USHER, H.E.R. – Risk It All (Official Music Video)

USHER, H.E.R. – Risk It All (Official Music Video)

“Risk It All” is a captivating track produced and written by H.E.R. and renowned songwriter Jimmy Napes. H.E.R.’s signature, compelling lyricism and impassioned production are put on display through velvety, soaring vocals that tug at the heartstrings. The song brings together these two award-winning superstars for a special collaboration that encapsulates the raw emotion and enduring strength of The Color Purple’s film’s narratives: risk, love and liberation. USHER’s signature smooth tones blend seamlessly with H.E.R.’s soulful depth, creating a hymn of resilience and courage. The “Risk It All” music video was directed by the award-winning master Dave Myers.

USHER & H.E.R. are joined on The Color Purple (Music From And Inspired By) Soundtrack by an incomparable array of music luminaries, including Alicia Keys, Megan Thee Stallion, Jennifer Hudson, Mary J. Blige, Fantasia, Missy Elliott, Halle Bailey, Keyshia Cole, Coco Jones, Taraji P. Henson, Timbaland, Jorja Smith, The-Dream, Celeste, Mary Mary, Darkchild, October London and more. The Color Purple (Music From And Inspired By) is the biggest R&B soundtrack in decades, boasting 17 songs from the film, 16 newly penned songs and four remixes. The Color Purple Film is only in theaters starting December 25, 2023.

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“Risk It All” will also be included on USHER’s new album COMING HOME, out February 9, 2024.
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Like a condition, like a religion
So easily mistreated
Scary decision
Sometimes it’s hell and sometimes it’s heaven
It’s overcomplicated, but baby, I don’t mind

Feeling like I’m bound to fall
Close my eyes
Baby, I would risk it all, yeah

Sometimes it’s tragic, so problematic
People are crying for it
People are dying for it
Always the reason we still believe in
Something that leaves us hurting
It’s worth it, I don’t mind

Feeling like I’m bound to fall
Close my eyes
Baby, I would risk it all
Just to be in love
I just wanna be in love
Be in love

I don’t mind
Feeling like I’m bound to fall
Baby, I close my eyes
Baby, I would risk it all
I don’t mind
Feeling like I’m bound to fall
Close my eyes
Baby, I would risk it all
Oh, just to be in love
Be in love

Music Video Credits:
directed by dave meyers

production company: freenjoy
director rep: lark creative
produced by nathan scherrer, stephan bielecki & brian bell
director of photography: scott cunningham
choreographer: tessandra chavez
editor: nathan rodgers
color: pavel marko
vfx supervisor: jan malíř
vfx by UPP

kerrynton alyssa jones
jada e’vai walker
tash crudup
briana bri morrison
jarrett mackenzie
leconte banks
jovanni soto
byron patrick tittle
brandon o’neal
denzel chisolm

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29 Responses

  1. @NollyGreatMovies says:

    The texture of their voices, the harmony and delivery is so beautiful and perfect. The piano sounds therapeutic. Usher and H.E.R did magic on this song

  2. @BeHealthy2428 says:

    Зеркальное преломление красивых тел. Боже, как красиво. Пение ангелов в раю. Дуэт фантастический.

    • @UsherPrivate-fb4zi says:

      Hi! Thanks a ton for all the love and support you’ve given me. My private email is available in the description of this channel.💝💝💝 🎉🎉

    • @MNi662 says:

      Приятно увидеть здесь русскоязычного ценителя хорошей музыки и поклонника Ашера

  3. @mandisarsa says:

    They’re not just talented. You can hear they genuinely LOVE music. Good music. They study it well! Beautiful!!!

  4. @sharingwithsheri says:

    This is such a masterpiece. Who choreographed this? Everything, from the dancers, to the skin glowing in every different shade, to the absolute most romantic and sentimental song sung by two very gifted voices in the game. It’s so much more I could say about this video. Such a beautiful piece. Historical almost. Well done.

  5. @mrodstaff4834 says:

    what a collaboration! I waited for the music video to come out to discover the music. It’s immense, thank you 1000 times for giving me the joy of listening to such a work. I have love for these two artists, HER goes beyond interpretation, it pierces my heart ❤️ and Usher every time, it’s immense, I don’t have the words. Well done to all the dancers, choreographers, clip artists, sound and light engineers. You have created a work of art 🙏🙏🙏

  6. @nwsmgquis says:

    It’s amazing to see Usher still dropping great music like this! Easily in my top 5 singers of all time the talent & vocals is undeniable!

  7. @SHEABUDDHA says:

    I love modern staples like H.E.R. gave R&B a resurgence when it wasn’t the most popular.
    H.E.R. earned this moment with Usher, and she is fabulous in The Color Purple. 💜✨️
    Many more blessings to her!

  8. @truetigress8401 says:

    I’ve missed Usher so much and now with his new album and this collaboration it seems like Christmas isn’t limited to one day! His vocals have always been so smooth. A perfect collab with H.E.R. Both voices are amazing and this video is art come to life! Such a simple concept delivered so beautifully on a moving platform. Absolutely stunning!! 🙂

    • @jamesrawlins735 says:

      Usher has had a really busy 2023. He’s put out six singles (including collabs with J Balvin, 2 Chainz and 21 Savage – plus his collab on Jung Kook’s Standing Next to You) – and he has a new album coming out in Februrary.

  9. @thecurator2626 says:

    Two of my favorite artists on a track? This is smooth like butter. The visuals and the synchrony alone move and then the composition and harmonizing of their voices – the musical cup is overflowing.

  10. @madamshedevil4365 says:

    Wow this song gives me goosebumps sounds so amazing thank you Usher for sharing your masterpiece. 💗💗💗

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