The Flash SUCKS – YMS

The Flash SUCKS – YMS

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50 Responses

  1. YMS says:

    Uncensored/Ad-free version on Patreon:
    Uncensored/Ad-free version on YouTube:
    Thank you for your support!

  2. Sunbleached Angel says:

    My heart goes out to all the VFX artists who almost certainly crunched over this piece of garbage, you deserve better

  3. D C says:

    I appreciate you hammering on the “turn your brain off” excuse people give. Not every movie needs to be a masterpiece, but corporate copy-pasted schlock like this needs to be condemned.

    • Chels Cara says:

      Especially with how much money is in it, hundreds of millions of dollars for a generic boring uninspired meh piece. Waste of time, resources, everything. How many small, new movies could have gotten made?

    • McFinnaPants says:

      Yeah the same kind of people who constantly whine about that are the same people who think slurs and discrimination in real life is acceptable. They are weak and their legacy will serve as an example of social Darwinism for many years.

    • GearGuts says:


    • Seduction Productions Inc. says:

      Right?! There are plenty of “turn your brain off” movies that are creative & written well.

    • Alexandre Sobreira Martins says:

      I don’t believe in that. People who say they turn their brains off and enjoy the movie have never had it turned on in the first time.

  4. callmetony says:

    Its impressive how they took the relatively simple and understandable time travel from flashpoint and turned into a gaint incomprehensible mess just so they could get double ezra and to cash in on multiverse shit.

    • Motsognir says:

      Not really. They translated the nonsense. Flashpoint effectively said much the same. “When you break the sound barrier, you create a sonic boom. When you break the time barrier, you create a time boom.” That was Eobard’s description in Flashpoint about how Barry altered the past before his mother’s death. It still didn’t make any sense. A sonic boom doesn’t create a reality fissure. A “time boom” just sounds like utter garbage.
      The issue is, as Adum says, Flash is a broken character because the comic writers just pursued the idea that he could run through time. He’s no longer an actual speedster, he’s just a nonsense chronokinetic who can do whatever the writers want, even if the writers don’t know how to make use of him.

      Flashpoint was just a novelty act for DC to reboot the world yet again, before going on to reboot it 2 or 3 more times by now. People only liked it because it gave effectively an alternate version of Earth 3, except Thomas Wayne is still a mostly good Batman compared to Owlman being an evil Batman. It really wasn’t a good story. Personally, I’d say the last solid story DC did was Blackest Night.

    • Troin says:

      I’m now braindead because of that.

    • Karp says:

      @Motsognir I think the concept of a “time boom” is silly comic book nonsense but it still makes more sense than how they explained things in this movie, like I understand the concept of ripples through time altering reality. The comic was at least more consistent with its rules and explanations than the movie was.

    • Kingsley CY says:

      Some kids are going to feel dumb for not understanding this movie, only to revisit it as an adult to realize the logics never added up

    • Jeb Bush says:

      @Karpthe thing is the “time boom” can make sense in a comic universe, who the fuck cares, but they really fucked themselves by layering it on top of all the other dumb bullshit like him going back and forth and popping in front of himself but also nto popping in front of himself and also losing his powers in the lightning and not DUE to the time boom, and also stuff is so predictable that a single tomato can saves your mom but also billions of changes happen from every change…

      if the “backwards and forwards changes” was the ONLY idiotic, clearly incomprehensible thing they had to sell, it’d be fine lmao, cause you “need” that plot detial to explain why wonder woman or someone else doesn’t just defeat the baddie. Everything else makes relative sense to things that people know in the base story, like flash doesn’t save his mom w tomatoes, he just runs in and fights the dude whos gonna kill her as a blur and transports him elsewhere. no “chain of events” to break from a random tomato can.

  5. jabberwagon says:

    For me, stuff like power inconsistency in superhero movies falls under a category I call “grey life damage.” It’s a term from Street Fighter, where certain moves will cause a portion of your health bar to turn grey rather than just disappear. The grey life will slowly come back over time, so if you successfully defend yourself for a bit, it won’t matter. But if you take any other damage during that time, the grey life vanishes all at once in addition to whatever normal damage you would take, and you’re _way_ worse off.

