Chlöe – Pray It Away (Official Video)

Chlöe – Pray It Away (Official Video)

Official video for “Pray It Away” by Chlöe

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Director: Madeline Kate Kann
Executive Producer: Evan Brown
Executive Producer: Dave Gelb
Producer: Jeff Kopicha
Production Manager: Cara Braglia
1st AD: Jonas Morales
2nd AD: Damon Limbrick

DP: Madeline Kate Kann
1st AC: Jesse Amorratanasuchad
2nd AC: Dimitri Agnos
DIT: Jacqui Carriere
Steadicam Op: Chris Loh
Lead Crane Tech: Randy Johnson
Asst. Crane Tech: Mark Dodd
Head Tech: Rodney Sandoval

Key Grip: Leo Ibanez
BB Grip: Derek Cunningham
Grip: Robert Buckband
Grip: Kyrstian Slusarcyk
Grip: Jacob Romero
Grip Driver: James Brazil
Gaffer: Dimitri Christoforidis
BB Electric: John Le
Electric: Lincoln Webb
Electric: Nick Weir
Electric: Cole Egilsson
Electric: Tim Watson

Art Director: Genevieve Andrews
Art Assistant: Lu Brown
Art Assistant: Cyndal Bettencourt

Artist Stylist: Jill Jacobs
Artist Assistant Stylist: Hannah Viselli
Artist Assistant Stylist: Carlee Barrow
Artist Hair: Fesa Nu
Artist Makeup: David Velasquez
Manicurist: Michelle Won
Tailor: Sugar Fernini
Dancer Hair: Charde Thompson
Dancer Makeup: Julie Dinh

Audio Playback: Sam Baek
Craft Services: Tasnim Boufelfel
Truck PA: Brandon McClover
Set PA: Erick Yikangas
Set PA: Mark Milner
Set PA: Samuel Homer-Williams
Set PA: Daved Olivencia
AD PA: Munkhbat Monk
Catering: Luis Angel

Choreographer: Fullout Cortland
Dancer: Candice Savage
Dancer: Josie Thompson
Dancer: Ivyana Robinson
Dancer: Elana Kindred

Editor: Madeline Kate Kann
VFX Supervisor: Ben Kadie
VFX: Surpreeze
VFX Producer: Daniel French
VFX Beauty: Lookwell
Color: Parker Jarvie/Company 3

Creative Director: Adrienne Raquel

Parkwood Entertainment
Shermay Joh

Video Commissioner/EP: Jill Kaplan
Project Manager: Ricky Lawson
Marketing: Victoria White-Mason
Digital Marketing: Touré Ali Shiver

BTS: Julian Dakdouk
BTS: Jacob Webster

Director Rep: Jen Herrera/Las Bandas

Footage provided by Storyblocks

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20 Responses

  1. Ducky MoMo says:

    Chlöe constantly delivers. She’s an incredible artist.

  2. Aidelina Garcia Sollatina says:

    Chole never disappoints she is always releasing fire music. Defiantly this upcoming Grammy & all music awards she is getting them awards. She deserves it Super talented!!

  3. Simply_Me_SG says:

    It’s crazy how people hate on her when she’s given us so much variety. None of the videos have been the same. I love it. Keep shining queen!

    • lo l says:

      Gurl Beyonce did not do too much.
      She is an amazing performer that knows when to peak during a performance.

    • Ouiiiiitreedff says:

      Masterpiece ❤

    • lo l says:

      Thats a passionate performer. That doesnt necessarily mean good performer. Its like saying a good actor is someone who pours there soul out into every scene when there should just be casual dialog.

    • lo l says:

      Thats the thing. I never said it was forced. I was implying it seems forced. That has been one of the main criticisms of people as well.
      Trying “too hard”.

      That goes hand in hand with her “trying to be like her mentor”. Beyonce had passion but it was contained in a skillful manner.
      She has some moments in this MV where that was true and it was refreshing.

      There was a time when most of her performances where just intense sexiness, intense glaring, intense fierceness, intense expressions. That worked insanely well when she was with Halle as her sister balances that out.

    • KenyattaTheChosen1🧿♒️ says:

      @lo l Beyonce did too much when she first came out and guess what honey she’s bigger than any other artist.

  4. Oneaka Ell says:

    Chlöe was built to be an artist and performer. Her growth is so refreshing!

  5. Phëlix Please says:

    I am so proud of you Chlöe! You’ve truly been finding your own signature sound & being experimental with you express your creativity. Folx these days don’t understand the process of artist development, & demand too much of new artists without letting them organically create & build their projects over time. It’s the growth & consistency for me! Everything ain’t a smash number 1 record (for anyone’s fave), but I respect how you aren’t afraid to try new sounds!!! This is phenomenal, I cried cause I see YOU!!! Can’t wait for the album! Which TREAT ME deserves to be on BTW 🤧😭

  6. CatianaPlans says:

    These visuals are NEXT LEVEL. I gasped three times. The black outfit is stunning, and the dance (especially in the end) is so emotional and powerful. Re-watching in 3, 2, 1.

  7. Javi Alonso says:

    This is absolutely stunning in every single way. CHLÖE ARRIVED.

  8. id ek says:

    Chloe has so much potential. The harmonies were stunning. I can’t wait for her album.

  9. Chaos Gamer says:

    Something about mixing R&B with a little bit of Gospel, just does something for the soul 🙌🏼

  10. The Gilmores says:

    I love this version. I wish it was on Spotify. The background vocals absolutely ate! And the dancing, she killed it

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