Chris Broussard on Lakers offseason moves after acquiring Carmelo Anthony | NBA | SPEAK FOR YOURSELF

Chris Broussard on Lakers offseason moves after acquiring Carmelo Anthony | NBA | SPEAK FOR YOURSELF

Ric Bucher and Chris Broussard join Marcellus Wiley to discuss the Los Angeles Lakers offseason moves including acquiring Carmelo Anthony on a one-year deal.

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Chris Broussard on Lakers offseason moves after acquiring Carmelo Anthony | NBA | SPEAK FOR YOURSELF

Speak For Yourself

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37 Responses

  1. Speak For Yourself says:

    Listen to Out of Character:

  2. Christopher Horn says:

    Dennis Schroeder played himself 😂😂😂

    • Chef Alexander says:

      @D. Felix Photo the Lakers offered him that contract and he turned it down so ummm he did have it!!

    • Gio Samia says:

      Yeah, felt at times he was forcing a lot. Prob was trying to play for a better contract which hurt the team at times.

    • D. Felix Photo says:

      @Chef Alexander yes, they offered but he didn’t have anything physically in his account so it’s easier to think you never had it. He had the opportunity tho so I get that

    • Chef Alexander says:

      @D. Felix Photo 🤨🤨🤔🤔no more talky to you!

    • D. Felix Photo says:

      @Chef Alexander did he have 84 million in the bank? No. It was offered and he didn’t take it so he never had it? So you can’t miss what you never had in the bank. I don’t know what’s so hard to understand. I tried to see your side but what I’m saying isn’t that hard to understand.

  3. C.E. McKenney says:

    Wiley is right. For whatever reason, some of these young guys either don’t put in the work or it doesn’t show up on the court. Kuzma had energy but didn’t know what the heck he was doing half the time.

  4. Basketball God says:

    The lakers are freaking ready to go malik monk kendrick nunn and a bunch of a wing shooters who can also defend

  5. Sherald Hill says:

    So they don’t even make the playoffs now Ric?

  6. Stilo Green says:

    Lakers playoff rotation will be hard af!!

  7. Jayden says:

    It’s funny how Chris Broussard said the lakers need shooting , and they got 41% shooters now and he said they are streaky lol.

    • Nuby says:

      Schroder shot 40% in OKC, Matthews shot 38% in Dallas, LA pace is not conducive to good shooting

    • Revengeszn says:

      @Nuby We’ll see. They’ll get an insane amount of wide open looks, that’s for sure. Especially now that LeBron & AD will be healthy (at least to start) & they’ve added a third star

    • Mark Warner says:

      Now Chris is making stuff up. He keeps talking about LeBron James injuries and how they are a sign of Father Time, then he says that the two injuries he’s had the last three years were season ending injuries, that’s a lie right there. Also the injury LeBron had last season somebody rolled on his ankle, that was not a soft tissue injury due to age, anyone who get the ankle rolled over like that would have been out probably even longer than LeBron James was out. So using these examples to suggest father time is tapping LeBron on the shoulders is a reach on Chris Broussard‘s part.

    • Mark Warner says:

      @Nuby no he didn’t, he shot 38 percent, career high.

    • Duff Man187 says:


  8. Almighty Carrio (sub) says:

    Lakers bout to prove them wrong again get popcorn 🍿 ready 😂

    • cole eason says:

      Why they keep talking about the Bron injury like he was running down the court and his ankle gave out

    • Jaye Phillips says:

      I hope so for yal sake. I would lie to see Carmelo get one and Lebron get another. Here is where I must say yes you are right cause anything is possible. BUT, what is the definition of insanity? Doing the same thing over and over expecting diffr results. So I am 34. Yall maybe younger, you maybe older, or just fans of old games like I am and rewatch on yt. Cool. Here is what we do know. PRIME KOBE and Shaq, two of the greatest lakers, tried this with Karl Malone and Gary Payton AND dennis Rodman, a bunch of good role players invluding Robert Big shot bob Horray. Now Rodman never shows up so ok. But the point is it didnt work. I do not recall if Phil was still coaching. But, if he was that is even worst. This team def aint no where near the skil of that team. Lets go to a couple years later. Ok cool. A few years before Kobe retired, older but still the best in the game and alot in the tank. Def the smartest, got Dwight who was 3 time defender of the year and took out lebrons cavs. He got a older bht smart Nash. He got Pau. He got other good role players. I think Phil was def coaching then but the point is, it did not work. And that was the late Great Mamba and aint no one playin Mamba point blank. So my point is things that look great written down do not always become the best book to read with the best ending. Like that? Lol look I would luv to see the purple and gold again rise up. Nothin but respect. But its like football. Gotta have that chemistry. Kobe said it befr he passed about westbrrok and Hardens way of playing, it will not win championships. Unless westbrook matured and gets guys involved and stop the me show forget it. No hate yall know this u can role the tape nothin i said is made up. Just search in yt. I just do not see it. This is the dream team two or some allstar team for the west. This is them US vs nigeria 2 weeks ago. I could be wrong. But we shall see. Teams win championships not individuals.

    • Ant Tonytonyt says:

      @Jaye Phillips okay . First off . Kobe didn’t play team ball in 2004. And yes they did have Phil . This team is better than them 2003-2004 Lakers . They were beefing . Wit their egos . Kobe wasn’t even 26. That Lakers team is not the same . At that time they went to the finals 2000-2004 4 times . And the two star players was beefing lol . LeBron and AD are not

    • Revengeszn says:

      @Ant Tonytonyt *4 times

    • Revengeszn says:

      @Jaye Phillips Completely different players, completely different team, team was beefing & had no chemistry. Kobe’s court case, Kobe/Shaq beefing, Fish wanting more playing time over Payton, etc. On top of that Horace & Malone injuries. That team still made the Finals & this current team is better. Same goes for 2013 Lakers

  9. Phuck Youtube says:

    Ric was really devastated when Wiley announced Melo was a Laker. Now here comes the talk that the West is weak now.

  10. Jaffet Methuselah says:

    AD is ridiculously raw, he can carry that team to a ship… if he’s healthy

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