausage says:

      @Kumshot Chimpaev His skillset dose. Lol

    • Kumshot Chimpaev says:

      Good for him and his family but that doesnt sell fights.

    • MMAD says:

      I really hope he wins, only for one and only reason.
      This is not fair what UFC did to him.

  9. nelsonthekinger says:

    “If they thought I would get frustrated, you’ll see a Charles Oliveira 10x better.
    I’m ready. The Champion is Charles Oliveira.
    There is no other.”

    – Charles Oliveira

    This guy’s confidence is steeming🔥

  10. gustavø says:

    I’m Brazilian and this is probably the first time that I don’t feel frustrated with the translator. Guy did a good job. Let’s go Charles

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