Colorado & Coach Prime take down Nebraska, Texas rolls the Tide & rises in Klatt’s Top 10 Rankings

Colorado & Coach Prime take down Nebraska, Texas rolls the Tide & rises in Klatt’s Top 10 Rankings

FOX Sports’ lead college football analyst Joel Klatt marvels at the atmosphere in Boulder as Coach Prime won his home debut over Nebraska. Klatt breaks down what impressed him about their win while also considering how incredible it is that a Colorado team that was 1-11 last season is captivating the country right now. Next, he shifts to Texas’ huge win over Alabama and why it shows that the Longhorns are legitimate national championship contenders this year. He also reveals how far the win in Tuscaloosa launched Texas up his Top 10 rankings. Klatt states whether that game was a sign that Alabama under Saban is set for a fall from the sport’s elite programs. He then discusses how scary USC is this year and why he believes this team is different than last year’s group. He also goes in on how Texas A&M continues to fall short in the Jimbo Fisher era after their loss in Miami. Finally, Klatt reacts to the news of Michigan State HC Mel Tucker being suspended without pay due to an investigation into sexual harassment allegations.

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Colorado & Coach Prime take down Nebraska, Texas rolls the Tide & rises in Klatt’s Top 10 Rankings

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46 Responses

  1. Roots MA says:

    Klatt is the most sincere and prepared analyst.

    • MAS says:

      not a bigger hor to views on TV than him.

    • Jacob Berry says:

      ​@MASelaborate? He’s almost always spot on

    • MAS says:

      @Jacob Berry Have you watched any of Fox’s coverage of Scott Frost games where he was an anchor? Over and over he kissed enabling Neb fans as* that wanted so much for the Scott to succeed rather than call it like it was. Frost was not improving Neb the entire time he was there and he was to balles* to risk pissing them off.

  2. Blood Moon says:

    Joel Klatt you are the only one that gave Miami a chance.

  3. KennyDaG35 says:

    Rare that college football is THIS exciting this early 🤗

  4. Cole Brady says:

    As a Nebraska fan it’s really frustrating seeing a team that was arguably worse than ours fix themselves up in one offseason after we’ve been rebuilding for 8 years. We’re about out of steam over here from being disappointed so much so often

    • Edgary Zen says:

      Wow you’re right! I didn’t realize that. Crazy!

    • That Guy Bill says:

      *69 New Players.*

    • EAAT Life says:

      Not the same rebuild, they got coach prime and almost a brand new roster with 4 and 5 star recruits and transfers.

    • Nile Barnes says:

      Well, Nebraska is doing it “right,” right? Honestly, your coaching staff will eventually hit on QB, and WR. The issue is how much defense will still be around when they do? If it’s more than by next season, you could have the same deficiencies in reverse. Which will REALLY drive yall crazy.

    • Daniel RN says:

      “Arguably worse”. I never heard anyone say any team is worse than that dumpster fire Nebraska. NU is the only D1 team that hasn’t been to a bowl since 2016. CU has. Kansas has.. Nebraska…..nope.

  5. Liam Kizer says:

    Of Note: One of the reasons that the TX – Bama wasn’t seen by as many people as the CO – NE game was the fact half the country was blacked-out by the Spectrum and Disney/ESPN dispute.

  6. Pablo gomez says:

    obviously a lot to prove and a lot of games left but man does this win verify that this is a really good team and can win those high profile games

  7. Granfort Rodgers says:

    1 of those Unsportsmanlike was bs. It was retaliation OL protecting their players but the Nebraska player didn’t get called for the push before the retaliation

    • chris gullett says:

      No it was a good call. Only things officials see get called. They miss calls all the time. Hunter clearly committed offensive pass interference earlier in the game, so they’re even. The commentators literally called him out for it, and talked about how slick he was to be able to hide it from the referees.

    • Akil Fahd says:

      Exactly Bebee shouldn’t have been penalized

  8. Thomas says:

    I really hope CU succeeds if for no other reason than to shake up the college football landscape. The next domino to fall will be Sabin retiring. The NCAA really needs the quality of players to spreadout beyond a few schools and the SEC.

  9. MalikEmmanuel says:

    When I watched the game, most of the penalties I saw were in the “protect my teammates” or the “I’m intentionally disrespecting the opponent knowing I’m getting this unsportsmanlike” camps. There was 1 off sides and 1 intentional grounding but I have a hard time saying too many penalties or that the penalties are a part of the sloppiness when they were done on purpose to send a message as a team.


  10. Josh Lafferty says:

    Joel Klatt might just be the biggest voice of college football at this point. Great content!

    • MAS says:

      Why? TCU did not cover. WHO THE F has CO beaten. We all saw how bad Neb’s turnover machine is.

    • Shane Buchanan says:

      @MASNot a Buff fan but love Coach Prime since his Dallas days. You are one of those people where CU could go undefeated and you’d be like “Yeah but they didn’t win by enough”. That’s called being a hater.

    • MAS says:

      ​ @shanebuchanan3923 LOL. OSU won both games this year. Fell both times. What criteria do the pollsters use if not the line.

    • Shane Buchanan says:

      @MAS Probably because OSU didnt look good doing it and people arent sold on their qb situation.

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