Dana White Reacts to Amanda Nunes’ Retirement, Likes Islam Makhachev-Charles Oliveira 2 | UFC 289

Dana White Reacts to Amanda Nunes’ Retirement, Likes Islam Makhachev-Charles Oliveira 2 | UFC 289

UFC president Dana White spoke to MMA Junkie and reporters at the UFC 289 post-fight press conference and talked the top storylines from Saturday’s event in Vancouver.

Full event coverage: https://mmajunkie.usatoday.com/tag/ufc-289

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48 Responses

  1. Grizzly Bear(dmillergrizzly@gmail.com) says:

    I absolutely loved seeing Charles get the victory. He’s such an amazing person and has a huge heart and nothing but respect for everyone, we love you Charles, congrats buddy, now lets go get what belongs to you.

  2. Rob S. says:

    Charles just surpassed Donald Cerrones record as the all time leader in post fight bonuses ! And to think, Cerrone was the 2nd guy to beat him years ago, 1st one to beat him via tko/ko as well.

    • Da Ghetto says:

      He wouldve surpassed Cerrone if he didnt missed weight against Gaethje.

      Also Some Info here.

      Oliveira and Cerrone are tied for the most bonuses in UFC history. Edit. Oliveira surpassed him now.

      Jim Miller has the most fights in UFC History.

      Most finishes in UFC history are

    • ryan avery says:


    • ryan avery says:


    • Rayihan says:

      Cub Swanson Knocked him out

    • Hiraether says:

      ​@Da Ghetto Didn’t miss weight. You obviously paid no attention to the details/controversy surrounding the scale on that card. Foul play by Ali’s team and possibly the UFC. Would have tied Khabib lw defense record, how convenient. Then Islam fights Volk and majority of people think he lost, but the UFC is still salivating over the Muslim market and wants their new Khabib. You really need to learn to scrutinize things better

  3. jose ricardo Roda says:

    Charles is a star, who gets a reaction like that when they’re not in their hometown and can’t even speak the language?

  4. Restore America says:

    There is a lot of people that attack Dana, mainly because he is a successful guy. But in his interviews he is always sharp and spot on. Not easy to do so consistently every night. The UFC’s meteoric rise would never have happened without his ability to promote! Great fights last night.

    • OddManOut says:

      No one attacks Dana simply because he’s successful. A lot of us were fans for a long time, but repeated shitty behavior gets old my man.

    • Restore America says:

      @OddManOut I agree he he can be vindictive sometimes when he is attacked, but he has that fighters fight back personality. But when your life plays out in public every day it’s easy to judge every flaw, but all and all he is tailor made suited for running the UFC In my opinion. I can’t imagine how much maneuvering goes into dealing with all those fighters. And his drive and motivation is why the UFC is where it is today.

  5. Hot Dawgs says:

    Can’t help but feel for Beni. Dude is a legend.

  6. Ritchie Elgar says:

    Islam vs Charles in Brazil would be amazing I don’t see why not when Charles fought in Abu Dhabi last time.

  7. Tabbers says:

    I hope Aldana can look in the mirror and realize that she did not want the title as much as she thought she did. Now she will live with the regret that she did not give it her all

    • Hayden W. says:

      Yea she took 1 good punch and went on defensive auto pilot all match.

    • Pedro Ramirez says:

      Went in with the Megan Anderson plan

    • OddManOut says:

      ​@Hayden W. Sure… But that’s kinda what Nunes does to her opponents. She even said that she heard Aldana’s coach telling her to move forward and that she was looking for Aldana to take his advice because, “That is best spot for me. She move forward and all her bodyweight is against my punch. That’s the best time for me.”

    • MrNonpoints says:

      Yeah what a disappointment that fight was. Thug rose vibes written all over it.

    • King says:

      Lol happens every once in a while in a title fight, prolly a combination of nerves and being underprepared. Mostly womens title fights but happens in the mens divisions too. Izzy vs Romero is one that comes to mind. Izzy was just dancing around romero and yoel just turtled up not wanting to throw a single punch cuz he wasnt ready for what was coming back. I was so hyped going into that fight that i have never again felt that same level of disappointment.

  8. Rob Robberson says:

    It has to be Islam – Charles 2. Sure the first fight was not close but still, Charles has earned the rematch.

    • mr.fantasise says:

      Or it will be islam V Volk 2
      olivera Vs winner of Justin v Dustin

      Then winners will fight for title: Islam V Oliveira

      Or 😂 Dustin Vs Volk😂😂

    • David Watts says:

      ​@mr.fantasise nah, Olives already beat the both of them… No one ranked deserves to fight Olives…
      Rematch for title next is the obvious move

    • Johnny Chimpo says:

      @mr.fantasisechill emoji boy

    • Mike Conlon says:

      i don’t think they want to do it. precisely because it wasn’t that close. all week they were talking about how Beneil would be next for a title shot if he won. but they were never saying the same thing about Charles. why is that? i think whoever wins between poirier and Gaethje will get the next shot, especially if its a barn burner.

  9. Giacomo Greco NYC says:

    First time ive ever seen someone get told their bonus live 😂*by Dana*

  10. TV Web Arte de Amar says:

    Nosso orgulho. Parabéns

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