This Blizzard Will Be Built Different…

This Blizzard Will Be Built Different…

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In this video we are talking about how many WILL see a lot of snow from this storm, but most WON’T. Even with a few inches of snow on the ground, -20 wind chills and windblown 30-50mph snow will cause massive travel headaches!

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Please refer to your local National Weather Service office to get the most reliable and up to date weather information as possible.

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39 Responses

  1. Fat Cat says:

    This guy is always right on. He makes the mainstream Meteorologists look like rookies. Ryan is my go to guy!

  2. dsgrisham3213 says:

    Ryan, my Dad was a Hurricane Hunter in WWII, and followed the weather closely all his life. I can tell you unequivocally he would be an ardent admirer. Thanks for the education in addition to the forecast!

  3. Awful Waffle says:

    In ’78 that blizzard was so bad we got stuck at school and had to spend the night parents were picking up kids the next day on snowmobiles and snow plows we dug a network of tunnels all around our neighborhood it was incredible Great memories

    • Notbyin It says:

      Remember that storm very well. Chicago was a mess.

    • I XLR8 says:

      @Caryn Schwengel and you’d be the first to whine to the principal that your childrens teacher bailed out on them.

    • Sabrina Gore says:

      Remember it well here in Ohio.

    • DigistarDBZ says:

      @Delia jones that sounds like a Waffle House, all right!

    • Caryn Schwengel says:

      Any teacher that would stay overnight in a school with someone else’s kids would be insane. You couldn’t pay me a billion dollars to do that. I would be out of that building so fast. Parents need to pick up their kids and if they can’t, that is not a teacher’s problem. #1 Teachers have their own families. #2 Teachers don’t get paid enough for that. Sounds like an Admin problem to me. They can stay overnight with the kids. They give themselves hefty raises, so they can deal with them. #3. Kids lie. Why would any teacher put themselves in a position that was out of the norm? No thanks.
      I grew up in the ‘70s and it was a completely different time, but teachers need to put their foot down, wave, and high tail it out of there.

  4. Asmoday says:

    If you are in the path of this storm, do not forget to drip your faucets to help prevent freezing!

    • Trevor Jarvis says:

      @Nancy Little turning off your main depends on quite a few factors
      1 The house is built accordingly in colder climate.
      2 where your water lines are run… exterior walls, or overhead like in warmer climates
      3 what your pipes are made of.
      4 the age of your house and it’s plumbing
      5 how long will you be without power, and what temp will you be experiencing
      6 how well it’s insulated.
      If you have copper piping that has swelled, you are at great risk for a burst pipe. Plastic… once! Pex is more forgiving, but I would NOT recommend heating it with a blow dryer. Additionally Ms. Nancy, I have had a copper line split when it was being dripped overnight.

    • Nancy Little says:

      I am from Michigan and have never heard of turning water off if power goes out. We always did the leaving water dripping. Open cupboards like under sink to help keep pipes warm. I have a few times had to go downstairs with blow dryer to warm up pipes.

    • Trevor Jarvis says:

      @RedLine S.A.R.C.A.S.M… don’t walk outside in this blizzard, redline… you’ll disappear. We won’t be able to tell you apart from the others.

    • RedLine says:

      @Trevor Jarvis You’re not being nice to them, really not a good why to tell people to keep safe buddy… It’s not that anyone in Texas is ‘stupid.’ They’re just not used to this weather.
      You can’t help out people if you’re going to be condescending to them.

    • Satochi Nakamoto says:

      @Forbidden Alien Running water can’t freeze
      Standing water freezes. Don’t drip All your faucets your pipes will freeze unless there is enough heat around the pipes. From the mainline underground as long as the water is moving your main line will not freeze

  5. BriaBri says:

    I’ve lived in Maryland my whole life and it’s crazy how we can have some of the most unpredictable weather but still manage to miss a big snowstorm almost every year 😭

    • Ben says:

      @Aisha Abdi it’s not “starting to effect every state” 🤦🏻‍♂️ it’s just that Maryland wasn’t so special to begin with, and that’s just how every state is. People love to think their state is the only one with wacky changing weather, but news flash, that’s just everywhere lmao

    • wagonhauler06 says:

      Yup we’re due for one like we had in 94 and 96!!!

    • Aisha Abdi says:

      I lived in MD for 10 years. I moved to TX. It seems like the crazy weather changes we have is now effecting a lot of other states now.

    • Random Things says:

      As a toledoian (live in Toledo OH) I can say most big things miss us almost all the time where I live

    • Sun99% says:

      Biden fault

  6. Leigh Swogger says:

    Ryan, could please remind the people if they do get stranded out in the car and run it for heat to make sure the tailpipe is clear of snow so they won’t have Carbon monoxide pumping back in the vehicle. I never miss any of your videos, Thanks for all the hard work!

  7. Assortedwheel25 says:

    Dang, I live in Michigan and I had no idea how intense this storm will be. Thanks for this video because the weather channel isn’t telling me this much information.

  8. Cole Chapman says:

    Huh… that temperature difference will be insane! I’m in the northeast and wonder if it’ll just be an ice rink all across New Jersey

  9. Some Body says:

    I’m in the Ohio valley. They are saying 2-4 inches of snow. It’s the winds and blowing and cold. People are cancelling Christmas gatherings. They’re talking power outages etc. You got it right, Ryan! Thanks! Guess we’ll be having a white Christmas. Merry Christmas to you!!

    • Jay Doe says:

      LMFAO for 4 inches of snow?????

    • Some Body says:

      @McCue Noir Films Yes pretty scary. I don’t have a generator either. On the news here, they’re talking power outages too. People could freeze to death. Deadly storm. Stay safe! Hope you have a generator.

    • HuskyGamersUNITE says:

      I live in Indiana under the Lake and my local news station, they are talking 2 feet on a very fringe.

    • McCue Noir Films says:

      Yeah, Duke energy in Cincinnati is already sending out notices that outrages could happen over the next few days. 🥲

  10. David Louiso says:

    So appreciate your tips for staying safe during this cold outbreak. I just got done sending texts out to my kids who have never seen this kind of cold with the same information. Glad I found you. We live in the ‘nnati area and while depend on our 12 news meteorologist, I enjoy your simple to the point, non hyped forecasts.

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