Dallas apartment evicts tenant, throws belongings in dumpster. But it was the wrong unit.

Dallas apartment evicts tenant, throws belongings in dumpster. But it was the wrong unit.

He came home from work to find everything he owned was accidentally thrown in a dumpster by maintenance. But now, building management says he has no rights to reimbursement. #landlord #dallas #eviction

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43 Responses

  1. Oh What A Day says:

    What they did to this man and his daughter is so wrong on all levels.

    • Revelation 13 Coming says:

      What zombie maintenance guy throws out a full house of super nice things without question? Evictions are typically junky and obvious.

    • Revelation 13 Coming says:

      It’s evil really to do that. The property owner is a millionare even if he doesn’t have properties all over the nation. (Probably does)

    • silent storm says:

      When you’re not on the lease, you have no contract with them.

    • Don F says:

      ​@silent stormYou still have property rights.

    • K Espo says:

      @silent storm Doesn’t matter. Property management is not allowed to enter any occupied rental without notice. I worked at a property where someone committed suicide. Gunshot was heard by neighbors and I had to follow the law, contact police with the tenant’s employer who stated he did not show for work just to do a wellness check and enter the unit. If it were not for the police check, I would have had to post a 3-day notice to enter and wait.

  2. ajbleas says:

    Classic example of how to make an accident a whole lot worse. They’ll damage their own reputation rather than simply own up to the mistake and reimburse the man.

  3. MrSquaky says:

    This deserves to be a Multi-Million Dollar Lawsuit

  4. Cathy Cook says:

    The fact they said play money was counterfeit was a reason not to lease to him is beyond crazy!! I hope he wins his lawsuit.

  5. YooZherName says:

    Mistakes happen, every day, but then you admit the mistake and MAKE IT RIGHT. This is infuriating and so wrong. Heart goes out to him and his traumatized little girl.

    • Jackie Cordova says:

      This is outrageous what they dit to this family with illegals that would never happen disgusting 😡😡😡😡😡

    • The Bee Guy says:

      its a cut and dry lease violation, when his G/F left she was supposed to surrender the keys to the unit, it doesnt even go to court. It’ll be thrown out.

    • Dave B says:

      @YooZherName: I can’t imagine what this renter owns is that much in terms of $$$. The Hamilton should have cut him a check on the spot for something like $25K and issued an apology (Perhaps throw in a couple of free months rent for good measure and automatically made him a “legal” resident). Damage Control 101.
      The Hamilton would have avoided the negative press. Missed opportunity by greedy attorneys and managers. Instead, The Hamilton gets to pay very expensive legal fees and potentially A LOT more than $25K. Dallas juries can be very cruel to greedy corporations as well as miscarriages of justice. The Hamilton better pray this case doesn’t go to trial.

    • Dave B says:

      @Jackie Cordova You do realize that The Hamilton is in a very wealthy and exclusive neighborhood. His rent was $2500 for that small apartment (Nice, but small…my mortgage on my new 5 bedroom home with over 3,000 sq ft in a very nice area purchased four years ago is only $1060! And that includes property tax which I’m exempted and homeowner’s insurance). Illegals cannot be found anywhere near this place so you are correct in the that sense. However, as a Texas resident I can assure you that with the exception of Austin (and some parts of Houston), Texas does not play around. Most illegals flee Texas once they cross because Texas will jail and deport them if their case has been adjudicated. It’s also why so many illegals gladly take up the offer to get as far north (or west) as possible.

  6. The INFJ Channel says:

    The *ONLY* reason theyre evicting him is to save their own azzes. I feel a lot of empathy for this man. The stress has got to be debilitating at times.

    • Chad says:

      No. That part is pretty standard if someone isn’t on the lease. If they don’t enforce the lease when they become aware of a violation, they can get sued for discrimination the next time they do. It’s a totally separate issue from them owing him a ton of money for the illegal eviction.

  7. Stard for Life says:

    This is infuriating. These corporations simply never want to take responsibility for their mistakes.

  8. K Espo says:

    I was a property manager at some large complexes and no one in my company ever evicted the wrong unit. Never. Even the maintenance staff were on top of this along with the Sheriffs who accompanied our evictions. The entire staff who did this should be fired. And there are laws about entering apartments without advanced notice. I hope he takes this company to the cleaners. Everyone in Dallas should boycott this place. Overpriced and breaking the law.

    • dataabort says:

      If it’s the same as it used to be every building is owned by one of like 2 or 3 companies, and the other ones aren’t any better to deal with. You do boycott. But you boycott whole neighborhoods when you do.

    • Cuzimpoor says:

      I worked maintenance in my early 20s for a couple different property management companies and I am not surprised at all that this happened and that you think all your people are on board. Maybe you didn’t have that many evictions so it was a big deal?

    • I don't know says:

      Mistakes happen . People are not perfect but they gotta pay. As far as Texas goes they might not have that many laws regarding tenants.

    • Jas says:

      You just reminded me that there does have to be a sheriff present for all evictions.

  9. Obscure Music Tabs says:

    Imagine knowing that your neighbors don’t have the decency to give you back your things.

    • needhamwoman123 says:

      I wondered that myself. Obviously they have cameras.Shameon those neighbors! I hope his lawyer has a copy of any videos.

    • Crazy Eyes says:

      Well… it is Deep Ellum.

    • Rocket Mann says:

      They should all do the community thing and come together to restore their neighbor. NO no no they do what??? Oh yeah covet thy neighbor’s belongings, steal thy neighbor’s belongings and harm the security of a child. 3 strikes and God is coming for those self servers…

    • freespeechdispellswarenergy says:

      ​@Crazy Eyes deep shamefullness*

    • freespeechdispellswarenergy says:

      ​@Rocket Mann judgements the lords!

  10. royalmac1011 says:

    The fact they wanted him to fill out an application that the lawyer stated they would deny anyway just shows how greedy these pigs are. They throw this mans life away then want more money from an application fee. What demons.

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