Dana White: “Colby Covington looked slow and old”; Strickland Brawl | UFC 296 Post Fight Presser

Dana White: “Colby Covington looked slow and old”; Strickland Brawl | UFC 296 Post Fight Presser

Dana White talks at the UFC 296 Post Fight Press Conference, discussing Colby Covington, Paddy Pimblett, Tony Ferguson and Donald Trump.

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40 Responses

  1. @smackdaddyboy1 says:

    Stomach kicks, leg kicks and a fear of being humiliated in front of his father Donald meant he went in to survival mode. The most embarrassing thing was getting up at the final bell and raising his hands. Man has a serious disorder at this stage

  2. @mirandaralston6582 says:

    Surely Covington does not still believe he can be Chimaev , holy shit that would be a total beat down

    • @americandissident9062 says:

      Chimaev doesn’t belong in the 170 division. The dude is king of weight bullies. I know the DDRA would love to see him fight at 155 as well, but he belongs at 185. He could also compete at 205 if he really wanted to. 170 is idiotic. Just because you CAN get to 170 by dehydrating yourself into oblivion, so you can fight guys several inches smaller than you, doesn’t mean you should. Colby would go into the cage at 180 and Khamzat would go in over 190 and at least three inches taller. I know the DDRA loves the weight bullying but it’s stupid.

    • @JoosySmooyay says:

      @@americandissident9062 This whole weight bully narrative is the most boring thing MMA fans have latched onto. Congratulations you figured out all the fighters cut huge amounts of weight and some do it better than others.

    • @lukejonesusmc says:

      ​@@americandissident9062 Colby cuts the least amount of weight to make 170 out of everyone in the division.. what the fuck are you on about. Dude could easily make 155 and would be small at 185. Although he is unlikable, he is where he belongs as far as weight class.

    • @edwardcashh924 says:

      @@JoosySmooyayhe just doesnt want to see Colby get ragdolled 😂

    • @stainlesssteal says:

      hes done

  3. @El_turco82 says:

    I’m surprised what Tony says now, whether he’s still living in a loss of reality or whether he’s finally realizing that his time is over and he should retiere after 7 lost fights.But the way I see Tony, he will still talk about how he is in his prime and will show what he can do.
    I think the UFC should slowly take the decision away from him, even if it may be painful, but Tony is just not where he used to be anymore.

    • @SphericaI says:

      I’d say put him against Clay Guida, Jim Miller, or Michael Johnson for UFC 300 and have him ride off into the sunset. Win, Lose, or Draw. He should be done.

    • @americandissident9062 says:

      ⁠@@SphericaIYeah, he needs to be fighting those guys.

    • @El_turco82 says:

      @@SphericaI For what? 7 losses say it all.Because no one want see him again lose. Honestly i think he will kicked out from UFC because Dana said today also that in his opinion tony should retiere.
      Oke maybe he could make a last fight for just to say good bye like you said win or lose just to say good bye,but is that worth it just to take again punches and get more damage for just to say good bye,i don’t know.🤷‍♂

    • @motivationalvideos2471 says:

      He may be broke.. needs to keep fighting in order to foot his bills. Just maybe!

    • @mattdamage899 says:

      ​@@El_turco82 absolutely worth it.. thats what fighters love to do… fight. He gave his life to it let him have a last match

  4. @rc333 says:

    Colby looked like he did in the first few rounds of the 2nd usman fight. First fight with Usman it was a freaking war all 5 rounds and he got outclassed in the 5th and lost. The 2nd fight against usman he looked scared to engage and was in survival mode the first 2 or 3 rounds, then usman rocked him and almost knocked him out and colby went to chain wrestling/ barrage of punches. And went to a close decision and he rightfully lost. Colby reminded me of a scared fighter that was afraid to engage like he was the 1st part of the Usman fight. Colby looked decent in the 5th ride because he chain wrestled and actually engaged. He should have been shooting double and single legs the moment that first bell rang. Horrible game plan and his coaches were freaking drones. They should have been screaming in his ear after the first round to move forward. Colby looked like a scared puppy.

    • @2011super says:

      This fight plays out this way 10/10 times. Colby did what he could

    • @GubeTube19 says:

      This is exactly correct. I was saying this the whole time. Colby wins by getting in there and getting scrappy. Otherwise he stands no chance. I can’t believe he had the same game plan against Leon after it clearly failed against Usman the 2nd time

    • @rc333 says:

      ​@@2011superfalse, round 5 proves my point. Leon’s the better fighter. Colby was hesitant until it was too late. Leon won the first 4 rounds, lost the fifth because Colby was afraid to pull the trigger.

    • @vibesandchaos6470 says:

      ​@@rc333MMA what ifs are just that … what if, but there’s no definitive way of saying what would have happened. All we know is what DID happen

    • @rc333 says:

      ​@@vibesandchaos6470i never said Leon didn’t deserve to win or wasn’t a better fighter. To think if Colby didn’t act scared of getting knocked out and fought how he did in the fifth we wouldn’t see a difference? We saw the same in the 2nd usman fight. Of course it’s his fault and the better man won

  5. @Need-you-here says:

    *_You know the main event was bad when Dana starts by announcing fights months away_* 😂

  6. @restoreamerica1558 says:

    Always Love Dana’s interviews, no doubt why he is the best promoter in the world. He is always spot on with his analysis and the main reason why the UFC is where it is. The best thing about Dana is he is a genuine real guy. His haters are mainly just jealous of his success and jump him whenever opportunity arises, but Dana is as real as it gets, and maybe why he and Trump are such friends, unlike the media portrayal, I find everyone who knows Trump personally like Tyson, Kanye and Walker says he is a great genuine guy also. How many people are close Friends with Biden? Actually friends, no one at all!

    • @kylebaker9405 says:

      He’s a great at alot of things, a mannequin could have been in his position and this sport would have grown exponentially. The fighters make the sport awesome, Dana refuses to treat them with any dignity and witholds basic health care for them. Beats his wife and hangs out with anyone who can benefit him, like Nelk boys, Kid Rock and Trump. He is great at being a total snake oil salesmen.

    • @joshuawhidden855 says:

      Cry some more ​@@kylebaker9405

  7. @HughBlackstone-tm6bw says:

    Colby didn’t necessarily even look bad, he didn’t look like anything because he barely did anything. That’s even worse than trying your hardest and failing – not even trying at all

    • @nah9538 says:

      I think the person behind the persona just wasn’t confident.

    • @Sleykerquintero says:

      He looked as if he was scared to fight Leon the first three rounds and the fact that he won rounds 4 and 5 only speaks of how little Leon does inside the cage to win. He takes zero risks.

    • @zzzzz45zzzzz79 says:

      Leon’s anti wrestling is the best in the world

    • @perrymarshall8584 says:

      I just think Leon is that good, and was locked in, he managed to win the title on his worst night, let’s just hope people appreciate the chess match they just played..

    • @marlonmungcal5047 says:

      @@nah9538 ring rust.. colby should have not let leon dictate the pace.. if covington just move forward he could wrestle his way to a victory.. His leg was compromised already when he decided to wrestle.

  8. @sirpropsthedoc says:

    The way Dana curved that Belal question. He’s about to be backup for Leon vs. Shavkat😂😂😂 poor guy

  9. @terrykilpatrick5799 says:

    This press conference is why you have to love Dana, brutally honest whether it’s his fault or someone else. Hilarious!!!😂

  10. @snappytortas says:

    Gotta say the Dana White show is one of the things I really look forward to in UFC events!!

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