Damian Lillard traded to Bucks in 3-team deal, Suns send Ayton to Blazers | NBA | FIRST THINGS FIRST

Damian Lillard traded to Bucks in 3-team deal, Suns send Ayton to Blazers | NBA | FIRST THINGS FIRST

Nick Wright, Chris Broussard and Kevin Wildes react to the Milwaukee Bucks acquisition of Damian Lillard from the Portland Trailblazers. The deal also includes the Phoenix Suns sending Deandre Ayton to the Blazers and the Bucks unloading Jrue Holiday. Nick, Brou and Wildes break down the blockbuster trade.

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Damian Lillard traded to Bucks in 3-team deal, Suns send Ayton to Blazers | NBA | FIRST THINGS FIRST

First Things First

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47 Responses

  1. First Things First says:

    Subscribe to The Carton Show now: http://sprtspod.fox/SubscribeCartonShow

  2. ROC says:

    Good on the Bucks for being aggressive here. We’ve seen Front Offices take their homegrown stars for granted (ex. LeBron in Cleveland the first time) and not go all out to build a serious team around their star. Milwaukee has done what they could throughout Giannis’ time as a Top 3 player in the world to build a very good roster around him, this further proves that.

    • Xavi says:

      Top 3 player in the world –> Top 3 player in the NBA. Be careful about your statements.

    • Brandon Crockett says:

      @XaviLet’s not overreact to what teams like Lithuania and Germany were able to do to our B or C-Team in the FIBA tournament. The NBA is still king and home to the VAST majority of the world’s best players.

    • Xavi says:

      @Brandon Crockett The NBA can be the place for best players in the world. But there is no way to prove NBA’s dominance over other leagues. The funny thing is NBA doesn’t care about the world basketball. They won’t bother creating a competition to rightfully claim world championship. Even in the national team arena, the US don’t care about what’s happening in the world and keep getting beaten over and over. Yet, despite all of this not caring, they still think they are the best in the world.

      In international level, there is no B-team or C-team. There is only one team that is supposed to be your best possible team available. So, as proven very recently, the US best team is not the best in the world. Unless they win it again, this won’t change.

      So, again, NBA’s MVP isn’t world’s best player. NBA champion isn’t the world champion. NBA and the rest of the world are two separate things. Considering the rules are also different, we can’t even claim that NBA’s best player is good at basketball. We can only say that he is good at NBA basketball (within NBA rules).

    • Aum Patel says:

      The best player in the world regardless of your entire essay is still Giannis. Michael Jordan and LeBron James without a single gold medal we’re still the best players on the planet at all times their entire life. Carry on.

  3. Mark吴Woo says:

    Would love to see Dame and Giannis get a chip together. Solid trade.

  4. D J says:

    Jrue said he was going to retire at the end of his current contract. I know Giannis and Jrue were close, but maybe that rubbed Giannis the wrong way. If you’re thinking about retirement you’re already retired.

  5. Alex Fish says:

    Suns quietly got an awesome deal got the depth they needed and got rid of ayton

  6. Kimmy Granger (WaitingFor You) says:

    Honestly great trade. Blazers became a way healthier team definitely chance too make playoffs. Suns got some depth and defense and the Bucks got another consistent scorer who can pass and spread the floor for Giannas. This was just a great deal. Shoutout the execs for this.

  7. Bradley James says:

    Any team Dame ended up on would-be championship or bust, to be honest. But Dame and Giannis seem like a perfect fit. Giannis can stop bringing the ball up and shooting and Dame can bet more spacing. I am wondering how effective creating a wall for Giannis will be since teams will have to respect Dame’s shot as soon as he crosses half-court.

  8. theReal JayZ says:

    Giannis is getting good at the business side of the game. He really engineered all this with his comments last month. He made the Bucks pull the trigger on this trade.

    • Hey Shishi says:

      What did he say last month? I hate summer NBA news so stay away lol

    • M says:

      @Hey Shishi He essentially said that if he had to leave Milwaukee to a place that would be better for winning a title, he would do it.

    • solomon adjei says:

      @Hey Shishihis comments forced the trade

    • Running With Cat says:

      @Hey Shishi He insinuated that him signing an extension is not a guarantee, if he feels like the team is not trying their best to build a championship roster around him.
      Then the media tried to spin it around trying to make it seem like Giannis is unhappy in Milwaukee. Some of these fools even went out and said that the Bucks should trade Giannis lol.

  9. Matthew Sawczyn says:

    “One is tall and one is not tall” Wildes dissecting the key to every championship 😂

  10. Drunkest Hour says:

    The Bucks will run a different system this season so I don’t expect them to sell out to defend the paint and leaving shooters open. Although they definitely could still do it with Giannis and Lopez still defending the rim. I just don’t see how you can defend the Bucks now unless they have an off night.

    • KingKyrie says:

      If it was me I’d start dame, Middleton, Gianni’s, Portis, Lopez. That lineup is virtually unplayable because the size of that lineup is insane so they’re gonna dominate the paint/rebounds and dame is free to do what he does. Scary lineup for sure if they’re healthy

    • Blue says:

      Tell that to the Miami heat

    • da11king says:

      ​@kingkyrie5140 too much size, I’d rather see a versatile wing in place of Portis

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