City of Flowers // Lotus Official Map Trailer – VALORANT

City of Flowers // Lotus Official Map Trailer – VALORANT

Rediscover the wonders of a forgotten world on Lotus: a new 3-site map launching with Episode 6: REVELATION.

Music by ARB4

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38 Responses

  1. Sir Jeppy says:

    THIS IS AWESOME! Can’t wait to play on here! The visuals look insane

  2. Zahnfleischblutung says:

    Still crying for skye. But I’m happy that Astra us getting finally the love she deserved!

  3. TheFreeFrogg says:

    Astra has been criminally neglected in valorant lore considering how cool her character design is. Hope we get more astra cinematics in the future

  4. JustAPineapple says:

    I really like that they push Harbor immediately into cinematics, and pairing him with Astra is great! She’s really underrated in my opinion and super fun. Plus, they both use ancient relics in combat which is rad!

  5. Master Diddy San - Clash Royale says:

    this map looks super unique, can’t wait to play 👏🏻❤️

  6. Waterr says:

    I like how brim can fly the very advance looking plane yet somehow also locks himself out of his bracer at moments

  7. Vishnu Vijai says:

    the way they infused Harbor’s theme song is amazing. Kudos to the cinematics animation team and music.

  8. Carlos Ferr says:

    It’s the first map I’m actually excited to play since the release of ascent. It so beautiful! And I love the lore!

    • fussimohr says:

      @finKcentric i will. Ty for the info! 🙂

    • finKcentric says:

      @fussimohr go watch sir jeppy’s analysis i yhought the same thing but theres so much

    • fussimohr says:

      what “lore”? they put in some trailers,which fulffill all technical aspects of beeing exciting as trailers, to throw in new agents or maps. But never saw something explained or cohesive in between the trailers tbh.

    • Ayoo Frl tho Who Ask says:

      We just need to see if its really a good comp map otherwise she will finish like split

  9. Moody says:

    can we just appreciate how much effort they put into the lore

  10. Sajee Mango says:

    Finally a lot more lore about Astra! This cinematic for the new map looks amazing, can’t wait to try it next week. And when is this game getting a tv series?!

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