Deion Sanders, Shedeur Sanders react after Colorado’s STUNNING UPSET over TCU | CFB on FOX

Deion Sanders, Shedeur Sanders react after Colorado’s STUNNING UPSET over TCU | CFB on FOX

Deion Sanders and Shedeur Sanders reacted after the Colorado Buffaloes STUNNED TCU on the road in the first game of the season.

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Deion Sanders, Shedeur Sanders react after Colorado’s STUNNING UPSET over TCU | CFB on FOX


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39 Responses

  1. Daniel RN says:

    Never in CFB history has a 1-11 team beat a team that played in the NC the previous year on their field. It is amazing.

    • Scarlet & Blue says:

      Its not that huge of a deal as the team that lost the championship game lost many of its top starters to the NFL. Put it in proportion its 1 game

    • yo c says:

      @Scarlet & Blue21 point favorites 😂and everyone said they was trash they win now it’s one game .pick a side if they lost it would not have been just one game

  2. Sonya Gleaton says:

    Those young men did that! So proud of what Coach Sanders is doing!!!!

    • Alex Lord says:

      Drop tears to my eyes the way he love every single one of them young men. Boi you cant help but love it. Go tigers but go cu

  3. prophet DJS says:

    Man this was a huge win & great start for Coach Sanders, his son, & his team, & there’s no doubt that this team will be on prime time TV & receive high ratings

  4. A says:

    They were 20 point underdogs coming into this game. What Prime is doing over there in Colorado is legendary. Watch out 4 them boys.. NCAAF has been put on notice.

    • Scarlet & Blue says:

      You knew that was a set up

    • JayLocc 45 says:

      @Scarlet & BlueU A HATER LMAOOO 😂

    • GenericSocks says:

      Agreed but let’s not go too crazy just yet. A 1 game sample size isn’t enough to judge quite yet but it certainly looks like Primetime knows what kind of team he put together.

    • Streetblawgerdotcom says:

      @GenericSocksyou clearly don’t know football, and that’s ok. Most people that watch football doesn’t know football… This is 1 game only if you know your numbers 😂. This could of been a bowl game. This team is brand new and they beat last years runner up in the big one. Freshman RB DROP 3 TDS, S.SANDERS DROP 500 yards on a power house program. If you still blind stay tune. But dont tell peeps to don’t get excited. Everyone that knows football, knows about to happen.

    • Edward Leonetti says:

      ​@GenericSocksI agree with you on that they just got to do it one game at a time one play at a time enjoy it now put it away and bring your lunchbox to work on Tuesday no game is an easy win and don’t sleep on your opponent and look to the next game cause the one you sleep on could put you out of the running at the end

  5. CFO says:

    Couldn’t imagine letting him down. They’ll play hard every game for him.

  6. Dwayne White says:

    “They didn’t believe us, but guess who did, GOD did” powerful!! Happy for Prime and the Buffalos

  7. Bryan Saunders says:

    “All The Hood” i felt that 😭😭🙏🏽

  8. WhoWho84 says:

    These kids have amazing talent. Both of them also gave honor to their dads. Very touching.

    • J Baru says:

      First time I’ve ever seen that before. Usually football players go up there and only talk about their mommies

    • Daniel McGee says:

      Nothing against single mothers, but this shows how important fathers and father figures are important to young men.

  9. ST3 says:

    Colorado has a tuff schedule and to get the first game is a huge momentum boost for them, keep the foot on the gas , go buff 💪

  10. Cam Kupka says:

    I’m a USC fan but this is the first year I’ve been excited for college football in a long time and it’s all because of coach Prime! Go Buffs!

    • EL L0C says:

      Man ain’t no way you said go buffs. You not a Trojan fan no more we don’t respect you. 😂. But nah I’m a realist and they only get better offense is looking scary . I went to the Utah game last year hope we locc in. It’ll be an offensive shootout , but ik Deion got more defensive players and he gon get them right

    • bleaknez says:

      Not Caleb Williams?

    • User1990 says:

      Good old pete carrol

    • Tom DeMay says:

      how could this be the first year you excited about college ball? College ball is always exciting.

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