this LEGO Fortnite video will blow your mind! (very epic)

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▶ Video Music: Epidemic Sounds
▶ Outro Music: https://goo.gl/MrwCEu

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epic fortnite chapter 5 season OG moments


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39 Responses

  1. @MattysWorldOfficial says:

    I like the new Fortnite Lego game mode it’s something new and fresh.

  2. @nategomes1719 says:

    If they update regularly this game is gunna be nuts.

  3. @float9295 says:

    imagine telling someone who hasnt played since chapter 1 that this is what fortnite would be like

  4. @jessicaxo2011 says:

    One can only imagine how they’re going to continue developing the mode, it has so much potential, i cant wait to see where we go from here, personally im loving it and im aware its not everyones cup of tea

  5. @Free.V-Bucks.on.My_Profile says:

    Also, I found out, if you’re behind a bush while killing the boss dude, he won’t attack you, he gets confused. Also, another glitch, if you put down a new chest and put your swords, farming tools, etc in it, and punch it to break it, it heals your weapons and farming tools (note this will be patched asap I’m sure). But it works for now!

  6. @jessicaxo2011 says:

    lets be honest. It’s way better than we all expected

  7. @jessicaxo2011 says:

    I think the second best thing with the update is fixing the issue some people had with the game crashing in the lobby. As a person who experienced that myself, today was my first time playing Chapter 5. I absolutely loved Battle Royale but I clocked in nearly 4 hours straight in LEGO

  8. @Symphoknees. says:

    I hope you enjoyed the new mode, it’s been a ton of fun for me and the boys 🙂

  9. @TIFFANY_m216 says:

    McCreamy is a legend. Bro makes a boring day into a good one, love this guy. ❤

  10. @AnxMa says:

    I had some experience with Motion Capture for video games and gotta say they created a seriously fluid and cool movement animations and choreography overall. Kudos to the devs. It’s a funny detail you wouldn’t neccessary expect in a game like this one. Ps. You almost saw me as Leon in these new Resident Evil games 🙂

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