    In other words, “grey life damage” is mistakes that _do not matter_ if the rest of the movie is good. But if the rest of the movie is bad, they are yet another thing to get annoyed by, just as real as all the other annoyances. And fuck me, does this movie have a lot of shit to get annoyed at.

    • Molecular Machine says:

      I like that analogy! It’s a craftsmanship issue, simple polish, that doesn’t affect the structure of a story, but depending on how suspended your disbelief is, your perception of those flaws changes.

    • Z7Games says:

      So you are telling me that the director did a empty jump into Zangief’s lvl3 to my enjoyment of the movie?

    • Ismael 99 says:

      In general this is “suspension of disbelief/rule of cool” the best example is Spiderman’s No Way Home stupid spell at the start, it was stupid Dr Stange wouldn’t have done that but plot needed something stupid to kickstart.

      Yeah, I can understand changing how the speed forces works from this film/Justice League for plot conviniece/looking cool.
      Even tho it’s complicating stuff I can accept Flash time shenanigans actually makes him go to another timeline.

      but when the climax of the film makes the Speed force a room for no reason, Flash 1/2 time travels to the “same” timeline and in general the plot is a mess filled with fake emotions that dont land any “because cool factor/the plot needs to happen” becomes another nail in the tomb

    • strubbery g says:

      ​@ismael9914 That Dr. Strange spell would be fine if they didn’t try to make it part of Peter’s arc. It’s the sort of mistake that only astute watchers would notice if the movie hadn’t averted our attention to it…

      I’m not sure I’d call these suspension of disbelief, but it sounds like rule of cool. Honestly, these terms are nebulous and generally fall under mistake that would bother perfectionists but not everyone else…

    • BlackTheBerserker says:

      Dude, I love this. That’s a perfect way of putting it.

  6. JailMadeMayo says:

    Sorry about the costumes guys…

    I actually worked in the VFX department helping with costumes on the Flash.

    Was a busy job as we made 14 Flash total (not including stunt) each costing rumours of 14k to make (we were often over budget). They often broke cus of all the running so had to be replaced with Cg (we also made a superman suit for Cage, he was originally going to do the roll for free if he could keep the suit. Dk what came of that )

    My job was to buy supplies and deliver the costumes to set. Workshop lacky mostly.

    One day while it was quiet, they asked if I could help with some of the costume “scrimmin” . I had no idea what that was. So, I excepted the task without hesitation.

    They gave me a scalpel. And sat me down at a workbench and brought in a large stand with a black cloth draped over it. They revealed under the stand Micheal Keaton’s Batman Cowl (to be honest wasn’t that big of a surprise. I mean try draping anything over that thing and its going to look like Micheal Keatons batman cowl is underneath it)

    I discovered that scrimming is the act of remove access materials from molded stuff. I was told to scrim, clean and then deliver to set later that day. I give it a go.

    5 minutes later. I was attempting to remove some access gunk from inside the cowl when these stubby hands slipped. The scalpel punctured the front part of the cowl below the chin.

    In a panic I went to a colleague asking him if could be fixed. He assured me not to worry and it would be a 5-minute fix, he took it off me and told me not to worry. Relived I left him to his own devices.

    I came back 40mins later to him still working on it looking a lot more panicked than last time. I thought to “myself” im sure everything will be fine for later when it goes to set.

    It was not fine for later when it had to go to set. The damage was so bad they had to destroy the whole cowl and Micheal Keaton had to use a stunt cowl version that day.

    They didnt ask me back.

  7. Gem says:

    The fact that they had to CGI tears, because Ezra couldn’t fake cry to save their life, speaks VOLUMES.

  8. DannyBedo says:

    My wife and I laughed so hard at the CGI baby’s that we cried. I can’t believe that was an actual movie. Warner put millions of dollars into this.

  9. Isaac Gray says:

    Kinda surprised you didn’t talked about the tremendous history behind the production of the movie which it took literally decades trying to get a writer and director for it

  10. Hrodvitnir says:

    I love that their answer to saving Batman and Supes is to travel back in time and tell them to do things differently, instead of lets say, go really fast and punch Zod in the face a bunch of times. Or to phase items that would be really inconvenient for alien organs in to his organs. Or just consistently keep turning him around so supes gets free hits on him. And just tell Batman to go home for God’s sake.

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