Our Wedding

Our Wedding

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In this video we throw a Shane Dawson Ryland Adams Wedding in 24 hours and it’s a beautiful mess. Enjoy!

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31 Responses

  1. shane says:

    Hope you guys like this video!! I had so much fun making it and it made me feel so happy. :)) Also if you swim fully clothed, you’re not alone. ❤

  2. Brie says:

    Vicki makes me understand why Morgan is so effortlessly hilarious😂

    • Ayana Shannon says:

      When she said “okay you get control of that..” when grandma had something in her throat I died 😭🤣🤣🤣

  3. Keri Daughenbaugh says:

    I equally laughed and cried, but Vicki’s foot story honestly topped everything 😂

  4. blackglittercandy says:

    I feel like they could still have an extravagant wedding but with limited people, so Shane doesn’t get overwhelmed and Ryland still gets all the beautiful wedding stuff, and could even vlog organising/decorating/cake tasting/outfits etc. At the end of the day you only need the most important people in your life there, even if it’s just family.

    • Sinnie says:

      My fiancé and I are getting married in July and we’re just having our parents and two friends there. Then we’re going out to a buffet dinner after.

      Tbh it’s my dream wedding lol

    • Savvy Aranda says:

      i don’t think ryland wants a big wedding i remember him saying that in a podcast and he hated the planning of it all. i honestly think he’d only want an extravagant wedding for the pictures and aesthetic but idk

    • Jessica Collins says:


    • Traci G says:

      I feel like they could just get narried however they choose too without having to deal with people telling them how they feel it should be done

    • Ashlynn Ozella says:


  5. isabel white says:

    off topic but morgan looks STUNNING in this video, she’s literally glowing

  6. Jack Huntsman says:

    real title: “Shane tries to decide if he wants to get married for 46 minutes” lmao it’s a typical Shane video, I love it

  7. Ed Gal says:

    This type of Shane content is what I needed for years!! Finally Shane is back at doing what he’s amazing at

  8. What's For Tea? says:

    I absolutely *adore* the grandmother <3 Congratulations guys x

  9. Kevin Allshouse says:

    Your”joke” wedding rehearsal is more meaningful and special than most big expensive weddings. You get to truly focus on Rylan and family not the wedding being perfect

  10. Taylor Regan says:

    Morgan’s comments about having no friends make me sad because we are literally the same person & I want to be her friend so bad 🥺😂☹️ I love you guys!

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