The Mind-Blowing Machines that Stamp Millions of Metal Parts – Smarter Every Day 288

The Mind-Blowing Machines that Stamp Millions of Metal Parts – Smarter Every Day 288

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I had never heard of Progressive Stamping… but it’s amazing!

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27 Responses

  1. SmarterEveryDay says:

    This series is going to be extremely cool… and there will be opportunities to physically hold things that are manufactured during the series. The purpose of making these things is to make jobs in America. I would appreciate it if you would consider signing up for the email list. I promise not to spam you.

  2. zollotech says:

    Great series and idea. Appreciate you sharing all the details.

  3. EEF says:

    As a Machinist, CNC programmer, and welder, I am extremely excited for this series

  4. Sully Science says:

    I’ve been a science teacher for 18 years and I’m beginning to see the movement of students pursuing trades rather than college degrees. This will help educate me, hopefully inform & encourage them, and change mindsets about the value of each kind of education.

    • krvnjrcbs says:

      You need both for a healthy economy, hopefully they all understand when you buy American you technically create jobs for yourself that pay decent at the same time.

    • Harmstrong says:

      @krvnjrcbs “You need both..” <- This needs to be said more, and louder.

    • tychosis says:

      I’ve been in engineering for 20 years–and I hate to say this, I run into a lot of people who just shouldn’t have been engineers. People who just don’t have an aptitude for it (or more importantly, a genuine interest–because I believe you can get good at nearly anything you’re genuinely interested in.) I sometimes feel like pushing droves of students into STEM is a disservice and ignores a lot of the other needs we have…

    • Shalom Science says:

      ​@tychosis Agreed. In my field formal education and certification is often pushed. The problem I see is a lot of people who can take tests but can’t think critically. They also seem to be uncurious and cannot find their own answers. They look to others to hand them the answer on a silver platter, instead of thinking critically and using reason.

    • krvnjrcbs says:

      @tychosis I’ve been in it for 14 years and this is happening at my company right now. We’re hiring people from all over the world who can barely communicate but worse yet are only doing it because they were book smart and got the diploma because someone told them it was a strong field, but they don’t give a flying flip about engineering and they aren’t passionate about anything they do. They only care about the fancy job title and the salary. They put in the minimum effort, and what they do put out is constantly full of errors. I just end up doing their work myself because if I don’t I’ll end up having to re-do my stuff twice anyway coz the info they give me is always full of errors. It is freaking frustrating.

  5. Tim moody says:

    I work as a senior automated press operator for a short to mid run stamping company in Minnesota. We also make our own tooling in house! I love that you are shedding light on our industry as there really isn’t much out there. Loved the video!

  6. 3nertia says:

    Oh, this is nearly an hour long? I hadn’t noticed! Thanks for the video, Destin! I’m really excited for this series! 😀

    Thanks to T&C Stamping as well for allowing you (and us) in!

    • alveolate hermeneutist says:

      and what a breathtaking hour it was! when politicians wax lyrical about jobs and stuff, this is the actual meat.

    • Daniel says:

      And I’m sure the 90 minute extra content video on the 2nd channel will speed through just as fast 😊

  7. Willimnot says:

    As a manufacturing engineer, I am very excited about this series

    • Grim Affiliations says:

      we’re really seeing a boom in manufacturing these days

    • Phil Courteney says:

      As the grunt who’s spent years pushing the button on the machines, I love this too! 😊👍

    • Cameron Fouse says:

      As a machinist, I’m also excited. So hard to find people anymore.

    • Vincent Mugnier says:

      Engineer, same here. Unfortunately I don’t have the occasion to go see the process. So very nice to see it.

    • Joshua Mahon says:

      Just some guy here. I was the kid who would watch Myth Busters and How It’s Made for fun. Don’t know why I got into IT, because after watching this, I might need to change fields.

      I’m so excited for more of these! 😃

  8. Kumquat Lord says:

    I’ve worked in manufacturing my whole career. Seeing you so excited about it and sharing it for the world is great, I’ll definitely be sharing these videos with all my family members who have questions.

  9. Nancy Taylor says:

    I love how Destin approaches every employee with genuine interest and gets them involved, letting them explain their role in their own way.

  10. Midnight says:

    Less than five minutes into this video and I just wanted to say I’ll forever be a fan of this channel because you bring things to light that I always wonder about but never have the resources to explore. Been a patron for a few years now and constantly looking forward to your next adventure.

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