Damian Lillard on Getting Traded to the Bucks – FULL INTERVIEW | 2023 NBA Media Day

Damian Lillard on Getting Traded to the Bucks – FULL INTERVIEW | 2023 NBA Media Day

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57 Responses

  1. Mar Johnson says:

    This man Dame deserves a teammate like Giannis. Go get the chip

    • the77 says:

      Wishing them luck…. Gonna be a tough road though! I’m a Knicks fan and I think the Heat are still an overall better playoff team than these bucks!

    • Hisoneek Keel says:

      @the77 Hell nah you bugging brah.😭 Barring injuries is LITERALLY the only way the heat can beat this team or any eastern conference team besides the Celtics.

    • Yaboiyikes says:

      “keep switching teams … running from the grind . You boys is chumps”

    • JaQuez White says:

      @the77I need what you smoking on bruh

    • Wolves Revenge says:

      @the77 Knicks fan here as well, disagree with you on the heat part but it will be tough now that Boston might be looking like the best defensive and top offensive team in the league

  2. Arnold Vasquez says:

    Such a well spoken, mature, and humble dude. Probably speak on behalf of other portland fans when I say my watch time is split between the blazers and bucks this year.

    • ManifestingGreatness777 says:

      Blazers got an explosive backcourt and bucks are probably the best 1,2 punch in the league now both will be fun to watch

    • Michelangelo says:

      Yep, another Blazer fan here. I’m rooting for the Bucks for the chip. I like the Greek Freak too, but I’ve never been particularly following them until this season. Now every game is much watch TV for me.

    • LeUltraInstinct says:

      100% agreed. especially with that last part. i cant tell you how many interviews I’ve seen where wardell was chewing his mouthpiece in the microphone while emoting and dancing every 5 seconds. He also would act very sassy and avoided any questions about defense or being clutch like the diva he is. such a disrespectful thing to do. I’m glad there are people like dame can still repair all the damage wardell did to the next generation and the game of basketball by setting examples like this.

    • robert curatolo says:

      Blazers should be excited also the whole team looks changed with possibilities. I like to see their media day.

    • The Vinyl Score says:

      I’ll be watching two teams this year for sure.

  3. Kenny Noel says:

    As a Heat Fan, It sucks that he wasnt traded to the Heat but Im happy for Dame and Giannis. Two Competitors who definately deserve rings. Bad for Miami but good for basketball overall.

  4. Nate Dawg says:

    I think the personality of both Giannis and Dame are going help elevate both thier games. Go Bucks!

    • lisfine says:

      Yeah very humble and hardworking. They should mesh well without egos creating friction.

    • SuperSaiyan SerendipitousSeer says:

      Going TO help… THEIR (not THIER) games. Elementary English. Zero excuses. Be better. Don’t sweat these athletes. Focus on your education. Stop social media until you get it right. Thank me later

    • Zybino says:

      @SuperSaiyan SerendipitousSeermans teaching class ina comment section

    • Willy says:

      @Zybinoseems a bit emotional too. 🙄

    • Keith James says:

      @SuperSaiyan SerendipitousSeerBRO😑😑… for starters he probably said “going” instead of “going to” intentionally to mimic the way he talks (which is OK) secondly u coulda saved that speech to yourself. These are YouTube comments brotha not professional communication… people are typing these shits up on 0.5 secs and going back to their life’s lol. It’s not that deep to everyone to see if they made a small typo.

      Just because he made a typo in a YouTube comment doesn’t mean he needs a sermon on grammar lol.

  5. Austin Braswell says:

    1:15 – Start
    2:38 – How have you processed the last five days?
    4:59 – When and why did the Bucks become an option?
    6:25 – Is playing with Giannis appealing to you? Power dynamics
    9:02 – Have you thought about the pick and roll with Giannis?
    10:10 – How have you prepared this Summer?
    12:00 – What are your impressions of the Team chemistry?
    14:23 – What are your expectations for the season?
    16:59 – Is it refreshing to play with a superstar like Giannis?
    18:28 – Do you see your role as a defensive player changing?
    20:37 – How do you fit in with teammates other than Giannis?
    21:32 – What is it like to go from one “Small Market” to another?

  6. KingK21 !!! says:

    This is unreal. I never thought Bucks would have a player like Giannis or win a title or just be a contender and now Lillard? Wow.

  7. XColdxlightsX says:

    I used to add this guy to the bucks in 2k all the time and now that he’s actually on the bucks it seems unreal

  8. Steve says:

    As I guy who’s followed him since his rookie year, it’s surreal to see him in a bucks uniform. But here we are. I hope he finally gets that championship

  9. eliran zach says:

    He is so humble. “I’m going to find a way to make an impact” Hell yeah.

    • Anthony Hurd says:

      Read this as he said it

    • grandi says:

      Yeah and that way is dropping threes from half court 0 seconds on the clock for the win or dropping 10/15 from 3pt

    • Idk_177 says:

      @grandiur so wrong if that’s all u think dame can do

    • Drunkest Hour says:

      @Idk_177 his bread and butter is scoring but he can do it from all 3 levels and is a great playmaker. He can give you 10 assists with Giannis easily. Decent rebounder for his size too. If he can be a bit better defender this year then I think it could be the best version of Lillard we’ve seen.

  10. GR8TJj says:

    Seeing Damian Lillard in a Milwaukee Jersey
    I’m still trying to process it

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