Jake Paul KNOCKS DOWN Anderson Silva late, wins via Unanimous Decision I FULL HIGHLIGHTS

Jake Paul KNOCKS DOWN Anderson Silva late, wins via Unanimous Decision I FULL HIGHLIGHTS

Brian Campbell joins CBS Sports HQ to break down the boxing match between Jake Paul & Anderson Silva.


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44 Responses

  1. Chingu_billy says:

    Am I the only one that thought Silva was giving him an ass whooping in the first half? Anderson was showboating for a good reason and was making Jake legitimately scared to be aggressive. It’s until until the later rounds that Jake was closing the skill gap with his youth

  2. BlackPanther_Era says:

    Silva is damn near 50 so I think He did good he’s had alot of battles at 47 years old

  3. Kyu kay says:

    He picks his opponents very well. People with a past legacy (ufc legend Anderson Silva) who have already fought thru their prime time with amazing talent and that are now hitting the heavy bags as a past time or hobby because they are so in love with the sport. Age takes a toll on your body. He’s fighting people who are way past their prime while he is in his.

    • Munkee Man says:

      @poo any examples?

    • Ethan says:

      Not just age it’s also the drive Silva was already the best he had no fire in him anymore

    • Ecyaj12 says:

      @poo jake paul ambassador

    • Mikey whispers says:

      I remember in like 2010 I watched Anderson beat EVERYBODY in the UFC dudes 100x tougher than Jake Anderson slowed down alot and is alot less aggressive due to age. Anderson from 2008 would’ve put Jake to sleep round 1

    • poo says:

      bruh he’s tried to fight people in their prime, they either don’t accept the fight bc there’s a chance of losing or they j don’t wanna fight jake. it’s not his fault active pro boxers won’t accept it

  4. Stevie Qballer says:

    Silva looked like he was swinging half speed

    • JrotcBrat Pvt says:

      @Midnight Philosopher copium coming in strong

    • JrotcBrat Pvt says:

      @NocTvrnal yup keep coping

    • JrotcBrat Pvt says:

      @JustaBeast he went at better then he did against Tito Ortiz and was using techniques he used on julio pushing Jake up against the ropes aiming for the body n head

    • JrotcBrat Pvt says:

      @Joe Collins Jake litterally was 4-3 coming into the 8th round landed 13 or 20 more punches dominated this fight and outboxed Silva caught him combinations every time and hooks then rights to the body.

    • JrotcBrat Pvt says:

      @Dabs anyone? yea but ur talkin bout Silva he started boxing in 1998 and switch to ufc which pays less and plus got a kickboxing tourney right after boxing match in Dubai he’s foreal a dog and lives bout this shit but keep lying to urself nerd

  5. D Money says:

    Jake fights like a trained boxer he doesn’t have that “fire” in him he’s decent but any actual boxer exposes him badly

    • JrotcBrat Pvt says:

      @Mister mooster dude most fighters fight someone they can beat and size up the competition in they first few like how tommy opponents w/l record like 23-190 or some shit around that number

    • JrotcBrat Pvt says:

      @Joshua Ortiz Silva is 3-1pro boxer Whatchu mean he beat julio ceasar Chavez a former world champ.

    • JrotcBrat Pvt says:

      @Thomas Canales was 3-1pro boxer who beat julio ceasar Chavez jr who is 52win world champ and went the distance wit canelo back in 2017 fuck u on about

    • JrotcBrat Pvt says:

      @adlerdefender oh please u don’t know what ur talkin bout

    • JrotcBrat Pvt says:

      @Chad Humphries that’s why tommy pulled out twice. Second time refused to ask Jake to reschedule and went radio silent. And refused 500k fight uk offer because he doesn’t get out of bed for that kinda money but fights 17-100 journeyman for 10k-15k

  6. Rj Jacildo says:

    Props to Silva. Unconventional stance and technique is growing on me. Great use of 2/3 speed and great use of 2/3 power, to allow the opponent time to remember how to box. You could tell the shots that he landed on Paul, he reminded himself to hold back to ensure the weight isn’t focused solely on his shoulders or lead foot, but distributed well into his pockets. I do look forward to seeing more people buying this Showtime again.

    • Edgar Chacon says:

      @Beef Cheese it’s a joke my guy

    • Mister mooster says:

      Just silly, SIlva lost fair and square.

    • Beef Cheese says:

      LMAO who are you a Showtime Executive? These fights aren’t even worth spending time thinking about. A young rich kid spending all his time training with the best in the year for five years and picks a 47 year old MMA fighter. None of Jakes fights worth watching, all he fights is scrubs.

  7. washingtonmarquice says:

    Imagine fighting Mike Tyson in a kick only match

  8. Austin Turner says:

    Imagine being 25 and fighting a 50 year old 😂😂

    • Boxing_- says:

      Imagine boxing for 2.5 years and fighting a world class striker who has fought as a pro boxer and beat a former world champ in Chavez Jr just a year ago-_-

  9. Midnight Philosopher says:

    When you fight your dad, but he can’t really hurt you because mom will get mad….

  10. john says:

    Can’t be a professional boxer when you haven’t fought a professional boxer….

    • JrotcBrat Pvt says:

      @The Last Starfighter George Foreman was 50 or 60 when he won heavyweight belt again after decades of inactivity.

    • Carlos Dinero says:

      Canelo is too much for jake Paul

    • JBohlz*Tube1 says:

      Age doesn’t matter in pro boxing? Silva did great! People pass their prime fighting days before 47. Jakes skilled but it would probably be more respected if he fought a current Pro boxer trying to become a champion. Not these lame exhibitions. Jake is 1-0 as a pro now?

    • JBohlz*Tube1 says:

      @Zojax it must mean old men and small guys that retired MMA right. Jake has yet to fight a “real” Pro boxer in his own weight class. A 6-0 pro boxing record is a straight lie. Silva’s 47 years old. LMAO!!!

    • Joshua Ortiz says:

      Silva a old fart with a broken leg 😂

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