CM Punk Calls out Roman Reigns; Wants WrestleMania | WWE SmackDown Highlights 12/8/23 | WWE on USA

CM Punk Calls out Roman Reigns; Wants WrestleMania | WWE SmackDown Highlights 12/8/23 | WWE on USA

CM Punk sets his targets. WWE SmackDown Highlights 12/8/23. WWE now streaming on Peacock.

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42 Responses

  1. @UnrealEntGaming says:

    Who else cannot wait to see the feud between Rollins and Punk officially kick off in a head to head confrontation?

  2. @UnrealEntGaming says:

    Now THIS was the CM Punk that’ve all been waiting to see!

    • @AerikVon says:

      A neutered little doggie?

    • @redre1ated says:

      I’m not a fan of someone jist showing up and jumping ahead of ppl more deserving ESPECIALLY with that guy’s past and history.

      It’s no wonder why WWE is trash compared to Attitude Era.

      Same bullshit….a champion that only wins due to outside interference and new and rising stars like LA Knight just get stifled.

    • @ayitszach4527 says:

      @@redre1atedhe definitely does deserve a main event match tho

    • @redre1ated says:

      @ayitszach4527  And ppl wonder WHY WWE has become trash smh
      Their best times have long since ended and it’s what you get when you bend the knee to an OKAY Wrestler, who is good at making controversial promos but is meh at everything else.

      Yet continually treat your up and coming talent or ppl that are already “over” and sending them back to the end of the line…

  3. @Yodamine345 says:

    What a time to be a wrestling fan. The crowd was electric, not only for punk, but every person he mentioned. I think we’re finally in the Era where we don’t need legends anymore, we got some mega-stars right now.

    • @wwechampion says:

      I agree, and it also helps that most of the legends from the 90s and 00s are too old to compete nowadays.

    • @user-fj9nd8zv7h says:

      The legends helped it get by for one last run. When Roman went with Heyman everything changed

    • @franklinyi6934 says:


    • @AlMoSiCe210 says:

      I haven’t watched wresting religiously in a little over 10 years. Kept up with it through news bits like Cultaholic & WrestleTalk.

      The current tide [Papa H taking over, the rise of a number of stars as opposed to the one] got me back into wrestling. CM Punk coming back was the catalyst to check it out & it’s exciting to be back.

  4. @Draven-sy4vj says:

    Having both Cody and Punk passionately chasing the main event of Wrestlemania is going to be very entertaining.

    • @cristiangarridoalamilla8823 says:

      Cody deserves to finish THE story at wrestlemania not punk tbh he needs face Rollins instead of

    • @michaelrivera8360 says:

      They will both get it Rollins vs Punk closes night one and Roman vs Cody close night 2

    • @georgen5882 says:

      @@michaelrivera8360 I’m fine with that. I’m not a Punk fan, but Rollins’ run has been very mediocre. Honestly, a lot of runs lately have been. Rhea, Gunther, Reigns. They are too long and so boring overall. I just want Cody to get it this time around, and I’m curious how.

    • @michaelrivera8360 says:

      @@georgen5882 I agree with that my hope is he gets it at Mania because I am really not looking foward too another year Roman as champ.

    • @michaelrivera8360 says:

      @@cristiangarridoalamilla8823 they already are making clear is Punk vs Rollins there is a reason they said Punk will decide on Raw where he signs.

  5. @bmbxiii2045 says:

    That was pretty much the perfect CM Punk promo. Controversial. Inside jabs. Calling his shots. Mission statement. Very well done

  6. @B3NS2000 says:

    i hate how the crowd always tends to be dead when cm punk is out, but this time the crowd was insanely hyped! love it!

  7. @Champ1988 says:

    He choked up when he said “WrestleMania.” This is real for him.

  8. @matthewbednarik3281 says:

    It feels so surreal to have Punk back

  9. @heyyou9693 says:

    He seems genuinely happy to be in WWE.

  10. @cosmicking7979 says:

    I feel like a kid again, smiling ear to ear

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