Migrants converge on border after SB4 signed

Migrants converge on border after SB4 signed

Immigrant rights organizations have sued Texas after Gov. Greg Abbott approved one of the strictest state immigration enforcement laws.

MORE: https://www.khou.com/article/news/local/texas/senate-bille-4-lawsuit/285-5a919b2d-09a9-4092-9b26-ba3b76b4c4ad

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50 Responses

  1. @divakim206 says:

    Any American who is pro open borders should by law have to open their homes and bank accounts to these illegals. It’s only fair, right?

  2. @donnagriffith839 says:

    Put Americans first instead of illegal immigrants! Governor Abbott is doing the right thing!🇺🇸

    • @ahshari says:

      F Muricans…this is our land and here in America we speak Spanish period

    • @wgooetrik says:

      You know that your great great grandparents immagrated here right? You’re a white dude in the us. White people weren’t even in the us. We immagrated here. Wish your lineage didn’t make the trip. We don’t need ya.

    • @Kenny2k08 says:

      He never does the right thing. He is such an embarrassment to my state.

    • @bobbie4862 says:

      ​@@Kenny2k08Please post your address so we know where to send the illegals. How many have you taken in already?

    • @SandCrabNews says:

      COTUS Article I Section 10 Clause 3 “unless”; Article IV Section 4, 32CFR215, Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo.
      COTUS Amendments 2, 9, 10, 14, 8USC1357g … aka (287g)

  3. @patlee131 says:

    Everybody NOT in favor of SB4 must take in atleast 10 people in their house so they don’t have to live on streets. They must feed them, pay for their healthcare and if they have kids they must send them to school too. We need to change our President and elect someone who will actually put Americans, Veterans and our homeless people first.

  4. @Tamisleepin16 says:

    “Anti- immigrant law!!” F that!! This has been outrageous!! I’m voting yes for this law to pass!!

  5. @sawboneiomc8809 says:

    Did that woman actually had the nerve to say…”it flaunts federal immigration laws”? WHAT LAWS?

  6. @Jason-TheChad-Muska_circa1995 says:

    I’d love to know how people who are not even citizens nor in our country have constitutional rights?

  7. @edaxsachorwzky8898 says:

    It’s federal law that states border security must be kept; what’s the illegality of it!? 🙄

    • @roberttaylor7064 says:

      ? Are you freaking even half serious ?🤣 Duhhhhhhh the Border is secure, its never been more secure, all is working well, These idiots want to Illegally arrest Asylum seekers..that violates immigration Laws. There is no problem at all. Its a very old and more than Tired Right wing propaganda/ fearbio and Hate mongering, dont you know anything ? Immigration is down 70% since last March…The Republican Party hadn’t done a single good thing in over 50 years. All they do is lie and stirs you fools up..AND YOU KEEP FALLING FOR IT..wake up. Seriously.

    • @roadking99jokerst60 says:

      Um, voter suppression ? Yeah, that’s it , it stops new ” voter ” registration.

    • @LRLoud says:

      Not true our states can act independently of the federal government within their state. That is why the federal government would habw to sue them to stop them . Learn how our government and constitution work. People go off of what the media says and the media knows how uneducated we are.

    • @ericeandco says:

      It’s also a state border and states are sovereign.

    • @Gottrolledbythebest485 says:

      Wtf are you talking about . I support this bill, but don’t spread fake information online .

  8. @dankworth41 says:

    Nothing extreme about trying to keep our country and our people safe

  9. @darthsidious1649 says:

    Good job governor Abbot.

    • @michaelpreston233 says:

      He as bad as that mess in Florida. Only if they’d stop playing for the idiot base and actually work instead of heading on home without doing a d—n thing but stirring up hate and fear. Flat wheels Abbott isn’t to be congratulated , especially allowing that crook Paxton and Fool Cruze to hang around like two horseflies in a stable

    • @wps620 says:

      Abott is a WEF Member. SB4 is a farce

    • @AssassinCreep2552 says:

      Yeah good job racist you got the opposite of what you wanted. Also where are you going to put all the people you arrest? ?

    • @elizabethpeterson7165 says:

      Abbott wanted this to happen from the beginning. He is a globalist. Texas and our country was never his priority.

    • @rebeccajohnson8579 says:

      TOTAL BS! Abbott, like Trump just might have illegals as his housekeeper’s and taking care of his lawns! In fact, CHECK OUT who is doing City Work, are they Americans are mostly Hispanics who can only speak broken language. Do your own investigations, to get to the bottom of this issue! Check out the private businesses, farm labor, etc., they are not coming here to overwhelm our borders, they are coming because they know they will be hired for CHEAP LABOR!

  10. @GoldenAuraLife says:

    I just don’t understand how many are coming here illegally and asking when are they going to get their free car and house. Why do you deserve anything from our tax paying citizens???!!! This whole ordeal is insane to me.

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