Copenhagen vs. Man. United: Extended Highlights | UCL Group Stage MD 4 | CBS Sports Golazo

Copenhagen vs. Man. United: Extended Highlights | UCL Group Stage MD 4 | CBS Sports Golazo

Erik ten Hag’s men look to turn around their recent form as they visit Copenhagen who remain bottom of group A.

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47 Responses

  1. Zizo Sheriff says:

    That last goal will never be forgotten by fans and that 17 year old. What a goal. Eyes on him

  2. Ranger Elessar says:

    Good to see a small club keeping it competitive away from home! This what the UCL needs!

  3. Parni Kaka says:

    Massive respect to Copenhagen for gifting United two goals to make this game more even!

    • chinnychinchin89 says:

      the only thing that made this game even was the red card, copenhagen were getting slapped up 11 v 11

    • John Lombardo says:

      ​@chinnychinchin89 exactly. .. I mean united hasn’t played well lately that’s no big surprise.. but they had it all working today.. someone didn’t like that and turned their quality into misfortune with a farse of a sending off.. gimme a break .. I get it they got beat.. but who knows if rashford stayed on the pitch

    • FlyingPigzz says:

      @John Lombardocryy more clown they are just bad🤣🤣🤡

    • Bradley Cortes says:

      ​@johnlombardo7816 that doesn’t mean they should’ve lost that 2-0 lead much less sell a lead in the last 15 minutes

  4. Azula says:

    Rashford has the same number of goals as red cards this season 😭😭😭

  5. Cole Cooper says:

    Two small clubs battling it out!! CLASSIC!

  6. Parni Kaka says:

    I always love an underdog story in football, unfortunately it wasnt to be for man united today 😢

  7. messidishwasher20 says:

    When Erik Ten Hag said era’s come to an end he meant winning was coming to an end 😂

  8. judah says:

    the jokes write themselves at this point. well played to Copenhagen

  9. Antler says:

    Amazing to see a small club fight so hard ❤ Games like this is what makes the UCL magical! Shame the underdogs couldnt get the win 🥲👏

  10. ๑ Charms 🏳️‍🌈⃠ says:

    Garnacho was really hushing 😂💀💀

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