Crappy Technology

Crappy Technology

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29 Responses

  1. brewstewfilms says:

    10 years ago I wrapped my Xbox360 in a bunch of towels and let it run for 45 minutes to ‘fix’ my red ring of death, because a 14 yr old on YouTube told me to. What a time to be alive.

  2. ThatDudeinBlue says:

    As somebody who reviews cars for a living I was so happy to hear Jakey talk about trash infotainment systems that are usually so terrible – it is a godsend to have a new car with physical knobs for climate control nowadays.

    • Bizooty says:

      Makes me glad that our plastic fantastic modern muscle cars still have some physical buttons in them lol

      Lookin at you Mk8 Golf…

    • Drkbowers1 says:

      At first I was sad the my new mazda 3 did not use a touch screen for infotainment but once you get used to it, it’s nice to just use the knob on muscle memory and you don’t really have to focus on the screen while driving. Also physical buttons for most of the important stuff

    • Alex Brown says:

      It’s almost like we designed cars to be operated while looking at the road instead of looking at a tablet. Keep fighting the good fight

    • K G says:

      The crossover we didn’t know we needed

    • Silverkingx2 says:

      Omfg TRUE

      My dad simps for tesla/elon and driving the car I miss my fucking nobs and dials, I dont get the need for “no buttons” the fkn hazard lights button a re hidden behind the fkn screem

      Meanwhile my friends car (I dont remember the model or even company) has infinite buttons that are useless

  3. Stanimus says:

    It’s always a good day when we get a new nakey jakey vid

  4. Jarvis Johnson says:

    my phone blew up watching this thanky jakey

  5. MajinMcMuffin says:

    I love this, two episodes In less than a year is genuinely making me giddy like a middle school girl talking to her crush

  6. MF Kitten says:

    I get to listen to your album on repeat AND watch your new content, and you’re one of my top favourites in both of those worlds. That’s kinda crazy, you know?

    Bad technology pet peeve: apps that try to fake “fast and snappy” by loading the UI quickly and populating it with the content it showed the last time, so it looks like it did good, while in reality it’s still trying to fetch the new content, and then it REpopulates the app with the NEW shit just as you’re about to tap something, shifting everything just enough to make you tap the wrong thing, and then when you tap the “back” button it does the same thing again so you repeat this mistake 3 times before you give up and just wait for the app to make up its mind before you tap.


  7. NakeyJakey says:

    this video was forged in a bargain bin by 7 PSVITAs all tangled together as one super gundam no but for real i did actually just get a Steam Deck and man that shit is NOT crappy technology so far im pretty impressed!! and i might do a video about it on Jaquan if that sounds interesting…?? anyways if u see this i hope youre well and your technology is well too and lemme know what you think is crappy down below <3

    oh yeah Gobby has an Insta too if u werent already a devout follower -

    • The Blue Chicken says:

      Did you fix your laptop after it exploded


      Yes please

    • YungLobster says:

      As far as I’m concerned, the PSP and PSVita was good technology ✨

    • Z Hon says:

      Steam Deck is amazing! I picked it up on Summer Sale and I somehow prefer to play some of my library on the Deck than on my thousands dollar Gamer PC. Emulation is also the best! All the way up to Switch! Hope you have a great time with it and I’d love to see a video of your impressions!

  8. Keenan Hosfield says:

    Stick drift is an inevitable part of the commonplace joysticks used in most controllers today, with their potentiometers on the X and Y axes using a graphite ring that wears out pretty quickly and causes the “drift” in stickdrift by losing traction. Hall Effect sensor switches have been a thing for awhile and have an incomparably longer lifespan because they use electromagnetic sensors without any friction involved. They have been in some controllers including the Dreamcast but one of the most recent instances was the PS3 controller but in a weird Sony custom format. There are Hall Effect switches available for the Switch and Steamdeck from the brand Gulikit. I would love to see these become the norm again, or maybe I’m just not shithead capitalist pilled enough to truly value the business logic of “pay for the cheapest materials, have service centres for all of our broken stock, and also pay the fines for class actions because of our crappy warranty and build quality decisions.” Maybe just make your controller last a little longer ffs. The Xbox Elite controllers don’t even have these which is just insane, it’s like having a Lamborghini with a Little Tikes steering wheel.

    • nat says:

      it’s insane to me that the entire time i was growing up i never once experienced joystick drift, and then suddenly out of nowhere the entire industry took the largest step imaginable backwards for the sake of profit margins. now i can’t remember the last controller i owned that didn’t suffer from joystick drift within 3 months of first using it. are the marginal profits really worth it if everyone hates the controller with a burning passion? i couldn’t care less if controllers cost 5 more dollars apiece if it means i never have to think about joystick drift ever again.

    • SeeMyDolphin says:

      I have a purple see-through N64 controller from ’97. The stick isn’t as stiff as it used to be, but it functions just fine and even after 26 years of use there is no drift on it whatsoever.

  9. Nicolette L says:

    Remote fans fit into this category too. Instead of simply getting up to pull on some string, you instead have to look throughout the room digging around for the little remote that determines your sweat levels from now on

  10. Kalameet says:

    Every single video Jakey creates is automatically great. That’s good technology

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