Conan Asks If Harrison Ford Remembers Him | Conan O’Brien Needs A Friend

Conan Asks If Harrison Ford Remembers Him | Conan O’Brien Needs A Friend

Plus, Conan believes this podcast recording could be the biggest hour of Harrison Ford’s career.

Listen to Conan’s conversation with Harrison Ford

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42 Responses

  1. Cresposts says:

    Harrison Ford roasting Conan like a disappointed father is something that needs to be a movie all ready.

    • Poetically Twisted says:

      Wow! What a great idea. Lol 😂

    • June Asiimwe says:

      Now that’s something I would happily watch.

    • Mohamad Honarvar says:

      Yeah it’s called Indiana Jones: The Last Crusade

    • Kevin W says:

      I was saying on twitter a few weeks ago that why hasn’t anyone simply tried to put Harrison Ford and Mark Hamill as co-stars in a totally DIFFERENT, original movie, and now I’m thinking it’s a My Two Dads-situation with Conan as their son

  2. Dark Jedi Knight says:

    Harrison Ford is the funniest grumpy old man who has ever lived!

  3. MrGuy says:

    Harrison hasn’t missed a beat, he’s still as funny as he was 40 years ago

    • Micah Sean says:

      It’s amazing, right?

    • Daniel says:

      No, he has some missed beats, but that will happen to us all.

    • Ro Ems says:

      Seriously. Underrated comment that I haven’t seen discussed yet, was when Conan was listing Star Wars characters and said, “I remember the bad guy with the black helmet…” and Harrison mumbles, “Tron?”. He’s still as quick witted as ever.

    • Rushy says:

      @Ro Ems He just said “huh”, not TRon

    • Matt O'Neill says:

      He reminds me so much of Joe Biden the way he talks. I’d love to see him do an impersonation on SNL. The two are really similar in their speech patterns.

  4. ColinFilm says:

    Harrison is hilarious. He’s so good at biding his time before responding. His “How come you’re not still on television?” was an absolutely fire response to Conan’s shtick. 😂

  5. Opal says:

    The entire episode is a gigantic roast of Conan, it’s incredible. I’ve never heard Harrison let loose like this and he ends up being one of the funniest ever guests.

    • Wade S says:

      Yeah, this was a great one. I think Conan coming at him hard at the beginning just gave Harrison a big green light, and he just ran with it. As grumpy as he comes off, he apparently just messes around all the time.

    • Adam Loring says:

      On the Nerdist podcast, Mark Hamill said that he just likes messing with people with the “grump guy” thing.

    • Sup says:

      I think he even outdid the Charles Barkley episode. His dry humor is legit comedian level.

  6. OMG Network says:

    Harrison is prolly one of the best talk show guests ever. His dead pan comedic execution is always on point

  7. Meta Pixel says:

    “How come you’re not still on television?” He’s still so quick and hilarious 😅

    • mustangpauli says:

      Followed by the immediate sipping of the coffee, savage!

    • rejuvenator89 says:

      It’s funny how his movement and thinking appears so slow but yet he is right on time with his comebacks 😄

    • Phillip Edward Ness says:

      Perfect timing and delivery, not really anything Conan could have said to come back to that haha

  8. June Asiimwe says:

    I love the dynamic these two have. Harrison’s dry humor works well with Conan’s goofy, self deprecating humor. It’s so satisfying and hilarious to watch.

    • Paula McClure says:

      I agree. With the right story/script… they would be FANTASTIC together in an action-comedy film.

  9. Isaiah Marcellino says:

    I’ve never seen somebody completely commit to not cracking a single smile during an exchange like this.. beautiful

    • Bllurr1 says:

      There was exactly one, when they were doing the whispery back-and-forth with Conan’s name. With Harrison it’s an “everybody gets one” situation.

  10. AttilatheThrilla says:

    Matt couldn’t stop staring at Harrison lovingly 😂

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