The US Military is Planning for a War with China

The US Military is Planning for a War with China

How the US is Militarizing the Pacific
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The US military is planning to have a transformative year in the Pacific. To them, that means militarizing the region. More ships, more planes, more troops, more missiles, and more agreements with allies – all aimed at containing China and their ambitions of power.

Thanks Greg Poling, expert from CSIS for the interview on this topic:

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37 Responses

  1. Johnny Harris says:

    Click my CoPilot link to get 14 days free with your own expert fitness and health coach.

  2. Cherrie246 says:

    As an Australian, I need to correct you Johnny, the US did not “give” Australia submarines, our government paid around $300 billion dollars for them with taxpayer money that was highly disputed by the public.

    • SKY_Feyd says:

      Men you guys got scammed pretty bad the deal with France was so much better you could have gotten subs in like 4-5 years but now it’s gonna be more like 15-20

    • Deanooo P says:

      The French subs are ancient compared to what they will now receive.

    • Orion Stokes Weiss says:

      Some things, almost regardless of how much you pay for them, count as given. The money exchanged is a fraction of the value of the submarines.

  3. Chase Myles says:

    As an Indian, I was starting to wonder why USA all of a sudden was increasing ties with India when they have always supported Pakistan.

    • Nishanth S says:

      It’s very obvious bro, they want India now lol and we need to take our next steps very carefully. We should also think about our situation in the Geo Politics.

    • Serendipity42 says:

      ​@Nishanth Sit’s almost 100% economic reasons. Pivot away from China to other countries. Think about it if you want… or take the piles of money

  4. Scott Goodman says:

    The crazy thing is that everything Jonny said is PUBLIC KNOWLEDGE. What about all the shit that is happening that we don’t know?

    • A L says:

      Except he choices what bits of info he takes and leaves out others to better push his agenda

    • KingBobXIV says:

      @A L – What agenda? And what publicly available info did he leave out that counters it?
      It’s really easy to play contrarian without backing it up, but it’s also really easy to dismiss contrarians who refuse to back anything up.

    • Carson W says:

      There isn’t much. Everything important and pertinent about understanding this is public knowledge

  5. Christoph says:

    A war between two countries, both having the ability to totally destroy the world, is a terrifying thought. Let us all hope that it will not come to that.

    • Colonizing Puerto Rico Is Undemocratic says:

      -Maxine Hong Kingston
      “we have to invent new images and ways of power. So far the world thinks of power as violence, that power comes from a gun. We must create a new kind of drama in which there is drama, but it’s nonviolent.”

    • gger gger says:

      im not sure but it seems Chinas nukes can’t reach the US, they wanted got rocket engines for it from Russia, but Russia declined it, so their nuclear threat is mostly local

    • FOSCARI says:

      maybe if US didn’t try to militarize Asia lmao

      imagine China talking to Mexico, Cuba, Venezuela to implement a huge military presence in the North Atlantic Sea

  6. Gabriel F4 says:

    These documentaries always send chills down my spine. I truly love these videos

  7. Maria Sharapova says:

    “In the nuclear world, the true enemy can’t be destroyed. In the nuclear world, the true enemy is war itself.”

    • Colonizing Puerto Rico Is Undemocratic says:

      -Grace Paley (1922 – 2007)
      “war is man-made. It’s made by men. It’s their thing, it’s their world, and they’re terribly injured in it. They suffer terribly in it, but it’s made by men. How do they come to live this way?”
      “La guerra es hecha por el hombre. Está hecho por hombres. Es su cosa, es su mundo, y están terriblemente heridos en él. Sufren terriblemente en él, pero está hecho por hombres. ¿Cómo es que llegan a vivir de esta manera?”

    • Mike Fisher says:

      meh. ​​⁠you don’t get away that easily. there’s plenty of female war leaders and fighters in history. From Zenobia to Margaret Thatcher.

    • Whiskey Three says:

      Hooyah, LCDR Hunter 🤙

    • K-aW-tEk "Sleepy Sage" Uni says:

      ​@Colonizing Puerto Rico Is Undemocratic Yeahhh. that philosophy falls apart the second you pick up and read a history book. Catherine “the great”, Boudicca, Margaret Thatcher, Queen Nanny, Amazons of Benin, etc, etc, etc.

  8. Quito Nitura says:

    Hey Johnny, just a slight correction. The Philippines is not claiming that certain areas of the South China Sea are Philippine territorial waters. Under the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea (UNCLOS), which the Philippines is a signatory to, a country can only claim up to 12 nautical miles from its baselines as its territorial waters. However, the UNCLOS also provides that the distance from 12 nautical miles, up to 250 nautical miles from the baseline is the Exclusive Economic Zone. This is the portion which the Philippines calls the West Philippine Sea. This was affirmed in 2016 by a ruling by an Arbitral Tribunal constituted under the UNCLOS which ruled in favor of the Philippines against China. The same ruling also held that the nine-dash line claimed by China does not have any basis in international law. Not surprisingly, China does not honor this ruling. The US also is not able to completely support the ruling because it is not a signatory to the UNCLOS. As a result, China’s Coast Guard regularly harass Filipino fishermen peacefully fishing in our exclusive economic zone. There was even one incident where a Chinese Coast Guard ship rammed into a Filipino fishing vessel and left the crew floating in the sea.

    As for the training of the US and Philippine militaries, the most recent Balikatan (which is the Filipino term meaning “shoulder-to-shoulder”) Exercises held just this year simulated live fire exercises at sea, including drone shoot downs and targeting and sinking a ship at sea, off of Palawan island. Pretty strong signals to China, I think.

  9. Doing jazz for memories says:

    Johnny you should also map out the military bases of china (its allies) and their strategy for possible of invasion of Taiwan. This way we can access the strategies of both sides.

    • pushslice says:

      i was fully expecting this to be the next stanza of the video….then it ended. TBF, JH has done a separate Taiwan-invasion speculation video in the past; yet, this new one seems to presented in a stand-alone fashion, and with a decidedly now ‘leaning to one side’ tone. what has changed? hmmm.

    • M F says:

      Good point but there are none. He mentioned a wall of missiles but they are coming from China. They haven’t fire one yet but pretty every single US and Japanese island bases is in range of Chinese high tech missiles.

  10. Klako8196 says:

    Every country plans for war with enemies. The purpose of having a military general staff is to plan for wartime scenarios during peacetime. China has their own plans and preparations for what a conflict with the US would look like too.

    • kuzev says:

      True. But having your neighbours pointing guns they got from your enemy at you isn’t de-escalation. It’s the opposite.

    • Shane Septon says:

      You are very correct. Being prepared is critical, especially depending on how large the threat and how that compares to how realistic the threat. Canada and the US have both had plans on how to invade each other, it just has no use in this day and age, but plans are out there.

    • Raide says:

      ​@kuzev China escalated first by pointing guns at their neighbors

    • Alex aoeu256 says:

      China has 1/10 of the military spending of the West, they just need to protect their access to the sea. Us says the Chinese government is undemocratic, but the approval rating is 30/82%. for local/central government vs America’s 65/38% for local/central government based on third party statistics.

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