Dad shoots driver dead after son was hit, killed by car in Person County, deputies say

Dad shoots driver dead after son was hit, killed by car in Person County, deputies say

Dad shoots driver dead after son was hit, killed by car in Person County, deputies say

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  1. Jason Duke 360 says:

    Im a truck driver and I was hauling steel through cambels ville Kentucky. They have a truck route through a suburb. The speed limit is 35 I was doing 30. A ball rolled out on the street and I was instantly on the brakes. A kid came out after the ball, a very small kid. I came way too close to hitting that kid. I did get the truck stopped in time but it was way to close. His mom came running out scooped him up. I was about 1 foot from hitting that kid. He was frozen with fear. I was moved to tears because that was the scariest thing that happened to me as a truck driver. I couldn’t begin to understand how it would be like knowing you killed someone. I felt so horrible at what I just almost did. Now that dad has to live with that. How sad. God be with him.

  2. Rhonda says:

    This is beyond sad…😢

    • Evangelos Tzonis says:


    • PL Sec SS says:

      @Peter Kilbridge ->Let the legal process do its work. Now….the father will do life in jail…smart…really used his brains there… Hot heads always come out on the bottom

  3. Rosanne says:

    As a parent, i would never have left my child’s side there laying on the road. The fact the father left his son, took the driver’s truck and hid the gun, makes me think there is more to this story.

  4. Meg Houghton says:

    I’m glad you’re speaking up for him. Jeff and his family have suffered a grave injustice. Hoping this story goes viral.

  5. The heights by great men reached and kept. says:

    Why did he ditch the weapon if he thought his actions were justified???

  6. JB says:

    He left his dead son in the road to kill the driver then took the driver’s truck…no normal human would have reacted this way to a tragedy. Put him in prison for life.

    • Sean Farley says:

      Do you carry a gun?

      Have you ever seen a family member be mangled and torn apart by being hit by a car, RIGHT IN FRONT OF YOU? I don’t think many of us have.

      The fact that the person who just ruined you kids life is standing in front of you and you have a gun…right there. I think the father was so hurt by the loss he just reacted.

      After his reaction, he realized he made a terrible mistake and went on the run from the law.

      Justice served in my opinion, no need for a lengthy trial that costs us millions of tax dollars. An eye for an eye

    • Sie Sie S says:

      Under the jail please

    • Dan Wyben says:

      Im not sure I trust you to qualify as a normal person!

  7. NotMy RealName says:

    It wasn’t a hit and run if the guy stopped.

    • Thisdude2k says:

      plus he took the truck that was supposed to be out of gas? also did he ran out of gas within walking ran? lol Dude is a terrible liar.

    • Meat Popsicle says:

      @Thisdude2k Um, no. The suspect who shot the driver who struck the kid, stole the driver’s truck after he shot him. What was so hard about that?

    • Thisdude2k says:

      ​@Meat Popsicle The chain of events is what make no sense. Who does that? It seems like a really bad lie. And my questions still stand. How did he take his truck if it was out of gas? and why? Why did he throw the gun away? And most important of all why did he leave his son?

    • Greg J says:

      @Thisdude2kThe guy that hit the kid was driving, not out of gas. The family was walking home, kid got hit. Driver in the truck stops, gets shot, truck is still not out of gas, dad steals truck. C’mon man!

  8. Crazy Canuck says:

    There is no problem that additional and/or unnecessary violence can’t make worse. Though that being said, I can’t imagine the pain of a father losing their son in this way. It’s tragic for all concerned.

  9. Shadow Banned says:

    If it were a hit and run that Dad would not have had the chance to shoot the guy…This was an accident followed by a cold blooded murder.

  10. Byte Me says:

    Everything that happens, happens to all of us. How we react and handle life, defines us.
    Some people are irrational, aggressive, violent and racist. #scottadamswasright

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