SEC Shorts – Teams think their seasons are definitely dead

SEC Shorts – Teams think their seasons are definitely dead

After just finishing up week 2 of the college football season, several SEC teams are already convinced their seasons are toast. Several teams show up to the house of Death to offer themselves up to the grim reaper who eventually comes for us all.

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47 Responses

  1. Daryl D says:

    Are we just supposed to ignore the fact that Death was kind enough to put out such a nice little spread for his guests?

  2. Sammie Turner says:

    “This attempt at making fun of Alabama was brought to you…” had me rolling 😂😂😂

  3. igoski1 says:

    When Georgia opened the door, being undefeated, ranked #1, starts complaining and being scared, that was classic “SEC Shorts”. I look forward to seeing SEC Shorts almost as much as watching the games.

  4. Project Azorian says:

    Vanderbilt has twice as many wins as Alabama.

  5. Restless Mule says:

    You just gotta give Jimbo more time, get his system installed, get his players on campus.

    This is his 6th season!

    Is it really? 6? Oh Wow. 😂🤣😂

  6. Saul Speaks says:

    It’s crazy how these dudes literally never miss. With one day turnaround time. It continues to amaze me

  7. T Austin says:

    I’ve actually started watching these game’s thinking “I wonder what SEC shorts and Matt Mitchell is going to do with THIS”😂😂😂

  8. Roby Nator says:

    Glad to see some of the big boys take it on the chin as it allowed Vandy to escape this week without the typical but deserved potshots. I love these skits, they are so creative.

  9. Mason Frierson says:

    As a Georgia fan, I busted out laughing when I saw Georgia at Death’s doorstep complaining about Mike Bobo and Georgia’s offensive line just to have Death slam the door in his face!😂

    • Steve Avant says:

      As a fellow Dawgs fan, I find it a bit disconcerting that the Dawgs haven’t scored in the first quarter.

    • Rccr Dawgs says:

      So what. We score 31 in the 2nd qrtr

    • Socioromanticism says:

      ​@Rccr Dawgs0-0 at the end of the 1st against bad competition means being down 17-3 to Tennessee at halftime.

      Sure, they were blowouts in the end. But having 2 or 3 poosessions with your *first team offense* against _Ball State_ and not scoring a point is inexcusable.

      So yes, I am the Georgia fan at Death’s door. I am the joke. I accept this. I went to therapy, but I am not fully healed.

    • DarianFisher says:

      @Socioromanticism down 17-3 to this pitiful TN offense? HAHAHA. Thanks for the morning laugh

    • Spencer says:

      Tennesse hasn’t showed us anything to be afraid of. You must have not watched the Austin Peay game lol. They looked much worse than us through two quarters @Socioromanticism . If their offense couldn’t score on us last year, this downgraded version doesnt scare me

  10. JWex1997 says:

    I love how when Florida shows up he’s just like “Yeah yeah come on in!” like he’s seen this too many times before with them 😂

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