D.L. Hughley Vs. Mo’Nique: A Sad Day In Comedy

D.L. Hughley Vs. Mo’Nique: A Sad Day In Comedy

Even though it has nothing to do with me, it’s really hurtful to see @D.L. Hughley and Mo’Nique beefin’. D.L. is one of my mentors, and I started out in comedy with Mo’Nique, and all this makes my nerves bad.




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33 Responses

  1. Renee Renee says:

    It seems to me that everybody is on edge and have little to no empathy or compassion for anyone anymore. It’s beyond disheartening because unfortunately our kids are watching adults who can’t even resolve simple conflict in a civil manner. Rickey just explained this whole fiasco with basic 1st grade math🤦🏾‍♀️

    • Gloria Bowie says:

      @GoodMusiq She should be glad she was even on stage it’s a chance to get her career started again.

    • Gloria Bowie says:

      @PookieP I totally agree with you here was her chance to get back in the show and want dose she do. She messed it up.Who will want to come see her next time.

    • Gloria Bowie says:

      I think she was horribly wrong even if she was upset about the order of the show, she did not show professionalism .She portrayed herself as the angry black woman. And want she said about him and his wife was uncalled for and then she wonders why she has so many problems with people.

    • Sharon Jordan says:

      I agree with Rickey, this is all commonsense and should be discuss privately. Quit trying to put the audience in the middle of mess all we’re looking for is good entertainment. Ego is a big part of this fiasco. She is problematic 🤔

    • Simone Snow says:

      @GoodMusiq yes I’ve seen both posted online as well. Yes she was offended and hurt but to disrespect that man’s family like that & run across stage like a child. SAD 😔. Tbh the reason I’m really disappointed is because if DL had did this to Mo, talked about 3 generations of black women, talked about her twins, disrespected her mom on stage !!! It would have played out very differently for him . I feel a lot of ppl are giving her a pass with this whole “strong black womb man “ narrative. DL would never have gotten a pass if the shoe was on the other foot. Never. It’s wrong no matter who did it and we have to show the world a better face than the one that is currently being played out in the media.

  2. Octavius Robinson says:

    Rickey, great job man on breaking down the process that many of us don’t see. I appreciate you keeping things positive. Hopefully, everything will work out for both parties. Prayers are going up. Because, we need it in the world

  3. DeLana Smith says:

    Well said. I do not know what happened and neither do I care, but it is a shame there are not more people like you Ricky, and this is across the board, who will handle things in a civil, dignified and professional manner. It is really unfortunate people cannot handle things like adults and set good examples for others from Comedians to the next generation.

    • Mertie Scott says:

      Ricky Smiley don’t change please

    • Audrey Wolfe says:

      I don’t want my name tied in a confusion. Come let us reason together said the WORD Of God.
      There are some adults that keep their fist ball up.
      You can’t sleep well like that. Always be ready to compromise. That’s the bigger person.
      So sorry but it can be fixed.Someone got to learn a lesson once and for all.
      Can’t we all just get along.

    • Triple L the Great!:)The Truth🦄♐ says:

      That’s the problem. You don’t care

  4. Jacqueline Reagan says:

    i knew i could count on Rickey to say what needed to be said and with a level head, no sides. all i wanted to hear is what Rickey Smiley had to say. I agree, it’s hurtful to see this happen. takes the breath right out of you. we’re dealing with senseless and evil killings and folk is throwing a tantrum because of a line-up. bests be glad you’re alive to participate at all. i pray they both find peace, love and success.

  5. ISayToMyself says:

    That’s cause you are a man of peace and faith, Rickey. That’s why you see things the way you do. 🙌🏾

  6. L Lewis says:

    I really loved how all comedians stuck together for Chris Rock and there has been peace in the industry for years. Monique has asked and been given a second chance and look what she has started.

  7. TimeBucks says:

    Thank you for explaining this

  8. Jacqueline Bell says:

    I completely agree Ricky.Just do the show, get paid $$$, go home and look forward to the next one. We are too old too old for Sometimes in life we have to say less, silence can be a powerful tool! Why do this now when the world is about to become your oyster again? Smh!

  9. Roxanne Bellille says:

    Love you, Rickey!🥰 You give the best commentary! Always on point!! We need to learn how to resolve personal issues and it starts with great communication!

  10. Mz. Kendra says:

    I’m not really sure what went down but I hate that whatever it is was made public. Could it not have been resolved privately?? It just saddens me what all is happening in the world. We need more love, communication, and respect. Hope it can be handled appropriately.

    • Randy Williams says:

      @F Parker you’re right🥺

    • Robert Mitchell says:

      @F Parker I hope she can get the help she needs. I’m praying for her. 🙏🏾

    • F Parker says:


    • Randy Williams says:

      @F Parker No doubt! She’s crying out for help, I hope she gets it…. She’s already been white balled, if she gets black balled, she called call it a career.

    • Charlene says:

      @Abdulrahman Raheem you are so right! It was such a and after Lee Daniels publicly apologize to her on stage I’m thinking all along it was them but how she responded to this oh my, totally classless she should know better than that seriously.

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