Cheating at boxing in front of millions of people

Cheating at boxing in front of millions of people

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A big thanks to


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50 Responses

  1. I did a thing says:

    A big thanks to my mate BoyBoy and Myth who trusted me way too much!!!!!!

  2. liam says:

    Hans’ legal team is terrified by the existence of this item

  3. Punlshed Snake says:

    Mad respect to myth for letting another man put his “experimental device” up his butt

  4. McBeefRod says:

    “There is nothing up his ass” is one hell of a line at a boxing match

  5. Just some Random guy says:

    “Neither of us are very good at boxing” proceeds to break rib, and put someone at permanent risk of brain damage

    • Lyra Melody says:

      @bigcatdiary08 yeah ribs are pretty flimsy and if it’s not a serious break, it’s pretty easy to not notice until you do something to strain it.

    • Daniel Larkin says:

      @I did a thing mate don’t down play it even though you don’t have much training you’re a weapon lad😂

    • Anatexis says:

      @bigcatdiary08 Dude, my mom once broke two ribs when she fell. She said it hurt, but not bad. Went to work (nurse in a retirement home) for two weeks, thought nothing of it. Only when the pain still existed after two weeks did she get an x-ray done.

    • A Stick says:

      @Terrible Hooker That is such a weird thing to think about. I mean you broke a bone but didn’t notice

    • I did a thing says:

      Part of being good is knowing how to throw punches at different power levels

  6. Meow Meow says:

    It’s funny that you picked the 1 match where it made no difference whatsoever if you cheated or not 😂😂

  7. Andy Skibba says:

    Super happy you continue to do things.
    This is fantastic.

  8. vera says:

    breaks friends rib, gives friend mild concussion, switches to the enemies team and then gives friend’s weapon to their opponent. Fantastic xD

    • p o p says:

      Here is the full clip explaining why dad left you: (Making fun of bots)

    • Jim Redd says:

      @Tln Mornee The bots are going full Cicada on us

    • Alphoric says:

      Mild concussion for a casual 3 weeks Yh sounds mild as

    • Tln Mornee says:

      Don’t translate😡 ତୁମେ ଅଭିଶାପିତ କାରଣ ତୁମେ ଏହାକୁ ଅନୁବାଦ କରିଛ | ଯଦି ତୁମେ ଅଭିଶାପ ଭାଙ୍ଗିବ ନାହିଁ, ତୁମେ ମରିବ | ଅଭିଶାପ ଭାଙ୍ଗିବାର ଏକମାତ୍ର ଉପାୟ ହେଉଛି ମୋର ପ୍ଲେଲିଷ୍ଟକୁ ଦେଖିବା | ବର୍ତ୍ତମାନ ଯାଅ ,।

  9. ElectricRe1 says:

    “We will go easy with the punches towards the head”

    Also him: *Punches his head so hard to the point where Alexa suffered for weeks*

  10. yamete kudasai says:

    this vid was heavy af,
    i feel so bad for him, i sincerely wish him fast and full recovery

    • 3v15c3r8 says:

      @Ethan You obviously have no idea wtf you are talking about.

    • Jacc says:

      @ghgfjfgkghdfh  I was just going off of what the video said not trying to guess how much he trained because I’m not psychic.

    • therealmikebrown says:

      @Ethan To some people losing a couple IQ points could hurt.
      You’re sitting at zero, so you’ve got nothing to worry about.

    • EscapeTheRace says:

      @Ethan yeah being at risk for neurological and other brain deteriorative diseases for the rest of your life isn’t a big deal

      I had a concussion leaving a bruise larger than your fist inside my head, who even knows what can happen 20 or 30 years down the line

    • always tired says:

      @Ethan headaches for weeks is very, very, very obviously a bad thing and “heavy af”. If you’ve been experiencing headaches for weeks on end, I suggest you see a doctor. That isn’t normal.

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