Community in shock after murder of entire family

Community in shock after murder of entire family

Romeoville police said two adults and two children were shot in the house, along with three dogs, late Saturday or early Sunday.

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47 Responses

  1. Christian Santos says:

    Killed the kids and the dogs???!!! WTF?!! That’s insane. Tragic.

  2. CHUD Master says:

    This is definitely personal if the children and dogs were killed. This is disturbing.

  3. jason lommen says:

    This is what happens when bad guys aren’t prosecuted for their crimes and are out on the streets. Rip family.

  4. Monica Richardson says:

    My prayers are with the surviving family members, friends and the community! This crime is sickening and I know that the person/ppl responsible will be caught and given the harshest punishment possible. Lord please give everyone affected by this the strength to get through this and the comfort that only you can give.

  5. ChasingBay says:

    This is heartbreaking. Some people are pure evil 😢

  6. Kathy KB says:

    I cant imagine being in law enforcement and have to view the carnage of these horrific crimes. I know I know.. it’s their job, but when kids & animals are involved, its just that much worse.

  7. Alexander Windsor says:

    What the f*** is wrong with people? I hope the people who did this rot in hell. 😡

  8. Badgal Kia says:

    May the perpetrators be caught swiftly! Literally disgusting!!!! 💔💔💔 Rest in Peace to the family 🙏🏾 My most sincerest condolences

  9. Everly🤍 says:

    It takes a particularly evil mindset to assassinate children and puppies. Chilling but not uncommon in parts of the country and abroad.

  10. Monroeglam says:

    I seem to understand this world less and less in a time where I thought I had it figured out. How do you explain how empty a person can be in their heart and minds to do something like this. Literally anyone can be a victim like this family these days. It’s very heartbreaking for all of us.

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