Croatia vs. Spain Highlights | UEFA Nations League Final

Croatia vs. Spain Highlights | UEFA Nations League Final

Croatia and Spain faced off in Rotterdam, Netherlands, for the UEFA Nations League Final. Possession was near-equal in the first half with Spain knocking off six shots total and Croatia with seven. Three of Croatia’s seven shots were on goal, however none were successful. Halftime arrived nil-nil. Croatia took control early in the second half with an extremely close opportunity at 51’. Spain would strike back-to-back at 84’ and 85’ in attempt to take the lead in regular time. Tension grew as both 15 minute halves of extra time passed, still nil-nil. After a nail-biter round of penalty kicks, Dani Carvajal scored the 5-4 finisher and Spain was crowned victorious in the UEFA Nations League Final.

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Croatia vs. Spain Highlights | UEFA Nations League Final

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51 Responses

  1. FOX Soccer says:

    Describe this final match in one word. 😮

  2. Ignacio says:

    As a Spanish, I feel happy for this victory, but my respects to Croatia, everything they have achieved during these years is impressive, let’s hope they get their well-deserved award later 🏆

    • TheReelAccountant says:

      So many big finals appearances but can’t quite finish it

    • spikeyapples says:

      @TheReelAccountant actually just two, for now. though who knows if refs did their job all the way back in ’96, how’d that year’s euro would end

    • Christo Ronaldo says:

      They literally achieved nothing at all but losing their most important games Lol 🤣

    • TheReelAccountant says:

      @spikeyapples 5 years ago they were in the finals in world cup too right?

    • Сергей Николаев says:

      ​@Christo Ronaldolike Ronaldo, he lost all the important matches of the world championships without scoring a goal in the playoffs in his entire career lol😂

  3. Dino Gaming says:

    As a Croatian, this hurt so much. Seeing my country in 2 finals in 5 years. Losing both. Heartbreaking 💔

  4. Caleb Rhieke says:

    Croatia is a beautiful team, they have wonderful chemistry and play well as a team. They really deserve to win a trophy.

    • Stefanija Krivaja says:

      And Spain also

    • sab2020 says:

      Part of me just didn’t want them to win anything just because how awfully easy of a semi final game they gave away to Argentina!! But then, I also kind of blame Spain or Brazil for not getting so far as predicted in the world cup!!

    • Pulak Chakma says:

      ​​@sab2020 Awfully? The current Argentina team is one of the greatest national teams in the history of football. You’re either jealous or ignorant about football

  5. Sergio F. P. says:

    As a Spaniard living in Croatia, I couldn’t be more proud of both teams 👏

  6. Rene Valice says:

    As a Mexicano, I rejoice for Spain, such a spirited team. Croatia is also mighty and very admirable to watch ☺️⚽️

    • Pedro viriato says:

      Gracias México .

    • victor nmeribe says:

      But I wanted Croatia to win because of Modric, I just wanted him to win a trophy with the national team

    • Rene Valice says:

      @victor nmeribe hopefully he stays with the team, and wins many more before retirement. Modric grew up in tragic times, and rose up to become a captain and hero for Croatia, with strength and talent.

    • victor nmeribe says:

      @Rene Valice yes, he has been such a mentor to the team. I wish he wins the Euro before retirement

    • Rene Valice says:

      @victor nmeribe modric must be a very wise and noble man, having learned so much about life and the sport through his challenges. A captain is called to lead.

  7. Rafayet Rasti says:

    Im glad there are a lot of people who are cheering Croatia on. They really are such a fun team to watch and support, and they truly do deserve all that is happening to them.

    • Bojan Stamenkovic says:

      they deserve to lose, always pass on penalties

    • Ante says:

      @Bojan Stamenkovic Funny how you Serbs brag about your kids team winning junior world cup while passing on penalties and about Red Star winning champions cup on penalties but also complaining about Croatia winning penalty shootouts

    • Bojan Stamenkovic says:

      @Ante ne seri ante. nasi klinci su pobedili 2-1 brazil

    • Ante says:

      @Bojan Stamenkovic U finalu, nakon što su jednu utakmicu prije toga prošli na penale

    • Kurve Jabuka Kruska says:

      Fun team to watch? 😂 brother they are just playing defense and waiting penalties. Nothing fun there.

  8. kongmw says:

    Heartbreaking loss for Croatia, but this team has done the country proud and performed extremely well. They will be back stronger I’m sure of it.

  9. Santiago Puig Quagliaroli says:

    As a Spaniard, first: very happy with the team, finally we have won a title 11 years after various disappointments. Hoping for this that will be a huge step for the future of Spain team, and second: congrats Croatia, you have evolve amazingly your football where you have reached 2 finals and 1 semifinal in 5 years, you don’t reach that overnight.

    • Mohan Sable says:

      I am not from Spain but I am very happy for the Spanish team, they managed to win after 10 years can’t forget that heartbreak in last world cup….😅😢

    • Sensey says:

      There are so few national team tournaments, it’s normal to go so long without winning a trophy, most nations never even win one.

    • Cascade376 says:

      ​@Mohan SableDude- Croatia has never won a trophy and been in 2 finals in 5 years.

    • Trevor Dias says:

      juventus has lost 7 ucl finals.. don’t be sad

  10. Squozerr plays says:

    The feat Croatia has achieved this passed years is utterly incredible for a small country. They should be proud of themselves👏.congrats to spain

    • Jimbo Jimbo says:

      Yeh incredible feet of winning nothing HA

    • Obvious Troll That Baited You says:

      @Jimbo Jimbo yeah for real… you have to question when Croatia is going to take the step in finally winning. They had three times, 2018 wc, 2022, wc, and the nations league but yet come up short every time. Aint nothing to be proud of, especially when they have a generational player like modric

    • Eleven says:

      @Obvious Troll That Baited You they have a population of 4 million people so I’d say them getting to the finals and semifinals of these tournaments is still admirable

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