Jay Leno Hauls Tesla Semi with Tesla Semi

Jay Leno Hauls Tesla Semi with Tesla Semi

In a Jay Leno’s Garage EXCLUSIVE, Tesla Chief Designer Franz von Holzhausen and Tesla’s Senior Manager of Semi-Truck Engineering Dan Priestley bring Tesla’s new Semi-Truck by the garage.

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21 Responses

  1. Abcd says:

    Jay has a special talent to ask insightful and well thought questions and the guys are just as talented at avoiding to answer those questions!

    • vapsa56 says:

      Well, those boys didn’t want to piss off Elon. He will block you from Twtt… um… X in one of his hissy fits.

      Plus, Jay knows when someone is beating around the bush. He just let’s them. He understands their plight. Good man.

  2. Ludicrous model 3 says:

    If you think about it, this truck is kind of like a giant race car. It has a center seating position, it handles like a sports car, it’s sleek and aerodynamic like a bullet, and it has crazy acceleration such as a 5 second 0-60.

  3. L Grant Nelson says:

    If you want to get people on board let Jay drive your rig.
    Jay is well rounded in his association with vehicles. I think it’s interesting that with his collection he knows the nuances of both the old and the new.
    What a great opportunity for Jay and his viewers.

  4. Lord Flathead says:

    Just awesome! Love the way Jay takes no sides with the EV vs ICE debates, he rates them as he finds them. Just like EV cars are causing market disruption so now Semi’s will be. Sure the initial investment is more but the ROI is quicker too. Epic move Tesla and Jay.

  5. brett scott says:

    I like seeing other people from Tesla giving the tours of the vehicles. Share the spotlight.

  6. Tom Ludlow says:

    thanks for giving us the best content Jay!! it’s always great to see your tesla interviews. great work!!

  7. Colt says:

    Jay ask all the best questions. I drove a truck for a while and I am amazed at the questions he thinks about asking.

    • Lexy Stout says:

      And the way the guy fails to answer them is amazing

    • Matt Casters says:

      @Lexy Stout only the questions he’s not allowed to answer or can’t answer, because the truck specs are still changing prior to factory completion and volume production.

    • charlie says:

      Jay is a motorhead’s motorheaed!

    • HAL says:

      Do you know what is the range when the truck is LOADED (I repeat LOADED) and what is the weight of the LOAD ? Furthermore, how fast will it charge (what current, what voltage) and what is the battery capacity ?

  8. Francisco Zermeno Jr says:

    I appreciate that Franz really let Dan explain the Semi truck design and operations, as he specializes in the trucking industry of course. That says a lot about them both.

    • TenGreen Rangers says:

      He’s not a “trucking industry expert” .. If he was the product he built would be accepted and used by the industry. No one in the industry .. the real experts.. are buying the Tesla trucks.

    • 2012bigPerm says:

      Sure does; very impressive to let others speak about stuff they know about…very impressive.

  9. John Shaw says:

    Great job Jay!
    I knew Franz was a genius but Priestley is really on top of his game

  10. onebeatshort says:

    Stay in the lane Jay 🙂 Great video as always. Happy to start seeing some Tesla trucks on the road.

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